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Do you enjoy the main melody TV play "the name of the people"?

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Just found out. Hunan Satellite TV3month28The anti-corruption drama "the name of the people" was broadcast on the th. After watching two episodes, I felt that there were many new features. 1One episode is close to an hour. No wonder mango station only plays one episode a day. in total56Except weekends and holidays, the episode cannot be performed for more than two months! I guess I can6Month. Now I'm still wearing cotton padded clothes. It's estimated that I can wear short sleeves! Hunan Satellite TV is really interested in acting! It can be seen that this play is regarded as a super boutique. 2There are too many bones in the old play. Since the first episode, many familiar faces and old actors have appeared continuously, which makes the play have a natural sense of intimacy. Later, I checked the Internet and said that there were dozens of old characters in the play! How dare you shoot! Look
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Too realistic!!!(∩ᵒ ̴̶̷̤ ⌔ᵒ ̴̶̷̤ ∩)

2021TV software summary : you have all the software you want
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Xiao Yong.
Just for that self blackened line
"The network supervision office said it was too late to delete the photos and videos sent by the masses on the Internet, and asked us to prevent the masses from taking photos with mobile phones now."
I underestimated the play before.
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Of course, I appreciate it. It proves once again that the main melody film and television is not necessarily singing red songs! Last year, the Ministry of public security produced the Mekong River and slapped the radio and television. This year, the highest inspection followed, and then slapped the radio and television! In this way, the supreme law should also be applied. Then, in the military regions, the Anti Japanese God drama was killed.
The fire of this play has once again fully proved that domestic films and television do not lack good actors, good scripts, and departments that can kill radio and television.
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I want to name my answer: "what are some common officials in life?"
I think this play is good. The most important thing is that it is very good in depicting the form of officialdom.
I don't mix in officialdom, but I have also contacted many leaders. I have hardly met those leaders of Wei Guangzheng in my life, but the leaders I focus on portraying in this play are really common and typical.
The most rare thing is that just at the first briefing at the beginning of the story, the images of these main characters were completely established, and they had to admire the script and the ability of the actors.
1Officials like Li Dakang
The official in this report meeting, I give the highest evaluation.
Li Dakang is relatively strong and will also show, but he is at least a practical official. Although he has been busy dealing with the current plot, this is enough for me to give him a high evaluation.
Moreover, such hard-working bureaucrats generally cherish their political future and generally do not have very bad corruption incidents. Therefore, although it was suggested in his speech to solve the vice mayor's bribery case in a low-key way, I also think he is more concerned about his work and his political future than his full participation in corruption.
Of course, I don't rule out petty corruption. After all, I haven't read novels, but a person with such political prospects and full confidence and ability in this prospect should not be behind the scenesBOSS。

2Officials like Gao Yuliang
Almost contrary to Li Dakang, he rarely does anything. In his own words of Qi Tongwei in the play, it is "silence is better than movement." This old slick spends all his time thinking about people. Of course, he is also very skilled in speaking. First of all, Ding Yizhen had an accident, which is what Gao Yuliang is most willing to see, and he is most willing to expand it, but when he expressed his opinions, he first said something inclined to Li Dakang.
These words directly led to Ji Changping, who had always been cautious, not knowing how to express his position. He just said a pile of ambiguous nonsense. Of course, things finally developed according to the results expected by Gao Yuliang. The case was handed over to the Supreme People's Procuratorate, not to the local government. The development of the situation was beyond Li Dakang's control.
Other figures in this report meeting, such as Chen Hai and Qi Tongwei, are too young.
At least for now, Gao Yuliang just likes to think about people and study people, and does not do practical things. Fortunately, there has been no obvious political error, and I hope he will keep it. But once such a person is greedy, he will never look like the small official greedy at the beginning of the drama. He will plan carefully and carefully.

3Officials like Qi Tongwei
Very good at drilling, but the pattern is particularly low.
Because of the special relationship, I am promoted step by step, but in fact, my ability is not high. I can even say that I have no ability. I am only good at drilling camp. See who wants to gain power, immediately make positive advances and show closeness.
At this meeting, he did not stand in the position of the teacher who helped him to his present position. On the contrary, he supported Li Dakang everywhere. The reason is that he parachuted the Secretary of the provincial Party committee and blocked the promotion of his teacher Gao Yuliang, but Li Dakang is expected to become governor of the province.
This kind of bureaucracy is also the most we encounter in real life.
This kind of official is also most likely to be corrupt, because he has no lofty political goals. He relies entirely on nepotism and flattery, so all his energy is focused on drilling camp.

