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Where can I download the TV software to watch the criminal officer in the great song dynasty?

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Where can I download the TV software to watch the criminal officer in the great song dynasty?
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2021TV software summary : you have all the software you want

When it comes to the criminal officer in the great Song Dynasty, we should first talk about the hero: he Bing

Chinese opera87The first-class performance class is a joint class of Chinese opera and Beijing People's art. He has very solid performance skills. The monitor of that year was Hu Jun, and the Secretary of the League branch was he Bing. He Bing is a typical Beijing man. He is cheerful and can talk. Many of his familiar classic roles are basically of this type: the best bad friend of the protagonist

I love my family, he Bing plays Hu saner, with the classic line: "who and who are we?"

In Party A and Party B, he Bing plays Liang Zi and Ge You's classic lines: "well, where's the son of a bitch?" "where do you have so much nonsense?"

In teahouse, he Bing plays pockmarked Liu with a classic line: "I do things for you more wholeheartedly than my father"“

Therefore, after getting used to all kinds of GAGs played by he Bing all the way, at the beginning of the criminal officer in the great Song Dynasty, Song Ci played by he Bing was really a little uncomfortable. He was afraid of the cold. Adult song would suddenly pat his chest and say with flying eyebrows: "who are we, brother?"

However, with the deepening of the plot, this doubt was soon dispelled. He Bing presented a very hierarchical role for us with his completely introverted and deep acting skills: confident and firm, straight and cute, but at the same time, there was a lot of pain hidden in his heart, which made people resonate and shout fun

The excellent chemical reaction between Song Ci played by he Bing and yinggu, the female assistant played by Luo Haiqiong, is also an important reason for the endless aftertaste of the criminal officer in the great song dynasty. Luo Haiqiong, like Chen Yihan, is a baby faced Wannian Lori. She was over 30 when making the film, but she still has the purity and beauty of a girl with a smile, which makes people look very comfortable

Gone with the wind It was mentioned in that in the south before the civil war, if a lady of a gentleman's family went out with a man and didn't return all night, no matter whether they had a relationship or not, the man had the obligation to marry her. The audience also had this secret desire to peep in the heart. Yinggu and Song Ci were inseparable all year round. On the one hand, yinggu was not satisfied with Song Ci's wisdom and knowledge At the same time, he admired Song Ci's moral character and integrity very much. Many words were not broken until the end of the play, but everyone could see yinggu's girlish heart. Although Song Ci had excellent professional ability, he was not good at human and worldly sophistication, even a little slow, and could not express his feelings. Yinggu's kindness and persistence moved him, but both sides They also abide by the etiquette, starting from emotion and ending in ceremony, so they have maintained a tacit understanding. The ambiguous relationship between men and women is very attractive. On the one hand, it will make the feelings ferment and full of charm, on the other hand, it will constantly scratch the secret itch in the audience's heart, which makes people have endless aftertaste. Later, an equally successful combination is latent Yu Zecheng, played by sun Honglei, and Cui Ping, played by Yao Chen, are the same ambiguous relationship between men and women

He Bing and Luo Haiqiong took advantage of the hot iron to cooperate with the Anti Japanese drama "heaven and earth"

The criminal officer of the great Song Dynasty is similar in structure to Bao Qingtian, seven heroes and five righteousness and detective Di Renjie. It is divided into several small units. Each unit solves a strange case, and each unit also has famous stars, which gives people a lot of surprises

Unit 1 star of the show, Wu Jun, masterpiece "miracle doctor Xilai le"

Unit 2 star in the field, nursery, representative work "fragrance of locust flowers in May"

Unit 3 string star, Shen Aojun, representative work "love history of the Tang Dynasty"

Unit 4 string star, he Zhengjun, representative work "bright sword"

Unit 6 string star, afternoon horse, representative work "ghost of a beautiful woman"

Unit 7 star of the show, Lei Kesheng, his masterpiece big house gate

Unit 9 string star, Du Zhiguo, representative work Yongzheng Dynasty

Unit 11 star of the show, Ling Feng, his masterpiece "clouds and moon eight thousand miles away"

Mention of criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty The overall tone of the story is dark, and the tragic temperament begins to show more and more with the progress of the story: the first few units are basically folk strange cases, and the perpetrators are common people such as traffickers and pawns in the city well. Song Ci can also smoothly avenge the people, punish evil and promote good, but in the later units, the perpetrators begin to involve those in power, Song Ci and his colleagues Like the predecessors, they began to face more and more heavy resistance and were more and more unable to do what they wanted, especially in the last unit. In the final case, Song Ci's biggest opponent in his life, Diao Guangdou played by Guo Da, completely defeated Song Ci

The most impressive images of Mr. Guo DA are the comedians in the Spring Festival Gala sketches, but the sophisticated and cunning official conspiracy villain Diao Guangdou he created in the mention of criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty is amazing. In my opinion, it is the best performance in the mention of criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty. Of course, the audience can basically see that the role of Diao Guangdou is based on In the Yongzheng Dynasty, Ren bo'an, the imperial governor of the salt patrol Road, was the prototype, including his book "the stories of all officials", which wiped out the center of the whole court. At the end of the story, when Song Ci presented the cases of corruption and dereliction of duty to the Emperor, the emperor had no choice but to make the same choice as in the Yongzheng Dynasty: out of sight is clean, and burned the matter

