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What are the excellent TV dramas worth recommending?

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What are the excellent TV dramas worth recommending?
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That's the super masterpiece "red" once again in the domestic revolutionary espionage drama!! It's almost a supernatural work. It's superfluous to say more about these masterpieces. Thousands of words finally come together2Word:good-looking.
  (no spoilers below)
By the super high score Amway of microblog and Douban, I tried to watch several episodes and fell into it immediately. Then it quickly completed the super long of the whole play in a week48Set, and don't feel long at all.
The tense and suspense atmosphere of the whole play tells the audience and the director's conscience all the time. The script is quite solid and rigorous, the screenwriter has strict and detailed control over the plot logic, and the detailed layout is precise and thoughtful, especially in the picture and lighting. The acting skills of the actors can be said to have reached a state of perfection. The portrayal of the roles is deep into the bone marrow, and each supporting role is very impressive. The continued high energy of the outcome has repeatedly broken through the sky.
In the past two years, the super high-quality Anti Japanese espionage dramas on the mainland have been quite high
Production, facts have proved that this kind of theme has long been familiar in the hands of various divine staff writers of domestic TV dramas, and has not lost in the control of similar themes, even far surpassing those American dramas with little thunder and heavy rain. Compared with the tepid before dawn, the focus of the play is more intensive, although48The length of the set will inevitably make the dialogue of some plots a little procrastinating, but it also has enough space to shape the flesh and blood of each character. After watching the play, he became the diehard brain powder of man 1 and Man 2 unconditionally. Both his acting skills and appearance reached a high level. We should really encourage such rare domestic dramas.
Of course, it can't be said to be perfect. In fact, there is still a lot of water in reasoning. The female owner is a trap master, and all kinds of supernatural predictions. The male owner is omniscient from all kinds of God's perspectives. The opening and hanging is too unscrupulous, resulting in people around him like being shrouded in a fool's aura. In fact, the ending draws lessons from the American film "law-abiding citizens". If you want to keep the suspense, don't watch this film.
I know that many people immediately associate the word "Anti Japanese" with the Chinese characteristic hand tearing devil series when they see the domestic drama, so they can't avoid it. I think it's a great pity to miss this kind of good drama with great price level. In this play, the Anti Japanese war is just a big background, in which the story line of hundreds of twists and turns and ups and downs is by no means clear in two words. To put it bluntly, this should be a set of "espionage"+resistance against Japanese aggression+love+Suspense+reasoning+A new attempt of "brain burning" in a domestic drama. And very successful.
I know48The length of the episode is not acceptable to many people, but it will be a surprise if you insist on reading it.

ps:Sister chapter "the fragrance of books in troubled times"2012It was finished in, but the news hasn't been broadcast until now, and I don't know what's going on.

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Why not my big dance! Dance legend so conscience ~!!!! Every minute! Don't be fooled by names and posters! All the way from Myanmar (I don't know, or Vietnam) to Hengdian!!!
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Recommend Teacher Wang Zhiwen's my heart is brilliant.

The reason has been summarized by a friend. I can see that the language he uses is slightly official, but as far as my film viewing experience is concerned, it is not boastful. Those who are particularly dissatisfied with the film are welcome to come to me for discussion:
11month7Day,35The modern family emotional drama "my heart is brilliant" will land on the eight golden files of CCTV and start four episodes every night. The play is produced by Beijing Xiangchao International Media Co., Ltd. and created by Liu Wenwu, the famous producer of Yongzheng Dynasty, towards the Republic and military secrets, who has been brewing for ten years. Sun Yanhua, a young director who graduated from Shanghai Academy of drama, is a director and screenwriter. The details of the whole play are well-known and emotional. It is worth mentioning that the play also invited powerful film star Wang Zhiwen to join it, and brought together Elia, Zhu Gang, riyao, Zhou yemang, Ding Liuyuan, Wang Sisi, Zhou Xun, Cao Zheng, Dai Lele and other outstanding actors, showing the development and changes of Chinese society in the past 30 years, Under the strong nostalgic style, it tells us a story about perseverance and faithfulness.