4Officials like Ji Changming
Be cautious, follow the rules and procedures in everything, for fear of a little problem, and be particularly cautious when expressing your position.
As for Ding Yizhen, the key is not to arrest or regulate. The key is the choice of standing in line. On this matter, whether to fight in Gao Yuliang's team or Li Dakang's team.
If you don't report and arrest directly, you are directly standing in the team of Gao Yuliang. The reason for reporting is that he attaches importance to Li Dakang and doesn't easily choose to stand in the team. Specifically, he listens to the arrangement of the provincial Party committee and picks himself out. Therefore, his answer is also the most ambiguous. He didn't have to make a clear statement until the end.
Both sides are not flattering, but neither side offends anyone. The most mediocre middle and lower level officials, but the way of promotion is bound to be very difficult. If no team stands, neither side will promote you. Fortunately, he is about to retire. It may be his real idea to retire safely.
Such people are not easy to be very greedy. They may have small greed, but they are also very cautious. The amount is very small and behind the scenes is largeBOSSThe possibility of is very low.

5Officials like Chen Hai
To tell the truth, such leadership is very difficult for me to see in my life. It is really rare to offend another senior official Li Dakang and express his position clearly in a very short time.
But more generally, in this meeting, he acted as Gao Yuliang's gun. Gao Yuliang's real idea can't be put forward by himself. Li Dakang has made it clear that he should try to make things small. Instead of handing it over to the Supreme People's Procuratorate, it should be regulated by the local government. Similarly, what Gao Yuliang didn't expect was that Qi Tongwei, who was originally on his side, also agreed to the regulation. Another Ji Changping said ambiguous words, so Chen Hai's speech was particularly important at this time.
Therefore, his speech was particularly unpleasant to Li Dakang.
Generally speaking, Chen Hai is a cannon fodder. Facts have also proved that he is really a cannon fodder. He will be a vegetable in a car accident... It's hard to say whether he can live in the end
As for corruption, there must be nothing wrong with him.

If there are typical bureaucratic roles in the future, update them again.
PS: a group of characters who can stand up like this are qualified to evaluate that this may be a good script! Of course, whether it is a good script or not depends on reading it.
The following is the first update.
6And sarikin
In a word, the official in the news broadcast.
Many years ago, one of my sidelines was to write officialdom type online novels on the Internet. At that time, there was a red line, that is, when you write about corruption, you can only write Deputy posts. In other words, if you write about the corruption of the provincial Party Secretary, there is only one result, that is, being harmonious. This is a minefield that the editor clearly understood for nothing. I am deeply impressed.
After all, many years have passed, and I don't understand the current situation. However, according to China's political ecology, if it is not vigorously promoted by the top leaders, I can't beat the big tiger. Therefore, I am relieved of the official image in the news broadcast of sarikin.
Some people in the comment area said that Sha Ruijin's scheming skills actually have no skills. At least from the current drama, he just frozen the appointment and removal of personnel at the meeting, but the TV series said that the new leader's doing so is just a conventional phenomenon.
Promote the following officials. If the promoted officials have problems, the promoters should bear the responsibility. This is why Li Dakang is passive everywhere because Ding Yizhen is corrupt, and the original Sha Li match is now basically impossible. Because you have to bear at least one responsibility for poor supervision, and even you are suspected of dereliction of duty.
How can a person be easily recommended to the Central Committee for appointment or removal when he is airborne to the post of secretary of the provincial Party committee without confidants, party affiliations, or even officials? I am in this role, and I will not do so. Therefore, freezing the appointment and removal of personnel is not a public conspiracy. The subsequent performance of this official depends on the development of the plot. At present, it is a little weiguangzheng, and there are no bad habits in officialdom. If it wasn't mentioned in the comment area, I wouldn't like to say him. Because of the real officialdom, I have never met such a leader. I only heard about it in the news broadcast.

7Lu Yi can be such an official
The impression of this role was not enough for me to comment until the plot developed to the moment when Hou Liangping took office as director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Jingzhou and held the first internal meeting. At that moment, I knew that this was a fictional official.
Why is it fictional? Because under normal circumstances, it is definitely not her attitude to meet the new leader. She looks at her immediate superiors everywhere. What is she doing? Unless she wants to lose her future, even if she has a strong background, this will never happen in reality.
Interestingly, the meeting of Hou Liangping's arrival and the first meeting held after Sha Ruijin's appearance were carried out in parallel with the development of the plot.
I don't think it's a coincidence.
China's political ecology is that the top leaders have absolute rights. Therefore, unless all the questions raised at the first meeting after the top leaders take office are too outrageous, they must be adopted by all and supported by everyone. Otherwise, do you want a future? Do you want this job?
Therefore, Lu Yi's official (fortunately, he is a director) is not in line with what I see in real life. He can only be a fictional official.
Why fiction? I guess I want to highlight the character of these colleagues of the anti corruption bureau who are not afraid of power. As for corruption, how can the fictional officials of weiguangzheng be corrupt? What else would they do?

