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Domestic TV dramas in your heart TOP 3 What are they?

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Domestic TV dramas in your heart TOP 3 What are they?
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Soybean farmers
2021TV software summary : you have all the software you want

Big house gate, Ming Dynasty1566, Wulin legend
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My head my regiment
Life and death line
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
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Matchmaker sees through
This is the problem that radishes and vegetables have their own love, and the subjective color will be very strong. Let me give you a view that I think is relatively objective.

1, 87The most attentive version of a dream of Red Mansions.
The actors have been trained for three years. The TV drama consultant is the top authority in the Redology circle, including Zhou Ruchang, Wang Meng, Zhou Ling, Cao Yu, etc. Before this film29The collection is basically faithful to Cao Xueqin's original work7Instead of Gao E's sequel, the episode reconstructs the ending of this tragic story according to the foreshadowing of the first 80 chapters and the research results of Redology for many years.[1]
In today's fast-moving consumer TV industry like McDonald's,87A dream of Red Mansions should be without the latter.

2, huanzhugeI,II》Greatest impact.(TV series of Taiwanese descent)
1998When the first part of "huanzhu gege" was broadcast on Beijing Cable TV, the audience rating was54%;1999In, when the second part of "huanzhu gege" was broadcast on Beijing, Shanghai and Hunan stations, the average ratings were57%、55%and52%, the highest point breakthrough65%。 The viewing miracle of huanzhuge I and II is still insurmountable. The average ratings of huanzhuge I in the mainland exceeded47%It not only caused a sensation in the industry and at home and abroad, but also was called the salvation work of saving the TV station by some TV station directors.
"Huanzhuge Ge" is by far the most watched TV series in Asia and has been maintained so far. In Hong Kong, "Huanzhugege" also enabled Asian TV stations to beat wireless, and broke the local record of Chinese TV dramas in Southeast Asia. South Korea's three major television stations even implemented the "ban order on Chinese TV dramas". In addition, great achievements have been made in Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine and other places. Japanese television also showed the Japanese version of "huanzhu gege", which was highly praised.2007Year -2008In, American domestic TV stations showed the English version of "huanzhuge" series in the United States for the first time, which caused a great sensation and was very popular. Zhao Wei's photos still appeared in the American TV series "evil forces".[2]
The God drama "returning the Pearl"15Held out in3Days later

3,I love my family is the most avant-garde.
Photographed in90"I love my family" in the s was a sitcom made by Yingda who returned from studying in the United States.Many people think it is a masterpiece. What impressed me most was its avant-garde script: satirizing leaders, exposing human qigong (a popular superstition in those days), involving extramarital affairs and homosexuality,migrant workers.... These led to a lot of abuse at the beginning of the TV play. [3] However, if you look at it carefully, in fact, the script is well written, both refined and popular.
Now in China's entertainment market dominated by Guangdian total chrysanthemum, such a TV play can only be a masterpiece.

Of course, there are many excellent domestic TV dramas.For example, the biography of Zhen Huan and struggle in recent years are good.

[1]How many TV series have you seen
[2]Huanzhuge_Baidu Encyclopedia
[3]I love my family_Baidu Encyclopedia
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No one mentioned itYongzheng DynastyAre you?
Count Heroes On success or failure
Who can tell
Comment on the meritorious crimes of Qianqiu Ren
The sea is rainy and the wind is blowing alone
Be bent on governing the country and mountains and pay attention to history
It's hard to say that the curse is rolling behind us
Youdao is the most bitter person in the world
Finally, I don't regret nine deaths.
It is said that once the play appeared, it became the first choice for giving gifts in officialdom. Many Chinese officials stayed up late to watch the play.
Big dyeing workshop
Always thought the tears had dried up
The taste in my heart is bitter and salty
I always think the rainbow is in front of me
But I walked farther and farther in the wind and rain
This is a scene of glory, wealth and good sorrow
This beautiful time wants to say nothing
I knew this fate was doomed by heaven
Do I have to go through thousands of rivers and mountains
Maybe white hair can't be covered
I have to keep waiting by my side
Maybe love and hate will eventually separate
I want to keep moving in the world
I am a girl who is fascinated by this drama without much emotional drama
I love my family
I don't know when
Learned to walk
When did you learn to cry
I don't know when
Learned to be silent
When did you learn to talk
Shake the soil off your eyelashes
Only to find that familiar will be unfamiliar
Maybe I misunderstood myself in my dream
Otherwise, how can there be
Loneliness after waking up
Think too much Too many dreams I'm confused
Think too little Too few dreams I'm blind
Want to whisper don't care
But the flying heart is always high
Want to whisper don't care
But the flying heart is always high
I don't know when
Learned to be silent
When did you learn to talk
I don't know when
Learned to walk
I don't know when
When did you learn to cry
Learned to be silent
When did you learn to talk
Look at the road left behind
To understand that the vague will also be clear
Even if I accidentally missed my appointment in the morning
There will always be the next bus to take me busy
Think too much I'm confused
Think too little I'm blind
Want to whisper don't care
But the flying heart is always high
Want to whisper don't care
But the flying heart is always high
I don't know when
Learned to be silent
When did you learn to talk
Mr. Jing Wen
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Journey to the West
When I was a single digit in age, when I watched the episode of "three dozen white bone spirits", the Tang Monk did not distinguish right from wrong and ruthlessly drove away the monkey king. I cried. Now I can't cry if I remake the journey to the west again. At that age, I'll never come back, so the journey to the west is the best for me.