The story takes Zhao, Peng and ye as the core and an ancient painting as the story clue. In the play, Zhao Fangyuan, the protagonist played by Wang Zhiwen, saved the ancient painting "the picture of the river during the Qingming Festival" for the Ye family during the special turbulent years in order to complete his father's entrustment. In an accident, in order to rescue the girlfriend of his eldest son Zhao Jiaren (Zhu Gang, riyao), the ancient painting had to fall into the hands of the Peng family, and used it as a threat to force Zhao Fangyuan to redeem the painting with money. For more than 30 years, around the ancient paintings, one story after another happened in the Zhao family, the Peng family and the Ye family. The children of the three families also grew up and had their own feelings and family life. In the process of growing up, they understood and interpreted their father's adherence to faith from their own perspective.

Highlight 1: excellent team members create nostalgic masterpieces. Sun Yanhua: keep the morality and persistence in social changes
The TV play my heart is brilliant is a "proposition composition" for screenwriter and director Sun Yanhua. Before that, producer Liu Wenwu wanted to shoot a story about "morality" and "persistence", for which he had been brewing for ten years. During this period, I changed the script several times, changed the screenwriter and overturned the formed script several times, hoping to create a nostalgic masterpiece that can stand the test of time. It was not until the emergence of sun Yanhua that the shooting of the play was put on the agenda, and she began to write the script for three years. In addition to elaborating the script and story, the play also has great ingenuity in the use of the team behind the scenes: Zhang Wenjie, a well-known domestic photographer who has photographed the gate of heaven and the past of China, takes the mirror, and its modeling and art are made by Zhang Wenjie, who has participated in the biography of Zhen Huan and breaking through the pass east Chen Minzheng's team escorted the film "love of Hawthorn Tree" and "revolution of 1911". In this regard, sun Yanhua once commented: "as soon as we walk into the shed and look at the actors' costume modeling, it's like really going back to that era. Even some trivial props can remind us of a childhood." The degree of intention can be seen.
    At the same time, in order to distinguish from most works with the same theme set in the north, sun Yanhua, a native of Hunan, chose the story background of this play in his familiar hometown. This also makes the details of the play easy to describe: Qingshi Lane in southern Hunan, brick and wood tile houses, which are rare in the same type of life drama in the past. In order to get rid of the family drama routine of "making noise for decades", sun Yanhua has found a unique way to closely integrate the Zhao, Peng and ye families with a painting, push the characters to the extreme embarrassment with the dramatic rhythm of the melodrama, and let them show their valuable quality in adversity. Sun Yanhua frankly said that she hopes that through this play, with simple and kind human nature, people in social changes can understand morality and persistence, and soften the impetuous people at present.

Highlight 2: old opera bones gather   Wang Zhiwen has been dormant for a yearChinese traditional good man”   
In my heart is brilliant, Zhao Fangyuan, the father of the Zhao family played by Wang Zhiwen, can be said to be the soul character of the whole play. As the play said, "Zhao Fangyuan, Fang is the principle, and Yuan is the method", the whole play revolves around the story of Zhao's father returning the ancient paintings to their original owners for 30 years in order to stick to his promise. In the play, Wang Zhiwen broke through the threshold of "morality" and "pseudo morality" worried by the screenwriter with his unique way of performance, injected the original flower garden craftsman at the bottom of the society into the color of literati, created a credible and lovely "Chinese traditional good man", and brought the leading role of a family with gentle, stubborn, generous and dignified. As we all know, Wang Zhiwen once said goodbye to the performing arts circle for nearly a year and engaged in the golf business he loved. My heart is brilliant is his first work after playing golf for more than eight months. Although when it comes to taking over works, Wang Zhiwen always uses "supporting his family" to describe his choice of work, among many scripts, he can choose to take over such a work with the flavor of the times. I believe this play must attract him.
    In addition to Wang Zhiwen's excellent performance, "my heart is brilliant" also brings together many old opera bones, which adds a lot of points to the play. Aliya, who once starred in the big house gate, plays Zhao Fangyuan's wife Tang Miaoxiang. She portrays her strong and kind mother in a troubled era as a real and moving character. In the play, she has always silently supported her husband's choice and interpreted a hardworking, thrifty and upright southern woman as moving; Ye Wenxiang, played by Zhou yemang, vividly portrays this character who has experienced a tragic fate. He is not a good man or a bad man. It can only be said that he plays an ordinary man in that turbulent era, which makes people feel sad and angry; Peng Shizhong, the villain played by Zhou Xun, a Chinese drama performance teacher, interprets the psychological details of small and medium-sized people in troubled times, such as selfishness and muddling along. At the same time, he also injected unique humor into the characters and deduced the original hated bad man into the flavor of "black humor".

