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How to treat Mr. Wang Kai as the protagonist of the TV series "the pretender" after the Huading award mistakenly nominated him, the remarks of the pretender Guan Bo made Mr. Wang Kai lie at the gun?

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How to treat Mr. Wang Kai as the protagonist of the TV series "the pretender" after the Huading award mistakenly nominated him, the remarks of the pretender Guan Bo made Mr. Wang Kai lie at the gun?
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Although this matter is a cause, the two demands are different.hjWhat the family wants ishgThe status of the disguised man is unshakable; What fans want is that my brother will not be thrown by the media.
So when I was brushing the topic,wkThe topic of my fans is (official micro apology of the pretender),hgHome should be (Huading award apology) in fact, these two do not affect the rights of all dimensions and brush their own lists.
hjThink Hu Ge did nothing and could not bear to be wronged;wkThe family thought it was wronged to be stabbed by their own officials and bought awards by the media. It's all black. WhyhgBlack material iszwygBuy a manuscript? So the same is truewkIs it right to be robbed of the emperor by black buying awardstrBuy a manuscript?
wkFamily rights protection succeeded,hdThe statement proved that we didn't buy the prize, and the pretender guanbo apologized for the improper remarks, so we didn't love war. As for the suspicion that fans are sailors, have you ever seen sailors who spend money on flowers, products and publicity without charging money? Such a navy, please give me a dozen!
Best wisheshjAfter all, everyone is safeguarding the interests of Aidou.
For some passers-by:wkA man almost became a man. What's wrong with your family? After all, I never speak casually when I'm a passer-by
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Everything should look at the essence through the phenomenon. Don't be impulsive. This matter is originally a prize. In order to earn popularity, I tried my best to pull last year's popular drama, because the two dramas have the same protagonist, andwkLast year, with the recognition of these two plays, there was such a hard pullwkWhen the protagonist is nominated, first pepper ishgThere is nothing wrong with discussing this. It can be said that it is very necessary and necessary. It does not lie in thislowThe award is due to the actor's hard work, but we should also pay attention to discretion in this process and restrict the actions of fans. There are some extreme fans in each fan circle. Don't disturb your own reasonable demands because of some extreme fans. thenwzzThe official and wechat departments don't know why he left the drama behind when he made a statementhgOnly the nominatedwkI don't understand that I left it behindwkIt shouldn't be the people of their own company who completely ignore how to deal with the problem. Isn't itwzzThe management of official micro enterprises is notdyzwCompany? It's not the management of your own company. You should also protect the actors in your own play. It's irrelevant to the main match. The success of a play can't be achieved without any link. Go onwkOn the one hand, his fans were very dissatisfied when they saw that his family was left behind by his company. They went to the microblog and saw that his fans did not question ithgThe male owner's identity is to leave behind the official and micro statementswkSerious dissatisfaction, to seek justice for themselves, butwzzHowever, the behavior of Guanwei made some irrational fans on both sides start a tear and force war, and finallywzzThe official wechat came out to apologize, and a prize came out to make a statement. What male owners do not need to sign up is ordered by their own family. Looking back at the whole event, it is just that a prize blog topic has been successful, but it has also been exposeddyzwTheir public relations ability is really not good. Originally, they explained well and helped their own plays. Their own actors begged for explanations. As a result, they caused a storm because of improper handlinghg,wkFans are not wrong. They are all for their own legitimate rights and interests. These are reasonable demands and respect for the two excellent actors. However, because there are some extreme powder and brain powder on both sides, it seems that both sides have been fighting. In fact, most of the two are rational powder, but there are always some... What's not good is that a mouse shit spoils a pot of porridge, Fans pay for the stars. If you want to protect your own actors, you must first restrain yourself. Both of them are good actors with appearance and acting skills. I also hope they can have better development and bring better plays to everyone. Therefore, fans have reasonable demands and do not give way to principles, but pay attention to ways and methods and do not cause trouble to the actors
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Full moon little Xia
Hu Ge said nothing and did nothing He was said to be angry Such manuscripts fly all over the sky What happens if there's no team?
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Originally, I thought both sides were innocent, but looking at today's news, Hu Ge didn't say anything, but he was said to be ashamed and angry Combined with those news, many of them are written by someone. Besides, some people say that noon is innocent. I'm embarrassed for him
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I just want to say why the state has not banned such an award ceremony. There are many pork awards every year, but really no one will be as shameless as this garbage award. If every pork prize is the same as them, what will be the consequences. Awards are given four times a year. The water army provokes fans and deliberately sets wrong awards to lead fans to tear open. Let two popular actors lose their reputation. As a pepper, he onlooked and participated in the protection of rights. Putting aside the irrational fans on both sides and the malicious guidance of the bad media, the whole event can only make the adult fans feel sad. Look at the microblog in those days. In addition to the rights protection of rational powder, the network is full of hostility, curse, untruth, rumor and so on. Most of the current networks are students and minors. They are enthusiastic and do not have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Is this a self-evident Fair and fair "global" award ceremony to guide our future??
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Please refer to the next almost complete event line of another topic, including the records of fantastic events such as the release and deletion of the release before and after: how to view the nomination of Wang Kai as the best actor candidate for the Huading award and the follow-up? - Dance and answer to a song - there are many discussions under the post. Although many are fans of both sides, there is still a basic peaceful dialogue after 5 pages. Praise one first.

