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2012—2013 What good American dramas are there in TV season?

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American TV Series Please write down the recommended time point when recommending. Thank you~
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Mr. He
https://www.znds.com/bbs-37-1.html Here you can download the TV software for watching American dramas
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Look, everyone mentioned itTBBT, as the terminator of its Emmy Award, modern family Why didn't anyone recommend it? The play has a lot of cute smiles and tears
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follow@Zou Bo Mr. bread, I'd like to recommend some new plays that no one has mentioned

1.Banshee Black eat black andVegasIt's a little similar, but it tastes much heavierCinemaxTaiwan violence+Porn.

2.The Americans The Americans One of the two most popular new dramas recently (the other is the card house mentioned by many people)House of Cards), I still remember the story of the KGB fake couple lurking in the United StatesTNTMini playThe CompanyWell, it's a bit like the enlargement of the story in Episode 3.

3.The Following King of killers If serial killers become cult leaders and unite with all serial killers... Both male protagonists are my favorite actors.

4.Ripper Street Bloody street English drama, about Jack the Ripper.

And some of the plays I've been chasing.

Sitcom:30 RockandEntourageAfter the end of the play, the main thing isCommunityandHappy Endings, plusWhitneyandHouse of Lies。 yes2 Broke GirlsQuite insensitive.GirlsIt's too hot in the United States. I'm going to open oneGo On。tbbtandNew GirlBasically abandoned, rightModern FamilyI've always been dead black.BTW, I still love watchingSmashandNashville。

Action fantasy detective Drama: this yearLeverageandEurekaIt's all over (before)ChuckandHustleThe play is over, and the new play is onArrowandHunted, I hesitated for a long time whether to driveElementary(not open for the time being). Continue to chasePerson of Interest,Hawaii Five-0,Covert AffairsThe hostess is one of my three favorite TV actors,White CollarandNikita(watch it, don't make complaints about it).AlphasandFairly LegalJust to see the second season, they were cut off. It hurts.

imageMad Men、Breaking Bad、Homeland、Hell on Wheels、The Killing、Game of Thrones、Black Mirror、Newsroom、ShamelessWe all know such a "serious subject", so I won't mention it.
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Spartacus The violence is bloody and bloody,Kill them all, the third season is coming to an end (I feel a little tired after the second season). (the third quarter will be2013-1(regression)
Game of rights With the magic color of the middle ages, but it's not just that. It's a bit of the romance of the Three Kingdoms. (the third quarter will be2013-4(regression)
Walking dead It is said that the first TV play with pure zombie theme will be out at least until the seventh season. (the third season has returned)
The big bang of life Genius and beauty, no explanation.
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There's no heavy taste, such as walking dead?
Of course, the focus of this film is not to split the Zombie's head with a knife and watch his blood splash, but to deeply describe the characteristics that each of us has but are unwilling to express, such as cruelty, stubbornness, simplicity, greed, self deception and so on, and then bargain with the reality in front of these selfish abacus, so as to achieve balance and make use of modern methods To express the most primitive survival instinct of human beings and the political game. As for urban comedies such as the big bang gossip girl, every few episodes will have people die for various reasons. It may seem cruel, but only when we face the evil in real life can we know what is good.
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Breaking Bad, Mad Men.

Mad Men The latest season last Sunday(4month7It's just released.

Breaking Bad The second half of the last season will be released this summer.
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I only look forward to three plays

"Deadly poison master"
Big Bang Theory
Flying out of the future
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New Devil
After reading the above answers, I'm a little skeptical about my aesthetic concept, because I basically didn't watch what I mentioned above, but you basically didn't mention what I like. Then, let's bask in some American dramas I'm chasing:
1.HomeLand(Homeland Security):In the second season《24Hour producerHoward GordonandAlex GansaTogether, the third64One of the Emmy Awards for best drama, best actor and actress and best screenplay was closed8When the soldiers came back to be members of Parliament in, they also wanted to become an assistant to the future president; a neurotic excellent policewoman detective. The male and female protagonists were not liked, but they absolutely subverted the three outlooks.

2.Game of rights(Game of Thrones):Absolute epic has been out for two seasons now. In the third season, I read books to satisfy my hunger before I found that althoughHBOThe TV play is already wonderful, but it is still far from the original.

3.counterattack(Strike Back):The original British drama has become an American drama since the second season. A British special forces and an American special forces are in Britain20At present, the third season of the super power story of the Division has ended. Although there is no essence of the first season, it is still pursuing it with perseverance.

4.Big bang of life(The Big Bang Theory):Since the first episode of the first season, the two science otaku have been deeply attracted since they went to sell sperm. They have been pursued until now, althoughPennyGetting fatter and fatter, evenWolowitzIt's all in heaven, but I'm still chasing it.

In addition, although the main topic is to recommend American dramas, I can't help but recommend Downton manor, which is catching up with English dramas. I didn't know until I saw it.
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I only recommend one.

House of Cards
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Suspect tracking(Person of Interest)After watching the first episode, I thought it was bullshit, and then I couldn't stop.
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