Point 3: group portraits of young people  Wang Sisi becomes the crew's Pastry Teacher Wang Zhiwen ChengComrade Wang
"My heart is shining" can be said to be rare on TV recently A group portrait play with many roles. The story revolves around the clue of his father Zhao Fangyuan's return of ancient paintings, involving the fate of three families, two generations and ten children. In the play, Zhao Jiaren, the eldest son of the Zhao family (Zhu Gang, riyao), as a doctor, sticks to medical ethics but is trapped by love; The eldest daughter Zhao Jiahui (Wang Sisi) looks down upon the secular world and sticks to love; Zhao Jiaxin, the second son (Cao Zheng), as a businessman, practices integrity; Zhao Jiayi (Deng Anqi), the third son, as a policeman, chose the latter hard between family friendship and legal justice; The youngest daughter Zhao Jiahao (spring and summer decoration) sacrificed herself to save her brother and lover... At the same time, in the children of the Ye family, the eldest daughter ye Xingxing (played by Ding Liuyuan) is an intellectual female image full of complex contradictions. She devoted her life's emotion to Zhao Jiaren, the son of her father's enemy, and was deeply involved in the disputes and disputes between the two families
Among the many young actors in the crew, only Wang Sisi cooperated with Wang Zhiwen for the second time. The two once starred in a pair of "confidants" who forget to make friends. This time, Wang Sisi changed and became Wang Zhiwen's eldest daughter. Wang Zhiwen joked that she had "dropped a generation". It is because of the pleasant cooperation in the past that Wang Sisi and Wang Zhiwen are old acquaintances. She directly calls Wang Zhiwen "Comrade Wang", which is the envy of other actors in the crew. Because everyone has the impression that Wang Zhiwen is a serious and unsmiling old artist who is serious and difficult to get along with. Therefore, Wang Sisi became the "sweet pastry" among the young actors in the crew. In the first two weeks of the crew, there were almost constant meals. Everyone tried to get to know Mr. Wang Zhiwen through her, and she became a bridge between Mr. Wang Zhiwen and a group of young actors.
Director Sun Yanhua once revealed that because there were a large number of group plays and no prominent protagonists in the play, many first-line artists refused when looking for "Zhao Fangyuan", a famous actor. Wang Zhiwen not only didn't refuse, but also often talked with the children in the play about the lines and characters at the shooting scene, which made the young actors feel more friendly and gradually lost the tension and timidity at the beginning of shooting. When a play was shot, many young actors in the crew learned rich shooting experience from Wang Zhiwen. Wang Zhiwen is not a "Teacher Wang" in their mind, but a "Comrade Wang" who can integrate with them.