Sun Simiao said in a thousand golden prescriptions that "it is not easy to cure the country by medical treatment, people by traditional Chinese medicine, and diseases by medical treatment". However, the whole power center of the great Song Dynasty has rotted from top to bottom, from inside to outside. What is the use of only relying on Song Ci? It is still the same for thousands of years. In this ideological depth, the mention of criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty It is undoubtedly the best of its kind

In addition to the story structure, mention of criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty Many details of the are also very exquisite. For example, clothing and headwear, materials and styles are also in line with the times as much as possible. There is no intentional fancy clothes to impress the public. The characterization is also very practical and grounded. For example, Constable Zhao, Song Ci's right-hand assistant, is strong, but he still has to run out of breath to catch prisoners. He is afraid of kitchen knives when there are many people. He is never like this Zhan Zhao in Bao Qingtian and detective Di Renjie Li Yuanfang, who is in the middle school, flies to the sky and dodges the ground and spreads his skills through acupoints. For another example, the love between the poor scholar and the rich scholar in unit 7 was also proved to be the wishful thinking of the poor scholar after the case was solved. What the rich scholar really likes is still the handsome and amorous childe. Although it makes people sigh, it is really reasonable

Another highlight of the "criminal officer in the great Song Dynasty" is the ending song. The way of Song Ci recitation is used for the first time in domestic TV dramas. The sonorous, powerful and ancient words and sentences, coupled with solemn and magnificent music, express the theme of the story incisively and vividly
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The great Song Dynasty is the best costume suspense drama I have seen in the past ten years
I won't say that my three-year residential life in high school was spent in the endless cycle of Wulin biography and the criminal officer of the great song dynasty
First, let's take a screenshot of my favorite lines, Zhenlou: (it turns out that the screenshot is so tired and crying)

He Bing's penetrating mouth and passionate classical background music will get drunk every time you listen to it!

The plot is smooth, the characters are vivid, the lines are exquisite, and the score is excellent. The great gods in front have answered very well. I can't write better.
There are many cases in the great song dynasty. Even if it is only a small case of transitional plot, they all come from classical works or historical facts. For example, the case of Guo Donglin's guest role directly comes from the wrong chop Cui Ning in the Beijing popular novel, and several cases come from Liaozhai The screenwriter doesn't know how much dry goods have been saved and received in this script. Here is a post in Baidu Post Bar:
[insight into qiuhao]: mentioning criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty and strange tales in Liaozhai
I want to talk about this topic!

But I'm so sleepy. I'll go to bed first. The bird can't remember this after waking up. Don't remind me
Oh, it's in double digits. It's amazing. I want to talk about this TV series from another angle and compare it with two other ancient costume suspense dramas in mainland China at the same time, young Bao Qingtian and detective Di Renjie.

These three TV dramas are all series of TV dramas. Only the first of them is discussed here, because the sequels of these three TV dramas can not inherit the quality of the previous one without exception.

------------------------------------------The dividing line of serious answer-----------------------------------

After thinking about it, I think there are three aspects worth comparing these three TV dramas: character positioning, case solving methods and case design.

Character positioning
Song Ci doesn't pretend to be an official more often. He investigates and solves cases not because he cares about the safety of the country or to serve the emperor, but because of his principle in dealing with the world: human life is as big as heaven, and the truth is the truth. He is neither the great master of Qingtian who asks for orders for the people, nor the loyal and capable official who eats Jun Lu and shares Jun's worries, so he can sell tofu Du song's grievances can also save Shi Wenjun, a second-class senior official, from prison. He can not only be ordered to investigate the theft of official silver, but also resign because the Song Emperor covered up the truth.

In sharp contrast to him are the protagonists of the other two TV dramas. Bao Zheng saved the great Song Dynasty from a serious diplomatic crisis as soon as he appeared. Most of the cases he solved later also involved the core interests of the country. In the end, he even found out the life experience of the emperor and the crown prince who lived in exile by selling food that failed to meet the health and quarantine standards. He was not an official, but he used the official resources (supported by governments at all levels when solving the case) he is an official; Di Renjie is an official. He is not so much solving the case as he is constantly fighting against rebellion and coups. He is a well-known official. He knows to flatter the emperor, know that some places can't be touched, and know that some cases can't be investigated, (for example, for several cases involving the internal defense, di Lao only tried them after moving out of the emperor.) the mystery he solved was "national affairs". When he enjoyed the cheers and kneeling of the people, he had all of them in his heart, not every individual, so most of the people in detective di renjieli were just "mass actors" , even if they are killed, it is not as impressive as the officials who killed them.

In these two TV dramas, there is a setting. Most of the cases solved by the protagonists will have an urgent and serious realistic background. If the cases can not be solved on time, it will "destabilize the current situation". This intentional or unintentional setting of the director and screenwriter dilutes the protagonist's sympathy and care for the victims and ordinary people in the cases to a great extent. Yes, in this way, Bao Zheng and di Renjie's investigation of the case has become of great significance, and their image is more tall. However, the audience can only look up, as if they are farther away. Song Ci never said that "the discovery of this case will greatly promote the legal construction of our great Song Dynasty". He just abides by his duty as a criminal officer and carries the heavy father's will that he must not be ashamed of the wrongdoer. He values everyone who has suffered or is suffering injustice in the case. Bao Zheng was most afraid of being ashamed of "the state", di Renjie was most afraid of being ashamed of "ordinary people", and Song Ci was most afraid of being ashamed of his father who committed suicide and the victims who were wronged. From this point of view, the progress of raising criminal officials in the great song dynasty was a leap forward,Fairness and truth finally come from a bigoted and upright "ordinary man" instead of the "great master of the sky"They are no longer the alms of those in power, but the gifts of social conscience.This is what moved me most about the TV play.