8An official like Zhao Donglai
It has been said in the comment area that Zhao Donglai is a good man in the following plot. By the way, here's an appeal. Let's only comment on the characters and try not to spoiler. Otherwise, it doesn't look interesting. We only analyze the characters and say that character determines destiny. At least it makes sense.
Zhao Donglai's role means Li Dakang's loyalty. At the beginning of the plot, Li Dakang does whatever he asks him to do, and he works hard. But his loyalty is not the kind of submissive loyalty. At least when he faces Li Dakang, he talks neither humbly nor arrogantly. He can also throw a book in front of Li Dakang and say that the job can't be done. Then I will resign and even directly persuade Li Dakang to divorce his wife.
I think he appreciates Li Dakang's practical work style more than the kind of obedience to his superiors.
This man is also a little straight. In his bones, he has a straight temper. I think he and Li Dakang are the same people at this point. At present, China's officialdom is in such a state: when you do something, you are easy to do wrong. Even if you do a lot of good things, you often fail to get promoted because you do something wrong. On the contrary, people who don't do things don't do wrong, but they get promoted because they don't do wrong.
Li Dakang has always had outstanding political achievements, but because of the corruption of his officials, he failed to enter the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee first. Instead, Gao Yuliang was promoted first. I'm afraid that's the reason.
In such a political environment, the similarities between him and Li Dakang make them cherish each other. It should be true. It's just that Li Dakang has more political strategies than Zhao Donglai.


The following is the second update.
9An official like sun Liancheng
"Yong lazy floating drag", sun Liancheng almost accounted for the whole.
In the current plot, he has no plot of corruption, but such officials who are "lazy, lazy and procrastinating" are sometimes more annoying than corrupt officials.
After all, a corrupt official will solve your problems as long as you give him benefits; But Sun Liancheng, an official like him, is dragging his feet and won't solve anything for you. What the leader says, he will be submissive, but when it comes to concrete implementation, it is still a drag.
In real life, there are too many officials who have no political ideals, no excellent skills, and no backers and background. They don't expect to be promoted. They only eat vegetarian meals in their current posts and ring the bell one day as a monk. They are mostly like sun Liancheng.
This kind of official has a large number in officialdom, and the role of sun Liancheng is very representative.
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My mother, actually1kThat's great. Zhihu was shocked. Some netizens commented that this detail is actually a bit technical and not realistic. Anyway, it's a TV play. I'm very happy to have the opportunity to show the banknote counting skill of the bank, so I'll take a screenshot to answer! In short, don't be too serious.
The following is the original answer: the play was shot very carefully, not to mention how good the performance of a group of old dramas was on the same stage, I will say one detail: when counting money at Zhao Dehan's home, I gave several close-up pictures to the bank staff, showing almost all the counting methods of the front-line staff of the bank.

High energy ahead, non combatants, please evacuate! They are not actors. They should be real bank tellers!

1.Index finger counting method: if you are confident, you will be capricious

2.Multi finger multi note counting method: high-level skills. It seems to be a teacher

3.Single note counting method: basic method. This guy should be a newcomer

4.Variation of multi finger multi note counting method-Unique Wulin script

5.Variation of multi finger multi note counting method2-Xiaoao Jianghu teacher Fu

6.Variation of multi finger multi note counting method3-No move wins. A skilled old master

7.Finally, there is another one: the fan counting method. The lens is pulled far. When you look carefully, you can see that there is a fan-shaped banknote surface in your hand. At this time, the banknote counter has integrated human banknotes into one, with ten pieces in one eye, reaching the realm of heaven and man

The above is not my nonsense, because I once worked at the grass-roots level of the bank and saw the counting method that the teachers surprised me off my chin...However, so far I have only learned the "single finger single note counting method". Pay tribute to the hard-working staff at the grass-roots level of the bank. In fact, their working environment is not as comfortable as everyone thinks. Their work content is boring and heavy. They also have to bear the pressure of indicators and the difficulties of various wonderful customers. The monthly salary can only maintain an ordinary basic life.