Highlight 4: from big husband and my heart is shining to the golden age and one step away,Wang Zhiwen crazy brushNational degree”  make2014Wang zhiwennian   
2014At the beginning of the new year, Wang Zhiwen, who had been against the screen for a long time, hit the TV screen with an urban emotional light comedy "big husband". He completely broke the positioning of "tall" in the eyes of the audience in the past, and talked about "love between the old and the young" with Li Xiaoran. For a time, Professor Ouyang, who "old cattle eat tender grass", became a household name and became the only "national professor" who could compete with the "all animals" popular in Asia. It can be said that the appearance of Professor Ouyang refreshed the "three views" of the audience familiar with Wang Zhiwen, and let more people see the other side of the "artist".
get into10In June, Wang Zhiwen appeared again in the literary film the golden age, starring in Lu Xun, the modern writer most familiar to the Chinese people. Under his interpretation, Mr. Lu Xun, who is "extremely sophisticated and extremely daily", gradually presents himself. He likes smoking, drinking and inviting guests to dinner. He will talk to Xiao Hong, Xiao Jun and other friends at home until he laughs heartily, and even say the words "good food, good fish, just right wine". He gave Lu Xun a very similar interpretation, and was even evaluated by screenwriter Li Qiang as "the kind of feeling that is really ready to come out", which was wildly praised by director Xu Anhua.
The TV work "my heart is brilliant", which will be broadcast on CCTV 8, is another work by Wang Zhiwen to brush the "national degree". In the play, he returns to the most familiar screen image of Wang Zhiwen: calm and gentle. His words reveal the unique feelings of intellectuals in the last century, and he has a strong love for his children as a father. He made it easy to accept the stubbornness of the characters to stick to faith. He took his own practical actions to hold the most basic bottom line of life in the turbulent era.
More importantly, in one step away directed by Jiang Wen, the most anticipated film of the year, Wang Zhiwen will turn into the ruthless role of Wang Tianwang. At that time, he will impact the new year's file at the end of the year with Jiang Wen, ge you, Zhou Yun, Shu Qi and other stars, bringing another audio-visual feast to the audience.
so to speak2014In, Wang Zhiwen blossomed in both film and television circles. In this year, the veteran first-line actor finally broke his glass ceiling in role shaping, sought more and broader breakthroughs, returned to the audience's sight with his works one after another, and found his own balance between "national popularity", "popularity" and "artistry", Created a“2014Wang Zhiwen Nian ".
11month7From the th, please lock in the eighth golden file of CCTV, "my heart is brilliant", which is broadcast four episodes every night. See Wang Zhiwen leading a group of new and old actors to send you this "feelings blockbuster" about morality and perseverance.
The content comes from the wechat public account of Xiangchao International:nesound, unconditional recommendation, welcome to pay attention.
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"Parental love", recommended to friends after reading, no one said it was not good-looking! No dog blood plot, no junior, all small things in life, funny and warm ~
After watching it, I think Guo Tao's acting is very good. Mei Ting is so beautiful!


Another update, the hit meet Wang Lichuan, is definitely the best romantic drama in recent years. The acting skills of Jiao Junyan, the leading actor, kill those popular stars in China!

As a friendly reminder, the previous episodes were a little Mary Sue, and then they were fully opened and hung up. It's really a conscience play, Douban GAODA8.4Your score means everything!
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Rain cloud
The new biography of Chu Liuxiang plays with conscience and follows the original work,psZhang Zhiyao's flowers are all over the building. Remember
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"The way of heaven" shot a few years ago is very good, impressive and well written
It is adapted from Doudou's distant Savior. I suggest you read this book,Perspective society has three levels: technology, system and culture. As small as a person, as big as a country and a nation, in the final analysis, any kind of destiny is the kind. Strong culture creates the strong and weak culture creates the weak. This is the law. It can also be understood as the way of heaven, not transferred by human will. "

Rui Xiaodan asked, "what is a strong culture? What is a weak culture?"

Ding Yuanying said, "a strong culture is a culture that follows the laws of things, and a weak culture is a culture that relies on the moral expectations of the strong, and is also a culture that expects the Savior. A strong culture is called a" secret collection "in martial arts, and a weak culture has become a popular variety because it is easy to learn, understand and use.
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Why doesn't anyone recommend October Siege!!! It's really a conscience play!! I found that Wu Mengda's acting skills are so good that I can't keep up with the plot without watching an episode! Ups and downs can't stop!!!
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Come on, this is a pass the time and constantly updated recommendation post

1、 Crime category

1, criminal psychologyCriminal minds

From season 1 to season 10, the story of a serial killer in each episode. Focus on using criminal psychological profile to speculate about the appearance of the murderer, which is wonderful.
I like little doctor bestReid , he is also the ex boyfriend of our bankrupt sister flower breast goddess!

2, don't lie to meLie to me

Dr.LightmanFocus on looking at the psychology of criminals with expression recognition technology. The lines are clear in the early stage, the case is wonderful, and there is a little confusion in the later stage.Tim RothThe crazy performance method that I dragged half to death but my IQ was so high that I didn't accept you biting me. I accepted many fans.