Case solving method
The rule of man for thousands of years has made the Chinese people always believe that justice comes from honest officials. Honest officials use their honest personality power and superhuman intelligence to redress grievances and deter curfews. In order to increase this effect, novelists and dramatists often give them means to override all resistance forces, such as Shangfang sword, Wulin experts and bafu patrolling press. Three heroes and five righteousness are like this. Bao Qingtian of various shapes is like this. Di Renjie said, "what do you think of Yuan Fang about the Ping chapter under the Chinese book door?"
This setting has led to the "human" factor in the process of cracking the case. It has played a great role in the unrealistic and unrepeatable role. In the youth package Qingtian and Di Renjie, too many cases are suddenly seen by Bao Zheng or Di Renjie, or when the suspect is not aware of it, and the suspects are arrested and convicted. "The suspect again committed to be caught on the spot and take the initiative to confess everything under the protagonist's attack." for example, in the case of the killing of Prince Shen Liang in the youth bag, if Shen Liang was not at the end of the "true confession", he could only prove that he was a Liao person and he had no alibi, relying on the unreliable "killing cross". Shen Liang's crime can't be determined at all, so Bao Zheng is said to be an "official". He is not solving the case, but completing the political task. The case is not dead, but it can be done politically, so it's good to end it. Most of the suspects in di renjieli were caught on the spot when he committed the crime by Di Lao's plan for the next step, and then Di Lao put on a show "I knew it was you, but it's really you." the expression rolled the case from the beginning. Di Lao's must kill skill is "I know everything, but pretend not to know, and then give you a set, you'll jump in baa ha". The suspects have reasons to continue to act, because they have said before. In fact, in this TV play, it's not a "case" but a "conspiracy" , rebellion or coup will never stop until the goal is achieved.
Therefore, the criminal officer in the great Song Dynasty is "based on facts and based on law" Song Ci is also very smart, but he doesn't rely on his wit, but because he abides by the rules of inspection, rich experience and keen observation. All of these can be achieved through systematic and standardized training. That's why Song Ci wrote the collection of redressing grievances in order to let the people who tried and investigated the case all over the world know how to investigate the case correctly. Song Ci is great, but the greater thing is the book he left behind (whether the method in the book is scientific or not). A core point here isTruly effective justice should only come from the perfection and reliability of the system, not from personal talent and ethicsTherefore, what Song Ci praises most in the play is his "watertight" of "examining death and injury" This is not because of his intelligence, but because of his strict adherence to the rules. Whether Song Ci's test method is scientific and reliable is not the most important thing to explore. What should attract people's attention is the change in the way of case detection. If this change can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it is an epoch-making change, because we finally stop superstitious about power and great men and choose to believe in facts and systems.

Case design
The idea of "youth package Qingtian" is to reflect Bao Zheng's intelligence. Therefore, the case is set up with ingenuity as the main point. This is like a primary school student. In the case, the suspect always uses various clever flowers to disturb people's eyes and ears. The magnificent atmosphere of the case mainly depends on setting off the historical background. At the same time, various organs, weapons and crime methods are also quite novel, and the imagination is heaven(nao)Horses(dong)OK(da)Empty(kai)The case of the criminal officer in the great Song Dynasty is mainly based on the cases in classical novels. After processing, it looks real and natural, which has a lot to do with the characterization of Song Ci. I have said a lot before, so I won't repeat it.

In the process of detection, the protagonists in "young Bao Qingtian" and "detective Di Renjie" will know the plot and content that the audience does not know. The audience does not know the specific details of some important evidence before the end of the case, so they have a "sudden enlightenment" when the truth is revealed However, this is only a phenomenon deliberately created by the script. What they rely on to enhance the audience's desire to watch is suspense. The criminal officer of the great Song Dynasty does not deliberately create this "surprise", because fundamentally, the play does not need to use this suspense to attract people's attention. Almost all cases (except Cao Mo's case, I really didn't expect the ending of falling into the water) , the real culprits have long been guessed. What we are waiting to see is how Song Ci will bring him to justice with watertight evidence. Therefore, the collection of evidence has become the main focus. Different concerns have led to their different attractiveness. It is fun to watch Bao Qingtian and di Renjie, and you will also feel fun after watching Song Ci. However, it is more a natural peace Jing, this is the reason that this TV play shows and hopes the audience to feel. After all, impulse is easier to make mistakes. Shouldn't we be cautious about things that matter to human life?

In the process of writing the answer, I have deepened my love for this TV play. Most of the ideas mentioned above are thoughts that I haven't noticed before. I never thought I would write such a large content. I never thought that the reason why I loved it so much but never thought about it. I think, can, yes, I think, more, right, It's a pity that since then, I haven't seen any domestic TV dramas that surpass it in thought, so that the recent TV dramas can be called "good dramas" as long as they grasp the details and logic well. It's really a sad thing.

Well, well, after writing so much, I have a good sense of achievement. Ha ha, broken birds.

