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I want to add some home appliances. How about Haier TV

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I want to add some home appliances. How about Haier TV
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Haier TV Forum has many comparisons:https://www.znds.com/bbs-68-1.html

Can't you just say you want to buy a TV?
Don't you think you're cruel to say so many details and openly abuse dogs?

Back to the point: no money to buy millet, money to buy Sony:
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I always think technology companies are really too straight. Manufacturers represented by Xiaomi talk about their products, and they are forced to put forward the concept of competition. Automatically classify you as a science and engineering boy and talk nonsense with your eyes open: We are all digital enthusiasts. Of course, to a certain extent, this has also benefited countless technical otaku men, who often flirt with many innocent girls under the guise of popularizing digital knowledge.

Later, it was understandable. After all, excellent products are made by the R & D personnel who are bald, bearded and can't say a word for a long time. Therefore, even if most technology companies have specialists, no matter how artistic processing, those cold professional terms are puzzling.

To get back to business, I haven't paid attention to the modular TV mentioned by the subject. I went to Jingdong to check it. There were two results, both of which were from Haier. It should be Haier's main product. Of course, this is not a bad thing. In fact, raising the concept has become a matter of pride for many science and technology enterprises. The promotion of the concept proves its influence in this field. You made it like a domestic mobile phone304In fact, the concept of stainless steel and comprehensive screen has promoted the progress of the whole industry. Modular TV should also be the latest conceptual product launched by Haier. No matter what the product is, it is worthy of respect for the innovative concept and the attitude of domestic manufacturers.

When I went to the market two days ago, I found that most TVs are now based on Android, and the intelligent pace seems to have entered an ordinary home. In this way, TVs are much more practical. But Android actually has a common problem, that is, the more you use, the more cards you get. The same is true for Android based TV, but the TV itself actually pays more attention to the screen and sound, that is, vision and hearing. Compared with mobile phones, the hardware conditions it needs to support are relatively loose. Therefore, in terms of fluency, the subject can rest assured. Even so, normal TV manufacturers will regularly optimize the system and eliminate technologybugAt the same time, it is more about optimizing fluency. I glanced at the introduction of Haier's products. It still has this basic service.

Knock black and white! The following is the key point. Talk about modularity. There is a Moore's law in the electronic field, which roughly means that after a fixed period of time, many components will be upgraded and replaced. Corresponding to the TV, not long after you just bought the TV, others bought a TV with higher hardware configuration at the same price. Although I don't understand the use of this configuration, most people will think it must be awesome. I compared Haier's official introduction to modularity. I think modularity is used to solve such a problem. In short, I installed the latest application on my TV, but the TV hardware configuration is too low. As soon as I open it, I can't get a card. This is the same as trying to fight the king's glory on the old machine. The hardware is too weak to fight. The advantage of modular design is that you can't configure it, right? I'll disassemble the shell and get you the latest hardware. It's simple and rough. According to the information displayed on JD's page, Haier seemed to be free of this upgrade a few years ago.

It can only be said that the intelligent era is really good for consumers. A few years ago, I charged ten yuan for changing the fuse of the TV 。 Now change it directly for freecpu, storage, in order to promote, it is really terrible!Hardware is not money!Labor is not money?!

Personally, I think such TV is still very attractive. It is equivalent to changing a new viscera in two years and saving a lot of money.

In other words, TV can't move now4KPersonally, I think the screen has been highly configured, and clumsy people may not be able to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages, but most TV manufacturers, including Haier, push it. Why? When the resolution of your source is high enough and the hardware is good enough, something will actually appear. But at present, most manufacturers have not really put4KThe advantages of the screen are highlighted to the extreme, which involves the system problems of software and hardware. But this should also be the reason why TV manufacturers do not promote screen modularization. First, it is really expensive, and second, it is really far enough. So in this context, I think Haier's modular TV gives4 KIt's far sighted to leave enough margin for the play after the screen.

I can only sigh that electronic products are really changing with each passing day. There is one in my hometown29Inch flat screen color TV was really proud in the village. Later, every time I go home and see its huge body carrying an old picture tube, I feel like a hero in the twilight. Sell waste. It's not worth a lot of money. What a pity.
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I've heard of turnip pits in the recruitment of units before
Now I know more and more radish questions above
From question to answer, it is full of one word, soft
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Standardization of related laws
Thank you for your invitation!
We are very happy to see the progress of the industry!
Modularization and separation are the products of continuous exploration in the industry. We appreciate the technical exploration of our peers!
At the same time, we have also made continuous progress in product exploration2015year10In June, Xiaomi TV released Xiaomi's first split TV. We separated the TV screen from the host to make the TV screen lighter and thinner. The TV host can be upgraded iteratively to realize the TV can beDIYThe innovation can combine display screen, mainframe and audio. Of course, the function of TV host is far from enough! The host of Xiaomi split TV is equipped with independent sound, and the latest Xiaomi TV is released4 65The inch mainframe audio is equipped with Dolby panoramic sound effect to make the viewing more immersive.......In the future, there will be more good products with touching people and good prices!
Xiaomi TV will continue to move forward on the road of product innovation! Work with peers to promote industry progress and industrial upgrading! Be a new domestic product with touching people and high price!
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When buying a TV, first look at the picture quality, second look at the screen, and third look at the video.

God horse function high configuration, all useless. If it's not easy to use, 300 yuan a box.
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To be honest, when it comes to buying TV, I really have a little experience to share with the subject.
Because there are4Suite, bought four different brands of TV, one in each home. As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison. These four TVs happen to be bought together.
Many people ask me, what kind of car should I use to buy four TVs together?
Many people don't know the situation. Cars are generally emptysuvThere's a lot of space. You can't go home with four TVs in a car.17Born insuvA lot, Honda's new crown Road,urv, newcrv, new Highlander, Volkswagen Tiguanl, wait, Guandao andurvThere are a lot of models in terms of space, but the price is generally increased due to the increase,Therefore, on a comprehensive consideration, I suggest the questioner buy itsuvIf so, choose the popular Tiguanl!
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This kind of problem was only seen in Baidu before
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Suggest another publicity company @Haierhousehold electrical appliances
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I think it's better to have another child
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