For the pretender, the official micro is besieged by Wang Kai's fans --

When things first broke out, we should think that there should be three possibilities for this wrong nomination: Drama Party Declaration, actor declaration, Huading party error (own nomination, or technical error); The pretender official blog represents the drama side - The camouflager is the producer, which is a joint product of Shanying (front) and noon; Guanbo is not subordinate to noon, nor does it represent the actor team. For the declaration, the official blog can only clarify the drama side, and can't speak for the actor side - Is there any misunderstanding about this?

Even if Wang Kai's fans didn't know it at that time, they took it for granted that the official blog belonged to noon, and the agent should be thought of immediately. Why didn't deshe Wang Kai studio come forward to clarify the actors? The agent clarified that not only "the actor did not declare" but also "completely unaware" when responding to Sina more than two hours later , 7More than an hour later, I had to give up my voice.

Wang Kai (actor side) was questioned about "buying awards"/"Operation“ - Not because of the agent/Didn't the studio respond in time? Shouldn't it be them that the fans asked And huadingfang?(Clarification by one of the three parties); Some people question "buying awards"/"Operation“ - The reasonable question of not personal attack is freedom of speech, and it should not be sealed to spread rumors - Wang Kai's fans have no problem refuting the rumor mongers, but it's incomprehensible to spread their anger on the official blog.

We don't know whether the official blog contacted the artist team in the first response (the result was stuttered), but it's not difficult for us to be sure that the official blog was not asked and authorized to speak by the actor. In this case, the official blog clarified within its authority innocent?

Now that it's written, There are two more questions. I'd like to hear what Wang Kai's fans think:

1。 The organizers of Huading award have created such an "Oolong"', Let Mr. Wang Kai suffer "irreparable negative impact" - Why didn't the actor ask the organizer to correct (only ask for an apology)?(The only request for correction is Hou Hongliang's second post with Guanwei, but he later deleted the post.) correction refers to moving the nomination to an appropriate award, such as the best supporting actor or best actor award. Why let Wang Kai stay in this wrong column? I think it's easy for actors to put aside- Ask for correction or decline.

2。 In response to Sina, Wang Kai's agent said he was "completely unaware" of the nomination; It's hard to imagine that the nomination list has been pushed all over the network and the actors have not been notified. The award ceremony is only three weeks old, and they have not confirmed with the actors whether they are present or not? Everyone in the pink circle knows that the actor's itinerary is usually set very early (a month ago).

The above two questions have nothing to do with Hu Ge. As a spectator of the whole event, I felt incomprehensible at that time. Things are over, and the rest depends on Huading21How does it end.
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The matter has basically been settled.
In my opinion, this incident has certainly had a very bad impact. Whether it is the pretender drama Party (everyone still wants to make a big film) or Hu Ge and Wang Kai, it was originally a very unpleasant disaster.
But from another point of view, only from the construction of Wang Kai's fan group, this very bad event in a short time has no significance in the long run.

Originally, in order to heat up the Huading award, the water army was purchased to play fans of all parties, and the self directed and self performed a fight between fans. After being pulled out, it has become a laughing stock. Both credibility and public opinion have long been swept away. So the dispute over this boring award itself is not very meaningful. The Huading award itself is very bad. Of course, the play's remarks are inappropriate. If this matter can be fired to this point, it will be a little out of control. Do you have to do this, letNWe apologize,NThe official statement issued by Fang is actually debatable.
This matter will come to this day. In essence, it is still an old grudge. On the one hand, Hu Ge fans' long-term concern about the two hot dramas starring Langya bang and the pretender has promoted the accident of Wang Kai, the original "18th tier artist", which has derived speculation, doubt and dissatisfaction with the noon and drama side's "stepping down to kill the donkey", as well as disgust at Wang Kai's agent's improper remarks; On the other hand, Wang Kai's fans1130Five months later, the public relations in the afternoon did not give the long - term heart to heart, and it suck for Wang Kaichao to work hard for five months.
The old grievances between the two sides twisted together and broke out in the Huading award event. Whether it is Hu Ge fans' anger at the pretender's drama side or Wang Kai's fans' request for the pretender's official micro apology, it is not without trace.