------------------------------11.08Modify some punctuation marks and terms-----------------------------------
------------------------------By the way, Tucao knows the quotation marks. It's really against the human computer. Make complaints about which is the right quote. Is it me that I have been blind for a long time?------------------------------------------------------
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Long and lasting
How many wronged souls sigh
I hope the world is infinite
A cluster of grievances
Blood crying flies and insects laugh at the sky
White chain of shadow chain
The waning moon rises and a strong wind rises
Blow away

Torrential rain and bottomless stream
Wade across the rapids
Strive to remove the fog from the clouds
The country comforted the officials
There is no truce between the ghosts and ghosts of long drive
Look at the setting sun shining on the earth and the paths
Ab initio

I remember this word is!!! Masterpiece!!!

As for the play,
I've seen it myself,
The most vivid and moving biography,
The most ups and downs of detective suspense,
The most profound and serious historical drama of the Song Dynasty,
The most thought-provoking political and social drama.
There are words and songs at the end of the film that linger around the beam for three days.

I have seen few TV dramas, which may be biased.
We also hope to criticize and correct.
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Song Ci in the criminal officer of the great song dynasty may be said to have a habit of moral cleanliness. Song Ci will strictly punish those who violate the law, whether they are high or low, close or distant, whether their human nature is evil or go astray.

However, no matter what era this character is in, it should end in tragedy. In the mention of criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty, Song Ci makes every effort to collect a large number of criminal evidence of Diao Guangdou and his huge network of relationships, which can't resist the sky fire outside the palace hall at night.

Perhaps our thoughts are similar to those of the Song Emperor in the play - why do we work so hard? We can't achieve absolute justice in the world. It's better for everyone to step back and maintain the existing stability; most people can't afford the cost of pursuing absolute justice.

However, Song Ci's personal tragic intransigence makes me understand that Song Ci's heroes are indispensable in any dynasty. Perhaps Song Ci's pursuit of moral justice will hurt you and me, but what he can support is the backbone of a nation.

The end of the final tragedy of the criminal officer in the great song dynasty sublimates the whole play a lot. The protagonist ends in failure, which can make people think more and deeper than the happy ending.

Song Ci finally set a fire and burned his collection of grievances, which he had worked hard for half his life. Obviously, the fire was much smaller than the fire outside the hall, but it was enough as Song Ci's last wordless struggle.

There is no clear answer to whether absolute justice is worth sacrificing everything. It's just that someone sighs loudly in the ending song——

Blood crying flies and insects laugh at the sky
White chain of shadow chain
The waning moon rises and a strong wind rises
Blow away

By the way, he Bing and Song Ci

Song Ci's role setting in the criminal officer of the great Song Dynasty is actually a little Facebook, and his personality characteristics can be summarized as "being calm and jealous of evil". Such role setting can easily be shaped into the traditional image of "Gao Daquan". However, he Bing's temperament and role interpretation just make up for this defect in role setting——

One is he Bing's appearance. He Bing's appearance is popular and insignificant among the actors, but it is this ordinary appearance that makes Song Ci not have a strong sense of stage and too far away from the audience like the traditional decent roles.

Second, he Bing's line skills. Personally, for TV dramas, the best line performance is that the audience can't feel the screen in front of them and the script behind the lines. Of course, this can only be achieved by combining the screenwriter's script skills, the actor's line skills, the matching and scheduling of sound and light scenes, etc. He Bing is an actor honed in the drama circle, and his line skills The bottom is naturally quite deep.

Well, if you really want to cut some pictures when you have time, you will have the impression that Song Ci and Diao Guangdou are talking on the bridge. The scene is really beautiful.
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When I was a child, I didn't read much. He didn't lie to me
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Sword of oath
Real power and profound reflection -- on the mention of criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty

For me, this play, whether my love for her, memory or her influence on me, can rank in the top ten in my drama history, second only to the four famous works of the old version. In parallel with them, there are the following films: Qia classmate youth, big house gate, Emperor Hanwu, etc.

The premiere of the Song Dynasty is05Year. At that time, I was only the second day of junior high school, but I had read a lot of ancient and modern literary works, knew some things about the rise and fall of ancient and modern times, and especially loved ancient costume dramas. Alas, there are too few high-quality historical dramas like the romance of the Three Kingdoms. When05When the trailer of the Song Dynasty was broadcast in the first half of the year, the strong ancient style made me look forward to it very much. Now I still remember that the trailer said "he solved countless cases in his life stayxxLooking for clues in Stars from the three places on both sides of the Strait work together to build Perform for youxxEternal injustice The criminal officer of the great Song Dynasty Central one Shock ascension marvellous "Really wonderful" naturally makes my expectation a little more. It should be said that the film did not disappoint me. The first choice that moved me was the attitude of the creator. Except song's father and son, the other characters in this play are fictional, and the plot is mostly re created. Therefore, in essence, this is actually a drama. But to our great surprise,From the selection and performance of actors, to the layout of screen scenes, the grasp of tone and charm, the authenticity of clothing and props, the ancient style of character language, the depth and desolation of soundtrack reading, and even to the depth of thought and the strength of reflection, the play shows that it is almost beyond the innovation, seriousness and creative realm of historical drama. Not to mention, compared with the dramas that are all made up and disorderly, they are also very different from many bad dramas that make people laugh under the banner of historical drama, such as the new Three Kingdoms, Zhang Juzheng and the Kangxi Dynasty, and even close to the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the great emperor of Han Wu, the rule of Zhenguan and the Ming Dynasty1566And Yongzheng Dynasty.This play made me know Kan Weiping, a director with profound skills. Later, Wu Chengen and journey to the west, which was co directed with Liu Xiaolingtong, was also directed by him.

