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How to evaluate the TV drama "guardian of beauty"?

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How to evaluate the TV drama "guardian of beauty"?
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Believe that every strong actor who can't pick a script is just not popular enough
So the little prince just flirted with the audience?
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@Zhao Yongtong sorryappNo notice, no idea@Will you see it.

I make complaints about the first few episodes, and this is Zhang Yi's own official Tucao. There is the second half of the play.

As for whether this play is good or not, my view is that this play is really not a bad play. It is much better than some plays we see on TV every day, but can we ask the little master according to the standard of traffic Xiaosheng? No matter compared with those high-quality dramas that can appear on TV every year, or compared with the film and television resources that Zhang Yi has and has the ability to access, this drama is not worth praising.

I even think any script that reaches the medium level can reach this level with the acting blessing of the little master.

----------------------------------------------------You don't@Little master, he is also looking for the answer.
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Rogue plugin
Update: or@Silent chatter, the man said that this play was not as good as "no war in Peiping" and other dramas. In my opinion, it was simply divine logic. First of all, these two plays are not of the same type at all. Of course, a normal play and a family love play can not be compared in this way. No war in Peiping: I have great war scenes and feelings of family and country. Do you have such trivial idol dramas with dog blood everywhere? Guardian beauty: (shrugs) blame me? Peiping has no war: so you are better than meLow! Guardian beauty: ha ha.

Real name against the highest vote,@Silent chatter really annoys me. No one wants to see me.
  I found that there is a very bad atmosphere, that is, I like to spray indiscriminately. Spray the good and the bad. It seems that the harder you spray, the higher you force yourself. "Ha ha, ha ha, how much do you watch this playlow”It seems that the play is getting worselowThe higher you force yourself. I really want to ask people who think the play is bad. How many episodes did you watch?
To tell you the truth, the costumes of this play are a little spicy and the stems are very vulgar (the spoiled rich second generation lady was driven out of her house and lived again), but generally speaking, her shortcomings do not hide her shortcomings.
First of all, the values of the play are very positive. Specifically, Chen Xi and his family are willing to sincerely accept a girl they met by chance (except Chen Xi's father, others have never known Li Xiaolu). Li Xiaolu has caused them a lot of trouble. They don't say that they are sick. They lost 100000 yuan in another delivery. Instead of driving her out, Instead, she was willing to bear it with her. Grandma even took out the coffin to fill in this loophole. I was really moved when I saw this paragraph. There are many other details. For example, Li Xiaolu's father would rather make less money than carry forward traditional culture. wait
Secondly, there are some bright points in the plot. For example, the stepmother and female No. 2 are not really bad. Female No. 2 did a lot of things against Li Xiaolu, but she was dazzled by love and didn't want to compete for family property. Female No. 2 said, "as long as you give Huang Zaiyuan to me (male No. 2), you will give the whole world to Li Xiaolu."
Also, I really like the role of Zhang Yi! Chen Xi is gentle, hardworking, optimistic, enthusiastic and infatuated. She is really a particularly attractive role. I especially want to be such a person. At first, he was just a courier, but he was not an ordinary courier. He was steadfast and responsible and would rather climb20The first floor also needs to deliver the goods, and the high praise rate is always the highest. The most important thing is that he can recognize his identity and don't feel inferior. The second generation of rich men dislike himLowLaugh at him and he doesn't feel disobedient. Finally, with his own efforts, he surpassed many people who had laughed at him, but he was still modest.
And his outlook on love. He once said that "a man's love is like a pot of porridge. The more you cook, the thicker you get". How much porridge is left in today's "fast food" of feelings?
  In short, criticism is OK. Although I like the play very much, some people don't like it. It's normal. But you just saw the beginning and said it was a bad play. Why? Criticism should also be justified. Well, what's the difference between it and brain powder? Most disgusted with some clever answers, "I don't understand why Zhang Yi took the play", ha ha.
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I feel that Zhang's translation is dangerous. It is easy to become Huang Haibo, article, Zeng Xiaoxian series...
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Eye Division
It was also a look at Yan eight, first came to see Tucao, and then to make complaints about how much it was.6The episode fell into a pit. Zhang Yi's family are all old opera bones. They play the conflicts in the play warm and well, and the lack of props and scenes can't cover up good acting skills. There are not many good plays on acting online now.
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Anonymous praise this film, please cancel anonymity....
This play makes me understand that the fashion of the small age has been the peak of domestic fashion dramas. Is the stylist of the play northeast silver? I love mink so much that there must be a little girl with garlic in my heart.
Yes2The episode really didn't stick to it. The boastful plot and no sense of service make the whole play full of excitementlowGas..
So the question is, why did Zhang Yi take the play?
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[Updated version]The play is translated by Zhang14It took two or three years to release it! Moreover, he has never publicly publicized the play. He would rather participate in the premiere of other people's films than the press conference of his own TV series, so I feel whether there is anything unknown here... Don't ask me how I know, I guess

As for how to evaluate this play, I boast that Zhang Yi has been a true love fan for ten years. However, just listening to the name of this play, I think it's OK! Suffer! No! Yes!!! After watching the trailer, the only feeling is: Oh, I love beans, how can I take this play... What about monitor Shi, who is as gentle as jade?! What's wrong with the lame Meng?! Cute, handsome and lovely he Moxiu?! This play, this design, this plot, what the hell!!! Full screen mink, full screen Rhinestone! oh eye! My eyes!!! See you in debt!!!

So I also doubt whether Zhang Yida has naked strips in the hands of bad people~~~~Well, just sauce(╯▽╰)╭

————————Split line————————
Ah ah! Finally finished!! There will be an Internet when I go home tomorrow. I'm going to try to watch an episode and try to defy the law

What a feat to sacrifice oneself for others[doge]

Take some handsome photos to wash your eyes

to update! Keeping my promise, I really went to see an episode!!!

Can the set be a little more fake? Those stars in the night sky are so artificial! It's a location. Why did I hear the echo! Shed shot, huh~I feel embarrassed for Zhang Yi for the dog blood plot and the common lines... He must have been forced... There must be difficulties... There must be... And the color of the mystery... Hot eyes... Oh, no, I'll give up first. Bye~~If one day a little angel cuts Zhang YicutVersion, please inform me at the first time, thank you!!!

Brush the head! This is the correct way to open Zhang's translation!!!!!
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happy.every single day
My mother is watching the play. She watched it for a while at lunch just now.
I quickly finished eating and went back to my room. I borrowed this question to ask brother Zhang Yi. Why did you take this film?

I love you so much
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