3, ten sins

Don't ask me why I have a pond owner. I'm the original powder.
Each10This is a wonderful case. I strongly doubt the original author spider. If he commits a crime, we will never guess..
Although there is a little gap with the first two, please support domestic production.

4, crime scene investigation series

The originator of American drama solving cases, I like Miami best. This play is, you're tired of watching too much. I have to see it again at intervals.

5, detective ShylockSherlock

Everyone is waiting for the gospel of detail control in their lifetime. Every season3Episode, episode, a case solving story. Juan Fu has become the sexiest man in the world.

2、 Shy animated film

1, super prisonSuper Jail

A film considered by the majority of barrages to beHighAfter that, the divine film tells the story of a prison system, a bit like a bizarre Utopia. variousYellowThe camera burst.. I won't say the details. I have to read them to understand. Declare my beloved robot.

2, crisp berry ParkBrickleberry

A group of Rangers ➕ The story of a little bear in the park is not the most shameless, but more shameless.. Everyone in the play is a psychopath, violent maniac, selfish ghost, slut, low self-esteem patient, an old man, a homosexual...

3, South ParkSouth Park

Too classic to repeat. You can make complaints about every point you think of, and make complaints about the heroine of sex and the city. It's been hacked all over. Political correctness is nothing here..

4, Rick and Morty

The same Tucao make complaints about the mad scientist and his grandson. Everyone is selfish, so you have to understand how to be selfish to disguise yourself..

5, a lot of cartoons

Yes, I haven't seen it yet

6, cartoon stewdrawn together

A series of cartoon characters, such as make complaints about Princess, Superman, Picacho and so on, are all kinds of tucks, all kinds of white objects, and all kinds of things that can't be stopped.

7, Mr. pickled cucumber

Among all kinds of cartoon violence, no one has been found to surpass. Except in the oil pipe80In addition to Adult Animation in the s, this article is simply breaking your imagination.

8, ugly AmericanUgly Americans

The man is silly and sweet, and the woman is sexy to death. There are more yellow scenes than violence. Good time killing film.

9, fly out of the future

Personally, I think it's OK. Many people like it. The expression is good.

10, Ma Nanbo jack

Inexplicably popular film, known as the philosophy of life blockbuster. A little Hi, but not much"especially"camera lens. For me with heavy taste, it's okay.

11, penguins of Madagascar

The lightest flavor. It's about Madagascar4A penguin, and a lovely monkey king. Necessary to pass the time.


3、 Comedy

1, big bangBigBang Theory

Sheldon's fans, raise your hands for me to see! speak4The story of a scientist is not suitable for practicing oral listening because there are too many proper nouns. Again, this play specially invited a tutor with a doctor of physics as a consultant, so the formulas in the play are basically correct. Please study them well.

2, bankrupt sister flower2 broke girls

MaxWhere are your fans! speak2A girl in New York andcupcake dreamThe story of struggle. Do you want to make complaints about me?SorryI will make complaints about myself first. The creators Han, chef AO and Sophie are actually quite good at English..

3, Pitts Ross talk showPeters Russell

It's the funniest talk show I've seen in recent years.PetersHe is a Canadian born Indian. He likes China very much, so he often makes jokes about Chinese people, which is hard to distinguishCantoneseandMandarinForeigners..Be a man! When I swear, I often say,hey, F..K face! Don't roll your eyes, because it will becomecoming face。

4、 Science fiction suspense

1, yin and Yang demon worldThe Twilight Zone

Divided into1959,1985,2002Version, each episode of a small story, not necessarily scary, sobering. It is called the predecessor of the world's wonderful story.BThe picture quality of the station is touching..

2, wonderful story of the world

Japanese TV works that have been illustrated many times. Each episode is a wonderful story, which is a kind of profundity used by the Japanese to tell stories.

3, Taiwan Tong Ling eye series

Childhood nightmare, children who live near the sea and have a small antenna know it. Each episode is a story, grounded. Some have ghosts and gods, some don't. There is another film in Taiwan that can't be found.
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The character of a gentleman. Korean drama.
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