Let's get down to business and talk about my views on the great song dynasty.
The attraction of the Song Dynasty to the audience is obvious. On the one hand, the Chinese people have a strong "good ancient" mentality since ancient times. From Princes and nobles, presidents and chairmen, down to the common people, few people like to talk about the frequent historical themes of the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, the struggle between Chu and Han, the Three Kingdoms, and the situation of Sui and Tang Dynasties, which are reflected in the ancient times, That is, novels with ancient Chinese historical themes emerge in endlessly, with a large number of sweat. There is a saying that "it can be signed and put on the shelf with the official history"; In the modern society with the accelerated pace of life and the prevalence of fast food culture, this ancient mentality has not changed much, but the form of expression has a new look - the prosperity of historical drama. On the other hand, as a TV play, the primary purpose is to make money. If you want to make money, you have to win advertising support and improve ratings. Naturally, attracting the audience in front of the TV play is the primary task of the TV play, and the suspense reasoning theme is undoubtedly a good choice, especially in CCTV, which has always been broadcast on a stable channel. With the combination of these two aspects and the influence of the central government, it is impossible for the great Song Dynasty to be angry.

With a narrative structure similar to journey to the west, the great song dynasty connected cases one by one and gradually reached a climax. In each unit, there were many guest stars of powerful famous actors, which were both good-looking and surprising. In terms of technique, the music with strong ancient charm and suspense and the playback lens from time to time naturally enable the audience to enter the world of the play and investigate and arrest criminals together with song Tixing. Such an experience is naturally quite enjoyable. I think these are the reasons why Song Dynasty attracts most of the audience.

But for me, there are two points that attract me more in the Song Dynasty. These two points can be summarized into two words: truth.

First, the acting skills of the stars, the first choice is he Bing. And many have seen a lot90In the s, he Bing's little people's plays had different friends. I officially contacted him from the great Song Dynasty, so I looked at his greasy little people after watching the great song dynasty. It's really not like acting alone. I was shocked by his solid acting skills. The script sets Song Ci as an honest, good and promising official who is technically superb, superb, morally almost flawless, public-private, loyal to the country, has no personality (in fact, he disdains to be familiar with) worldly wisdom, and is quite insensitive to children's and women's feelings and the coldness and warmth of officialdom. He Bing shows these aspects perfectly. Naturally, his appearance is not handsome enough, but his ordinary appearance helps people pay more attention to his acting skills and the plot of the TV play. Especially his small eyes are full of thinking, shrewdness and justice. They are very involved in the play. In addition, his own cadence training makes song Tixing full of drama in front of us, It's hard not to integrate into it (Wang Qingxiang in the second part of these points is not very cold. His eyes and temperament have always felt that he can't enter the play, and his voice is not well matched. It's dubbing as soon as he hears it, which is very fake). After talking about Song Ci, it's natural not to mention his biggest opponent Diao Guangdou (I saw a friend say the name is a metaphor for Lai Chang Xing, suddenly realized). I believe that like me, before watching the great Song Dynasty, I didn't expect that Guo Da, who has always been famous for his sketches, could have such solid and profound acting skills and perform one of the most charming corrupt officials in history Greed and corruption are needless to say, but it is amazing that they have insight into the world and are able to do so. If he Bing's Song Ci is full of drama, almost every hair of Guo Da's Diao Guangdou shows a strong flavor of drama. It's nice to see the opposite play between the two ™ It's a great enjoyment. It's endless. In addition to the two leading roles, yinggu's innocence, kindness and justice, Constable Zhao's simplicity, kindness and bravery, Xue Tingsong's city government and anxiety, Xue Yuzhen's virtue and wisdom, and a group of court officials such as Cao Gang, Feng Yushi, Wu miaoshui and Shi Wenjun also showed thousands of people and faces, which was too busy to answer and enjoyed. One of the performances of mature TV dramas is to pay attention to the sophistication, nature and multi-level of actors' acting skills. In this regard, the dramas such as the mention of criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty and the big house gate are well deserved good dramas.