Conclusion: conscience domestic drama should have a positive impact on the whole society. I believe my motherland will be better tomorrow.

------The following is the advertising space-------
p.s.Suddenly it broke1500Praise, I'm sorry if I don't advertise! Welcome to my official account.VaneyLaPetite The theme is that I can write whatever I want, including beauty makeup, delicious and fun, skin care recommendation, dressing experience, etc. The author is a real person, you can see it.
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I think of a joke that there is some rogue software that is installed together when downloading360Family bucket.
360After completing the installation, kill the software as a virus for the first time.
This reveals a game rule with Chinese characteristics. It may not get legal results through legal means, but it is expected to promote a just situation through less just procedures.
I'm not saying360There will be no hooligans, but the meal will always be eaten one mouthful at a time. There is an inch of joy.
"The name of the people" and "Mekong action" seem to show similar logic. Therefore, no matter whether the quality of films and dramas is good or bad, I feel that their emergence is gratifying——
Not just in the sense of the work. In the sense of industrial development.
Perhaps one department will produce another, and some outdated things will gradually become garbage and be discarded.
Isn't it beautiful?

About the work itself, I answered another question below, and the link is here:
How to comment on the TV play "the name of the people"? - Know
Follow up is also going to send some other analysis articles around this play. You can also pay attention to this official account."Kay goose",After the article is completed, it will be included in it. In addition, there are other book reviews and film reviews.
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afour four
Realistic, with plot
It's very good. It's practical and realistic. It's good-looking.
Anyway, the scale is small. The students don't want to see it. They say that China has always been under cultural control.
If the scale is a little larger, it is said to be deliberate. It is flattering the superior.
Corrupt officials are farmers. They say that the class is solidified and redXGeneration is always a positive image.
Corrupt officials are redXDai, said hereditary corruption, the country is hopeless.
The core point is that there must be a party and a state, and vice versa. No matter what the content is, you don't have to look at the content.
When "descendants of the sun" came out, it was applauded. When "the name of the people" came out, it was said that it would be disgusting to see the film title. This is a deep inferiority complex.
Of course, there is no need to climax too much. After all, we know that these really happen in reality. The reality is already very bad. Showing this kind of bad is just the beginning of solving the bad.

(correct the title, thank the kind-hearted person in the comment area for correction)
But I just want to ask why Hou Liangping's niece lives in his house. I envy her. ←_←………………
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"Teach you the ecology of Officialdom"
Statement: the following are purely personal views
——- I'm the dividing line The text is as follows Don't forget to praise
To put it bluntly, it looks good in "big enough officials", "Secretary of the provincial Party committee" and "supreme inspection". This has been more than 30 years of reform and opening up An analysis of officialdom with the largest scale. What's more wonderful is that it "shows" you the tip of the iceberg of "middle and high-level political ecology" and some political considerations of "top-level design".

      Of course, how much you can understand and think of these things is entirely a matter of your personal intelligence.Some people watch the fun, others learn from experience.

       The new provincial Party secretary was airborne. Shortly after the new provincial Party secretary took office, the Supreme People's Procuratorate began to take Beijing as a breakthrough to blow the anti-corruption tuyere to Handong.Originally, the candidate of "provincial Party Secretary" in Handong should be promoted by "the province", but one was airborne. Why?

      This involves the consideration of the "political pattern" of the "top level". What officials fear most is the solidification of the "interest pattern". Once solidified, it will form "mountains" of different sizes. Therefore, it is intended to "break" the power and interest pattern of Han Dong Smash the mountain and reshuffle the pattern of Hanzhong.That's why a provincial Party secretary was airborne.

       So the question is, who will be sent? "Sarikin" was selected at the top level. The essence of the selection is "rest assured" and "take responsibility"

But the selected person is not a fool. He has been in officialdom for many years and has been in a high position. Can't he guess the Lord's mind? So you can go, but you have to support my "work"! You can't go and be "overhead"!
    So? What are the conditions? Is to break the original power pattern of Handong and hold power in hand in order to carry out work!

       How to break the pattern? Airborne
First, not familiar with the situation .
Second, no one is available.
Third, the power pattern is not clear.
       What shall I do? That's a move Why is "anti-corruption" the only way? Because only anti-corruption can be "reasonable", "reasonable" and "legal" to achieve the purpose of reshuffling the power pattern of Han Dong.