Next, I mainly want to say the significance of this matter to Wang Kai's fan group.
1130Is a thorn forever. Five months have passed430, the time point and method are also very similar. The difference is, first, because1130In every dispute since then, Wang Kai must face "ginseng" and "black name", which can not be avoided for a long time; Second, and1130Compared with chaos,430Wang Kai's fan base has obviously improved a lot.
Clear division of labor and decisive response. Consciously screenshots, long text is also rational and objective enough. Both the long article on the evidence in the process and the long article on the summary after the end are concise and restrained, especially emphasizing "supporting the rights protection of Hu Ge fans" but "opposing the slander of Wang Kai and ginseng", with clear demands.
Several large-sized fans took on the role of guiding the wind direction.
Learn to use your resources. I know that I take the initiative to turn to the hot topic "pretender" "Apologize", instead of waiting passively for negative topics like before. By not playing a new playTAGTo show their attitude and "punishment" (this behavior itself does have the meaning of affecting the innocent, but it is understandable to use it as a "wartime means" for a short time to reflect their strength or force the other party to face up to the problem).
Treat the marketing number with poor tone, know that there is no need to argue, continue to recruit black people, learn not to give heat, and only praise a complete explanation and comment to the highest number of votes to the front. (although this has not been done very well)
I don't love war. Got the desired result "official wechat clarifies and apologizes"+After the "award organizing committee clarifies and apologizes", stop the flag and make a summary, and then the publicity of the new play, the publicity of the new play, the flower maniac.
By the way, with the studio, the official statement is fast and formal. It's very pleasant.

Such an event can always have no best, and no one wants it to appear. But this is also a test and level training. The cohesion and unity of fan groups are actually cultivated in the "common hatred". Wang Kai's fan group has an unstable foundation. There are too many new fans, and the old fans don't have the experience to deal with the right and wrong after the explosion. Whether it's the exercise of big fans or the consolidation of new fans, it needs a process, external fighting and internal debate, which is a very normal thing. Through such an event, coupled with the shortage of endorsement products some time ago, the outside world can face up to the power of fan groups from both positive and negative aspects. For Wang Kai himself, the existence of strong backing is also a good thing in the long run.

For any "huge" fan group, "strong" and "tough" are inevitable names.
from80、90Hong Kong Music in the S05The mainland draft after two years, and then to10This is true of the disputes in the Korean circle after.
The other side of "special flower maniac" is, of course, "special fight". One on both sides, very normal.
However, some specific practices of this event are still worth discussing, reflecting and summarizing. For example, is it really necessary for the drama party to "apologize" so seriously? Is it enough to clarify the "statement" of all parties; Is it really necessary to use such harsh wordsATTo the boss of the company, is it too careless of Wang Kai's friendship with the company and bole; After the play apologized, do you really want to "be a good man" on the screen; For an official micro enterprise who usually writes diaries and posts and has not experienced online violence, its original intention is to explain the questions of Hu Ge fans as soon as possible. It is difficult to predict what it will be used by other interested people and blame the official micro enterprise for the loss of control of public opinion. Is it a little harsh.
By moving forward in reflection and accumulating experience, the whole regiment is becoming more and more mature.
But in any case, the wind in the palace wall will never stop.

1. stakeholders: Wang Kai fans
2I know that in fact, such questions are almost the same as microblog, full of emotional vent, and are not seriously answered. But I still can't help but want to answer according to the standard of knowing. Here is Zhihu. Even entertainment topics should be treated rationally, objectively, seriously and comprehensively.

----------------------------------Split line after seeing comments one day after posting-------------------------------------------------
It was released for a day. To be honest, I didn't expect so much praise so soon. I've known for many years. I usually write some "professional" answers in my real name. I've never liked it so fast. From another angle, we can see that the heat of the storm is really not low. Give a sigh.

I saw your comments. I don't want to reply to anyone. Here's an overall response.

When I wanted to answer, I searched the "Huading Award" in Zhihu, and then saw two related questions. One is this question, and the other is how to treat the vigorous Huading award. The man's name is written as man three, and the man's three fans scold each other. Who should be responsible for this?
The number of people who pay attention to the latter problem is obviously more, and the degree of attention is higher than this problem. However, the reason why I chose to write the answer here is precisely because the latter question, from the aspect of the question, emphasizes that "men are masters and men are three fans scolding each other". I don't think it's very friendly. After all, both sides of the matter are innocent from the source. Why should Guan Gong fight Qin Qiong, and the respondents need to discuss from both sides; Personally, as a fan of Wang Kai, I have no right or need to discuss the situation on the other side. The topic of this problem is "how to treat the Huading award. After mistaking Mr. Wang Kai as the protagonist of the TV series the pretender and nominating him, the remarks of the pretender's official blog made Mr. Wang Kai lie at the gun?”Is based on Wang Kai.
This "foothold" is not a tendency to praise or criticize attitude, but a tendency to focus on discussion.
Therefore, I believe those who read this answer will also see that my answer is fundamentally based on how the "Wang Kai's fan group" performs this time, and whether there is other room for discussion and progress.