The second truth is the values and almost ubiquitous tragic atmosphere that I am surprised and admire in the play. Just as the ending song says, there are many wronged souls who sigh for a long time. Yes, it doesn't count1840Later, we will say that in the ancient China of more than 3000 years, in how many times of governance and chaos, there are countless unjust cases and souls that can not be cleared up. This involves the deep-seated national character and institutional reasons of our nation. In short, under China's increasingly strengthened autocratic regime, politics is not exposed to the sun and known to the people, but in a state of secret operation. It is not accidental but inevitable that this rule is becoming more and more corrupt and declining. The tragedies of the two Song dynasties are just an example of thousands of years. If we only look at the part of the great Song Dynasty, it is easy to mistake him for the same story as Bao Gong, Shi Gong and Ji Gong. It is the reason why people expect honest officials or capable peopleyyIt's just a story. But when I saw the back, especially the last case and the last episode of Song Ci's heart statement in front of his father's tomb: "today, I understand that it's useless to rely on us to try the case and arrest the murderer, clear up the grievances and eliminate the violence."The great song dynasty opposes the pedantic and useless traditional values of "Ming monarchs and clean officials can clear the world", so as to guide the audience to think about the human nature, culture and system of ancient China. From this point of view, although the great song dynasty shot the ancient society, it did not have the decadent flavor of praising the "prosperous age" and "Ming Jun" emitted by the mediocre historical drama, but showed the creator's deep reflection on the human nature, culture and system of the ancient society, reflected the valuable calm judgment and observation, and showed a strong thinking spirit of modernity. It is precisely because of this sober and profound understanding of inevitability that the great song dynasty was filled with a sense of tragedy almost from beginning to end, and the whole play had a lot of freshness and charm.The cold tragic color is just like that of Xue Tingsong when he left. In the twilight, the faint mountains in the south of the Yangtze River, the gurgling water, the curved bridges, the standing pedestrians, the galloping horses among the trees, and the returning guests on the water filled the picture and the whole play with desolate, sad and particularly elegant colors like ink paintings; The charm that runs through heaven and earth is just like Song Ci's mind when he swaggered towards the bumpy life of serving the country and the people in the solemn mountains and flying Bai Lian after kneeling in front of his father's tomb. The tall and straight characters, firm steps and generous scenery remind me of Wen Tianxiang, who has been loyal for thousands of years: "Heaven and earth have healthy qi, which is manifold. The lower is the river and the upper is the sun and the star". It reminds me of Su Dongpo, who goes east of the river: "I am good at raising my noble Qi. I do not stand by my form, do not rely on my strength, live without waiting for life, and do not forget with death. Therefore, it is a star in the sky, a river and a mountain in the earth, ghosts and gods in the quiet, and people in the bright." it reminds me of the arrogant and unyielding Gu Yanwu: "Heaven and earth save liver and gall, and rivers and mountains read sideburns."

This unique color, this majestic charm, makes the plot and characters of the play lifelike and connected with the traditional Chinese poetry and culture. Song Ci was placed in the national soul like Wen Tianxiang, Su Dongpo and Gu Yanwu. The waves washed sand and real gold began to appear, which raised the realm and mind of the play to more than one level, so that the unique2005In the summer of, looking at the newly moved empty home and the clouds in the West like gauze and brocade, I always have a grand feeling of being between heaven and earth and traveling in the universe. I think this is the spiritual infection and edification brought by excellent historical plays.

Third, the reality is that the props, settings and buildings in the play are really close to the history. They are full of strong song style, which is much higher than those garbage dramas that shoot the Tang Dynasty but use the Qin and Han palaces. I think there are three steps in the Song Dynasty Dramas I have seen that most accord with the style of the Song Dynasty: the old version of Zhao Kuangyin, the water margin of CCTV, and the criminal officer of the great song dynasty (among them)2All of them are fictional works, which is enough to make our producers ashamed). The technique of the whole play is also realistic. It exists like a god like Zhan Zhao and Yuan Fang. It doesn't exist at all. It makes the audience feel a kind of down-to-earth fun of solving cases and costume drama. The great song eloquently proved that the real charm is unparalleled.
Of course, Song Dynasty also has shortcomings. The biggest point is procrastination. Some cases are obvious2、3The episode can be finished, but it must be torn down5、6For example, the story that the child broke his mother's heart was told three times before and after. It was really wordy. Some conversations could be simplified, otherwise it would be a little "lazy woman's foot binding smelly and long" I feel that I have to fast forward from time to time when watching with the computer. What's more, there are some unreasonable plots and specific scientific problems that really need to be polished. However, gold is not enough, and flaws do not hide the jade, whether in10Years ago or now, "the great Song Dynasty" can be called a work of conscience, which is enough to represent the highest level of ancient costume dramas and even historical dramas. It is a blessing for the audience to have such works. It also draws a new line to remind and spur the later creators.
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Different Song Ci's different plays: compare "Xi Yuan Lu" and "mention criminal officer in the great Song Dynasty", "Xi Yuan Lu" and "mention criminal officer in the great Song Dynasty" are all TV dramas about Song Ci, and the response is very good. The former is Hong Kong opera and the latter is mainland opera, and the style difference is quite obvious. Moreover, the connotation of this difference is worth pondering.

Before Song Ci officially entered the field of autopsy, Xi Yuan Lu introduced Song Ci's experience. In the play, Song Ci was born humble and was a "coffin". He tasted coldness and humiliation, and even got involved in unjust prison and nearly died. During this period, Song Ci met Ma GUI, the keeper of Yizhuang. Through learning, he accumulated and mastered autopsy skills, laying a foundation for his emergence in the future.

The introduction of Song Ci's experience is different in the mention of criminal officials in the great song dynasty. In the play, Song Ci comes from an official family, and his father song Gong is also a master of autopsy. However, song Gong chewed heartbroken grass to thank the dead because of his mistake in solving the case, which shocked Song Ci. During this period, Meng Zhi county, a close friend of Song Ci, suffered a catastrophe. Song Ci went deep into the tiger's den and resolutely cleared his grievances. Since then, Song Ci entered his official career.

In history, Song Ci had his own person and was famous. Comparatively speaking, Song Ci's origin is closer to the original appearance of history. However, neither Xi Yuan Lu nor Da Song Ti Xing Guan is a historical drama. Therefore, it is not necessary to care too much about the authenticity of the introduction of Song Ci's origin. What is worth noting is the aesthetic connotation embodied therein.

The record of redressing grievances fictionalizes Song Ci's origin as a "coffin", which is intended to imply that Song Ci has an indissoluble relationship with the profession of autopsy. It seems that Song Ci has a close relationship with the corpse since his birth. Here, the body is a very important symbol. For others, the corpse may symbolize death. For Song Ci, if the corpse is given a new meaning, the difference between the corpse and the living is not necessarily greater than that between the living. The means by which Song Ci gives the corpse a new meaning is his autopsy skills. At the same time, Song Ci has changed his life through autopsy skills.