        But because of the above three reasons, I dare not be a "airborne Secretary".So I can only say to the Lord, "the Supreme People's Procuratorate will do it on the first day of junior high school, and I'll do it on the 15th day of junior high school" -- and then it's the plot of these 50 episodes.

The reason why "Qi" is complex Complexity in this person is a combination of traditional bureaucrats and technical bureaucrats
First of all, he is supported by teachers, which is the inherent advantage of officialdom and has the characteristics of traditional bureaucrats This can be seen in his dialogue with Gao in the previous episodes (the teacher's support for him can be said to be the ultimate love between teachers and students From their incisive and incisive expression in their dialectical dialogue on power)
second.He graduated from the University of political science and law This is the basic characteristic of technocrats (this) From his political experience And today's position And how professional it is to command Ding to escape Just peep one or two)
This man is a bit like "Jia Xu" in the Three Kingdoms period chill The judgment of the current situation is appropriate Accurate judgment What about the disadvantages Is eager for quick success and instant benefit Deviate from the original heart of the Tao The art has been brought into full play But forget to hide your clumsiness for a long time Leaders like honest people He and Li Formed a strong character contrast Typical "Tao" and "art" are reversed Smart is mistaken by smart!

     Gao Xiaoqin This woman is not simple It is certain that this woman will never be born in a famous family From her You can see wisdom But this kind of wisdom is not the wisdom of entrepreneurs like strong women It's not the kind of family The wisdom of being able to handle vanity fair without losing personality From her What I see is A kind of wisdom of the girl next door If you compare her status and wealth according to the background of the times and her age, this woman is likely to be a mistress And have a similar experience Why do you say that It can be seen from the comparison of characters Gao Yuliang's wife It's elegant and intellectual This is a typical intellectual woman Li Dakang's wife It's a lady of a famous family Bearing and spirit The monkey's wife is a typical official family child Born with the unspeakable characteristics and political sensitivity of that class And these three Gao Xiaoqin doesn't have it That only means she came from a civilian family Her manners Like someone with "advanced training" Not the kind you grew up with

     Sure enough, they are all powerful actors Incisive characterization I personally think Absolute conscience good play No one

        "My personal view of politics" - things are relative rather than absolute Black or white Not politics Politics itself is the product of harmonizing the contradictions of human society So the core of politics is balance     Human nature is neither good nor evil Human nature is private Human society has developed to different stages People's private desires have corresponding manifestations     The material base determines the superstructure The existence of upper architecture is to reconcile the changing private desire caused by the change of material foundation     So the core of politics is reconciliation It's balance instead of The east wind overwhelms the west wind Or the absolute exclusion of the west wind over the east wind    Absolute anti-corruption is bound to subjugate the country Because people don't have "pure" ”The result was the French Revolution His head rolled and blood flowed into a river Finally, at some point in time We will find that we are not perfect
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The above picture is from the microblog of the director of the play, Li Lu. Li Lu: many people think@Lu Yi Hou Liangping, the prosecutor in the play, is not very like the stable prosecutor in everyone's ordinary impression. He is a little impulsive and crazy. In fact, Lu Yi and I discussed a lot about the style and playing method of this role during shooting. In short, he has a high degree of completion of the role. Praise him!

After reading a lot of comments mocking Lu Yi, I also have some opinions. I want to discuss with my close friends, but I am lazy to reply in the comment area one by one. Therefore, I wrote this answer and copied and pasted it under similar questions. From the performance of the play, it is true that Lu Yi does need to improve and hone himself, but I think it is too unbearable and exaggerated to say that he "mouse shit", "garbage", "shit like acting skills", "being killed, crushed and hanged", etc. it is unnecessary to be so mean to discuss an actor's performance.

Long before the people, Lu Yi performed quite a number of dramas, such as Su Shi in Su Dongpo. Industry evaluation: only Su Shi, not Lu Yi; Lin Yi in the great locust tree, but one was not allowed to broadcast and the other was suppressed due to the authorities5It was only broadcast in, so it is difficult for the audience to see the popularity of these conscience works.

There are also Zhuge Liang in the Three Kingdoms and Deng Shichang in the Sino Japanese naval battle of 1894-1895. These are figures with a heavy sense of history, from young to old. He also said that because the old man played more, the later scripts were all for him to play the old man. He didn't want to be limited to a certain role pattern, so he changed the style of other types.

In addition, if life deceives you, he plays a realistic play of Phoenix man who reluctantly gave up his first love for his official career. Because the hero of the play has defects, he found a lot of famous actors with acting skills you mentioned. No one was willing to take the play. When he found Lu Yi, Lu Yi took the shot without saying a word. Later, the play won the Magnolia Award. The screenwriter especially thanks Lu Yi for accepting the play.