Big house gate
The script and the selected actors are too good, Master Bai (DU Yulu), the second grandmother of the Bai family (Siqin Gaowa), the second master of the Bai family (BI Yanjun), the Third Master of the Bai family (Liu Peiqi), the seventh master of the Bai family (Chen Baoguo).

Among these characters, what impresses me most is the three generations of family, old master Bai, second grandma and Bai Jingqi.

White old man

A classic saying of the old man: I quit. Why should I quit? How difficult it is for me to go further. (he was advised to take a step back) when he said this, the old man was arrogant. After all these years, I still remember his expression when he said this. But in this sentence, the old man
My son almost killed his son. Look at the old man's expression after the incident. Regret, regret. I regret my childishness! He gave the head of the house to the second grandma of the Bai family. But I can see that I'm just disheartened and not very relieved of my second grandmother. But later, when you understand why the second grandma bought a big house for father-in-law Chang, you will be surprised and admire his expression. This woman can see far and thoroughly. Immediately summoned the whole family and announced that after listening to the second grandmother, he was finally relieved and found a successor.

Bai's second grandmother

The second daughter-in-law of a rich family who has never been a family knows that the most important thing in an enterprise is talent, brand (ancestral plaque) and product quality (formula). It turned out that he played with senior insiders Dong Daxing, professional bad water son Bai yingyu and Wu bailer.

Bai Jingqi
Bai Qiye made friends with anti war Japanese soldiers, started a business, beat Han Rongfa violently, took care of sun Wantian (grandpa sun, there is a fart curtain hanging on the grave, which is a little smaller), fanned the mouth of traitor Wang Xiguang with his feet, and closed the door against the Japanese. He looks happy with what he has done.

But it was because the first one was too happy to watch, and the second one suffocated me. The whole one pulls hatred for our party. The more you see it, the more angry you get. After reading the second film, I understood the word "poor and horizontal" vividly at that time,NNDI've never seen such a person, even if I'm "poor" and "horizontal". The employee and the boss talked about raising wages and kept yelling: who supports you capitalists, it's us! Then there's the hat button! The angry seven master tore up the agreement directly and shouted back: who keeps who, I fucking keep you. There are also public-private partnerships, which throw people's ancestral plaques directly on the ground and step on them. Find someone in the iron and steel industry to manage the pharmaceutical enterprise. It's not allowed to say whether it's an expert in management or a layman who makes a mistake. I'm so angry.

Legend of Zhen Huan

After watching it, I really feel that the play "Gong Dou" is the end of the shoot, and other similar things are really not enough to see. The poison trick is a set of rings, and every step is a trap. It's good for you to see that you have a black hand behind your back. Of course, don't talk about values. It's about the palace of the Qing Dynasty. Those who want to see internal strife can also see American dramas, golden lawyers, modern internal strife of Americans.

Detective Di Renjie

The script is good, Liang Guanhua is good, and Zhang Zijian is also good. Before recommendation2Department. I like the ancient costume detective films written by this screenwriter. In addition to investigating cases, it also means martial arts. It can make me feel like Gu Long. Before the duel between the two experts, they like to talk nonsense. In addition to di Renjie, the screenwriter also has an unknown film called the strange case of the great song dynasty "Civet cat for Prince" is also good.
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Journey to the West Big house gate I love my family
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Rogue plugin
Modify updateingDeleted foreign
My favorite drama (I don't like the same level, but in the same favorite range)

First gear
My head my regiment

Second gear
Life and death line
Bright sword
Red Sorghum
Four famous TV dramas
Soldier assault
There was no war in Peiping
In the name of the people
Dance legend
Chicken feathers fly into the sky
Ming Dynasty
Towards the Republic
Kangxi Dynasty
Yongzheng Dynasty
Big house gate
Before Dawn
Chuang Guandong
Emperor Hanwu
Love is deep and rainy
Shanghai beach
Tianlong Babu
Eagle Warrior
Legend of Shooting Heroes
Legend of Zhen Huan
Golden powder family
Legend of fairy sword(1and3)
Great times (Hong Kong)
Beauty scheme
Nirvana in Fire
Yes, sir
War And Beauty
Legend of Chu Liuxiang (Yaoda)
Humble abode
Honey Bee Man
A good wife
In silence
Young Justice Bao
Pink lady
Marry the right man in the wrong sedan chair
Daughter in law
Tang Dynasty

Third gear
Iron walnut
Mop Ladys Spring
A Beautiful Daughter-in-law Era
Divorce lawyer
Beijing love story
Hot Mom
Taming Of The Princess
ugly wudi
Golden wedding
I'm destined to love you
Woody Sambo
My girl (Korea)
Watching The Sky
Seven fairies in joy
Bright spring, pig Bajie
Lucky stars shine, pig Bajie
Jubilant pig Bajie
Ode to joy
Beauty manufacturing
Forensic Qin Ming
Beauty is filling
Happy Mother-in-law, Pretty Daughter-in-law
Legend of Chu Liuxiang (Zhu Xiaotian)
Startling step by step
Daytime face
Glass reed
Great Olympics
Athena Chu
Nongben is amorous
Supreme beauty
Tang Dynasty
Strange Xia Yizhi plum
Detective Tanglang
knife man
Princess Huaiyu
Mind reading detective
Women's Club
Hanshan Qianlong
Famous secret war
Father in law goes out of the palace
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The right path in the world is the vicissitudes of life     Emperor Hanwu     Ming Dynasty 1566
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"My head, my regiment"
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