It can be said that at first, Song Ci was disgusted like a corpse in people's eyes. Later, Song Ci used his autopsy skills to clear up the grievances of the dead. At this time, the original lifeless corpse had a new meaning, and Song Ci's life also had a new meaning. In other words, what the corpse symbolizes is not death in the absolute sense. The key to distinguish a person's real life and death is whether the person can give a new meaning to his life.

It is also worth noting that Song Ci's autopsy skills in the play are learned from Ma GUI, the keeper of Yizhuang, and they are not so systematic, and Ma GUI's autopsy skills are not systematic. Therefore, after Song Ci entered the field of autopsy, he often made experiments and explorations in the process of actually solving the case, and Song Ci's autopsy skills were constantly improved in this process, which implied that the autopsy skills were a part of Song Ci's life, and the two were closely related.

Comparatively speaking, for Song Ci, the autopsy technique is not only a kind of instrument, but also a kind of meaning of Tao.

In the play, song Gong, the father of Song Ci, is also an expert in autopsy. It is not difficult to infer that Song Ci learned his autopsy skills from his father, which can be described as a family origin. However, song Gong chewed heartbroken grass to thank the dead because of his mistake in solving the case. What killed song Gong was his widely praised autopsy skills. This had a great shock to Song Ci. Song Ci even had doubts about the autopsy skills. However, Song Ci did not deny the autopsy skills. Therefore, this doubt is by no means a simple doubt. In fact, it is more awe than doubt. During this period, Song Ci was reflecting on his autopsy skills. The result of reflection was that Song Ci understood a truth, that is, the awe of autopsy skills is the respect for life and the truth. Only in this way can he achieve the purpose of redressing grievances and prohibiting violence. Therefore, there are often close-up and rendering scenes of autopsy procedures in the play, which is of great significance. At the end of the play, Song Ci also misjudged the case. Therefore, Song Ci fell into a painful state similar to that at the beginning of the play. However, Song Ci got rid of the dilemma and relied on autopsy skills.

Therefore, in the criminal officer of the great Song Dynasty, the autopsy technique is also a sustenance of life, which reposes Song Ci's persistent belief in redressing grievances and prohibiting violence and his hope for life.

As far as Song Ci's environment is concerned, it is a small town in Xi Yuan Lu and the whole officialdom in Da Song Ti Xing Guan.

The town in the record of redressing grievances is full of deep warmth. At first, people in the town looked at Song Ci coldly. However, with Song Ci repeatedly solving murder cases, people's attitude towards him also changed. Interestingly, this process is not so colorful in the play. For this, the effect of Xi Yuan Lu is just to tell the audience that Song Ci has such a process, that's all. What the play really wants to show is the friendship between cha xiaocan, Xue Dan and Song Ci during this period. When people mistakenly believe that Song Ci's ghost haunts, Cha xiaocan and Xue Dan are not afraid, but also want to meet Song Ci's "ghost". In addition, the love of boss song and his wife for their son, and the father daughter relationship between Constable Nie and Nie Feng, all make people feel cordial.

The officialdom in the criminal officer of the great Song Dynasty is full of corruption, which confuses right and wrong, reverses black and white, and destroys living life. Therefore, corpses are sometimes even more reliable than living people. Of course, this meaning is not emphasized in the play. The play emphasizes Song Ci's struggle with the whole officialdom with a full sense of justice and excellent autopsy skills.

This is a tragic struggle. Song Ci can reveal the truth and comfort the souls of the dead, but it is difficult to clarify right and wrong, reverse black and white, and eliminate corruption. Wu miaoshui is not wrong.

Facing officialdom, Song Ci is inevitably embarrassed. Song Ci's first contact with officialdom was in Meicheng. Without Xue Tingsong, a more sleek bureaucrat, it seems not so easy for Song Ci to get rid of Lu Huaide, an old officialdom expert. The emperor destroyed the evidence with a fire, and Song Ci left the officialdom. Song Ci sought evidence to maintain justice, but what officialdom needed was not justice, but the rules of interest distribution to the satisfaction of officials. Song Ci didn't understand such rules, so Song Ci had to leave officialdom.

Obviously, the overall style of "Xi Yuan Lu" is relaxed and lively, and Song Ci is optimistic and humorous; The overall style of "mentioning criminal officials in the great Song Dynasty" is gloomy and heavy. Song Ci is more restrained and depressed, often with a heavy heart. This is because the status of power in the society in Xi Yuan Lu and Da Song Ti Xing Guan is different. Therefore, the overall style of society and people's spiritual temperament have changed greatly.

In comparison, the boundaries between officials and between officials and the people in the society in Xiyuan Lu are not so clear. Here, power is not the standard. Not only is it not standard, power has even lost its dignity. The setting of power characters in the play is very thought-provoking. The village head who began to appear was arrogant and domineering, and soon died; County Magistrate Song Yi is a fake; The rich and powerful LAN Tao tried his best to pursue power; While Tang Si, a slovenly woman at the bottom of society, known as "wild girl", is a princess with noble status; As for the extremely powerful ten princes, they go in and out of the market and play in the world. It can be further extended that Song Ci is a team full of collaborative spirit. In this team, the boundaries between superiors and subordinates are not so clear.