As the original answer said, "special flower maniac" and "special fight" are like two sides of a coin. Friction is inevitable both internally and externally.
The key is whether we can learn from experience every time, strive to do better next time, be more rational, restrained and civilized, and let the gun go off, deviate from the key point and be unscrupulous, and less each time; For the so-called "free evaluation of evidence", we should also be vigilant against abuse. When each event occurs, we should not speculate others with the greatest malice.
In this process, I believe everyone can benefit.

When I was ready to release this modification, the title owner had deleted the problem to the point where there was only one title "don't tear it up if you want to close the problem?" So it is estimated that no one will come in and see this problem in the future.
Just sauce.
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wuli King Kaikai is the most innocent! You all black him! You can't see him red! Especially Hu Ge's fans! yes That's you pepper! Capital shameless ! be not worth seeingwuliKing Kaikai's plays are gorgeous and full of Hu Ge! The above are the onlookers on Weibo and Zhihu Mr. Wang Kai's fans give me the greatest feeling. I've always wondered why pepper's combat effectiveness is so weak Thought about a lot of pepper for ten years Even those in primary school are now old aunts who have stepped into society Like me I haven't seen any black material with Lao Hu for so many years What dirty water hasn't been spilled? Look down on it The old aunts have long passed the age of burning and tearing Most of Mr. Wang Kai's fans are new fans, so they have only been in the pink for two or three years at most. It's the age when their fighting power burst The old aunt was ashamed of herself Worship! Seeing you seems to see my old aunt who was crazy about Hu Ge In those days, my aunt was also fierce with one as ten Cough A hero never mentions his courage Far away. Today, I can only dive silently, brush the dynamics of Hu Ge teacher and save the beauty of Hu Ge teacher After watching this farce for so long, it's really sad to see the five dregs of pepper war You're out of seconds heart-broken! Angry and sad! But think about yourself, don't you just scratch your feet and brush your microblog? Do you know how to dive I'm angry, but I still lack the gas and temper to tear up when I didn't say a word ~ ~ maybe the fans of Mr. Hu Ge have passed the age of blood I still want to say to Mr. Wang Kai's fans: it's nice to be young! And our Hu Ge teacher hasn't been a male partner for ten years from Xianjian to Langya bang I mean TV dramas I have to say that Mr. Hu Ge's film breaks my heart Broken into slag But I'm still a true love fan! It's too far Where was that oh Ten year male leader It's always been hot, and the acting has never dropped the line My boss doesn't care about this low-level award competition now okay? Only acting and shoveling Cat Shit can be on his mind ! (shit Don't stop me I want to be a cat yes! Acting and shoveling shit! Focus! Mr. Hu Ge has two great pleasures in life! Since none of our Hu Ge teacherscare Are the peppers calm After all, most of them are old pepper Old arms and legs I can't do it anymore We should also learn from Hu Ge's indifference and freedom. Mr. Wang Kai needs exposure after all Everyone should understand You can't be stingy! Don't be jealous! yes It's you you you You! After all, the two big plays, as male partners, have been popular with Hu Ge teacher for more than ten years The future is limitless! Please redouble your efforts Next, the male main play that takes the lead alone should also shine After all, no one has given you gorgeous pressure ~ Teacher Wang Kai has been honed for ten years A handful of bitter tears now finally boil out Come on! Don't live up to the fans who fight at the forefront for you and the Hu Ge teacher who is often pressed by you!
ps what??!! You asked me if I didn'tcareWhy did you write this long speech? I'm happy! You bite me! Come on!
oh by the way also We don't accept Mr. Wang Kai's roses and pepper I don't like such vulgar flowers I don't think Mr. Hu Ge will accept it either After all, I can't pick up the flowers when I have to shovel excrement. I'd better give it to your fans!
——- late night nonsense from a Hu Ge teacher
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A man's wallet was stolen. The thief stuffed it into a passer-by. It happened that someone with ulterior motives insisted that the bag was stolen by passers-by.
     At this time, if passers-by doesn't prove himself, he will really be regarded as a thief.
     The owner was silent throughout the whole process. Fortunately, someone had been helping him recover the bag, so someone praised his silence for being indifferent and tolerant. Later, his family said it didn't matter after determining who was the thief. Isn't it very touching? It's unreasonable for passers-by to prove their innocence to be accused of playing too much, making too much noise and selling too much attention. Just imagine who can stand such slander?
One of the above answers can prove why fans fight, because there are always people who like to speculate without evidence, double mark, and then buckle the pot, and then be embarrassed by their own speculation.
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