The society in the criminal officer of the great Song Dynasty is a power based society with strict hierarchy among people. In such a society, how can people live easily? Song Ci is a government organization with clear boundaries between superiors and subordinates. In the play, yinggu is Song Ci's right-hand assistant and confidant. The friendship between the two is deep. Therefore, there are often relaxed private exchanges between the two in the play. Of course, this is to show Song Ci's feelings as an ordinary person. However, just because the strict concept of grade has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so, It could have been a warm scene, but it was very uncomfortable. Then again, in addition to the superior subordinate relationship between Song Ci and yinggu, after all, there are many human feelings, and it is difficult to achieve even the superior subordinate relationship between other officials and subordinates. It can be said that it is the relationship between master and slave. In this relationship, people degenerate into cold-blooded animals.

In the final analysis, the differences in the play come from the differences outside the play. Since it is a TV play, it will reflect the background of the producer. Song Ci in Xi Yuan Lu is Song Ci from Hong Kong, while Song Ci in Da Song Ti Xing Guan is Song Ci from the mainland. This is not only because Song Ci's Hong Kong accent in "Xi Yuan Lu" is full of, but also because of the strong humanity in the play. Another interesting point is that the ten princes helped Song Ci to bring the fake Song Yi to justice. They did not directly use their power, but let the court formulate a decree that took the palm print as evidence to solve the case, so that Song Ci had a law to follow. In the criminal officer of the great Song Dynasty, Xue Tingsong came to Meicheng and argued with Song Ci about whether to bring Lu Huaide to justice. The words were all hidden rules of officialdom. The difference between the two makes people sigh.
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My biggest feeling is that this TV play is a microcosm of contemporary society, much deeper than Bao Qingtian. Every story can be found in reality.
For example, the recent rape and murder cases in Inner Mongolia have resurfaced. I immediately thought of the Cao Mo case in the TV series.
The plot is as like as two peas.
The only difference is that Wu miaoshui is everywhere in reality, but Song Ci is not.
So the guy in Inner Mongolia was finally shot, but Cao Mo survived. Therefore, although the rape and murder case in Inner Mongolia confirms the injustice, it still remains8In, the case of Cao Mo could not be retried. Although the evidence was conclusive, he was still able to redress his grievance.
After all, no matter how TV reflects and criticizes reality, it still reflects and criticizes, but it can't change reality.
That's it.
Split line...................................................................................................
The first time I liked double digits was here. It felt good.
If someone goes to watch this TV play again, they will really find that the screenwriter was also very hard at that time. Basically, every story can be seamlessly connected with some cases in recent years.

The first story is that Song Ci's good friend, Meng Liangchen, is so hot-blooded that he has been called "yes" by the world"City of death"Knowing that it was dark ahead, Meicheng vowed to break into Longtan alone and save the people of Meicheng. As a result, the final death was unclear. The unexpected fire at the post station had to remind me of the car accident that a female public security director in Henan Province believed to be true a few years ago? Hehe, but is there Song Ci in the world?

Meng Liangchen left a sentence:
What flows in Meng's heart is not wine, but blood. Even if this blood is scattered on the mountains and rivers of Meicheng, I have no regrets
Ren Changxia:
There was nothing left. Some were just an empty and powerless award-winning words that moved China. They used to move China to cover up the truth of the death of Song Ci, a contemporary woman.

The fourth story is the rape and murder of LV Wenzhou. Hehe, I won't tell you its trial process and conviction process, as well as all kinds of coincidences of redressing grievances. It's just the same as the unjust case of uncle and nephew Yang. The reason why the two cases can be finally rehabilitated is very sad, just because of a coincidence with a low probability that is almost impossible to happen.

It suddenly occurred to me that two people in the criminal officer of the great Song Dynasty had said a very classic sentence:
First: Diao Guangdou:
A few years ago,
You catch Diao's mistake,
Just a memorial to kill Diao.
But what happened?
I just drop a few grades,
I'm still wearing this imperial life suit!
Do you know why?
Because at the end of the day,
There are too many officials like me,
And there are too few dead eyes like you.
Kong shengshang said: the law does not blame the public.
You alone, carrying a big flag of the king's law of the Song Dynasty,
Can sweep the world and clarify Yuyu?
If everything in the officialdom is done according to your strict rules,
The civil and military affairs of the Manchu Dynasty have to make people feel insecure?
If we don't want to be an official, we don't dare to be an official,
What do you want the emperor to do?
You don't talk about the king's law all day,
Do you know what Wang FA is?
OK, let Diao tell you.
The royal law, the royal law, is the royal law.

In fact, what he said is right. There are too many officials like Diao Guangdou in the world. However, there are not too few officials like song Cihai Rui who are single-minded.

The second is Wu miaoshui:

Hehe, Lord song, why did you forget what happened in Taiping County? In Taiping County, Wu lost his post and was dismissed because of you. But how did I tell you when I left? I tell you, we will meet in officialdom sooner or later. How about that? Several years later, we met here in the capital. Not only did I meet, I Wu also asked you, Lord song, to stay in this local famous prison for a few days. Hum, if it weren't for my bad luck, I almost beat you. Today, I want to say this to you: don't think you can clarify Yuyu and settle all the unjust prisons in the world with only one Song Ci. Don't say you are ten or eight Song Ci. You can't make this turbid world clear. Remember Song Ci, in this world, as long as you Song Ci, there must be me Wu miaoshui! We will certainly meet again in officialdom. Lord song, do it yourself!
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The collective transformation of Chinese comedians...
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