There are so many foreshadowing. What I want to express is that Lu Yi has no representative drama. Excluding the well-known ones such as blood childlike innocence and never close your eyes, there are many. Not some close friends call "there are too many idol dramas. I don't know how to act". If you are interested, you can turn it out and have a look. The filming of "the name of the people" started this time, with a strong cast but very low pay. In addition, there may be a risk that the play will not be broadcast after trial due to too high political sensitivity. Lu Yi has failed to broadcast many plays and has made a precedent of sinking into the sea, but Lu Yi is still willing to accept the play. This is the importance an actor attaches to a good script. Now the play is popular, and so many people shout "if"XXIt's good to play "come on". What if there's no fire or the street?

Lu Yi's reputation is high in the circle, and his character is good; No hype, less gossip, very sunny and decent in both work and life. And the audience is good. For example, parents may know Lu Yi but are not familiar with some actors nominated by close friends. Hou Liangping is a vigorous, self righteous prosecutor in his forties with a wife and son. To pass the strict review of Hou Liangping's role by the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Central Military Commission, he must be an actor without great defects in image, acting skills, experience and personality. If using the exclusion method, there are not many similar actors. Lu Yi is also the only candidate for the role of Hou Liangping in the hearts of screenwriters, directors, producers and investors. In conclusion, although other actors have better acting skills, Lu Yi may not be the best fit for this role. TV series have been broadcast, always say "if"XXIt doesn't make much sense to play the argument of "absolutely killing Lu Yi second".

Back to this play, I also think Lu Yi needs to be more natural in front of older actors, and the traces of "acting" should be lighter. For example, when talking to teacher Hou Yong, he spoke too fast and seemed unstable. But I think he makes the audience feel a little out of tune with the following points: part of the reason is that Hou Liangping is not afraid of the human needs of the monkey spirit. Other young officials in the play have backgrounds, but for him, the screenwriter doesn't explain his origin and painstakingly named "Hou Liangping", that is, monkeys light their swords to level the world, We need a young and promising anti-corruption director who is not afraid of power and finds another way to smooth out the meaning of corrupt officials and protect the rights of the people; Another part of the reason is that many slogans and main melody lines need to be said by Hou Liangping, because he is an obvious positive figure. He has integrity from appearance to work. His existence is to let the people see hope. From the current scene, there is much room for the role positioning of other old drama bones, so that you can't guess whether it is a good man or a bad man. Precisely because the officials supporting the play are not Facebook defined as positive or negative, it also allows the audience to reason with great interest who is behind the scenes and who is the ultimate big manBOSSTherefore, in fact, the acting skills of these roles have more room to play. As many viewers said, Mr. Hou Yong didn't see that role2Billion yuan really thought he was wronged! Of course, Mr. Hou Yong's acting skills are admirable, but in contrast to other TV dramas, the general villains are more brilliant and impressive, and the roles that are both right and evil or incomprehensible can add points to the acting skills. Lu Yi's role, if the image is reversed in the later stage, is indeed very attractive and can better highlight the acting skills, but isn't it contrary to the original intention of the play? Who will punish evil, promote good and act for heaven? Are the Chinese people still alive? Because of its limitations, it can not be blackened in the later stage, so when playing with the old opera, it is necessary to shout slogans with indignation. For example, when referring to the Chinese farmers, it is said that the lines also have prototypes; Most of the content that is not easy to express through the mouth of other actors is given to him, which leads the audience to think that some plots are too procrastinating and unnecessary. No wonder the Hou Bureau feels embarrassed and abrupt when he opens his mouth.

The play is aimed at a wide range of age groups, from the elderly to students, especially for the elderly95After00Later, there is educational significance, "anti-corruption should start with dolls". Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why Hou Liangping's lines do not conflict to the point of shouting slogans. However, in order to add guiding values, the screenwriter and the authorities let the hero often say some lines in the textbook mode. The audience wanted to see a fast-paced plot, similar to the official fight and abdominal darkness in the house of cards, As a result, in order to make the characters plump, more family dramas and life dramas were added, which returned to the previous main melody drama mode, so they would feel awkward and play.

Putting aside people's empty talk, acting is playing hooligans. Comrades, it's not so much Lu Yi's acting that he can't do. It's more difficult for anyone to play this role. In addition, many audiences like to follow the trend of black young actors. It seems that the political orientation is incorrect without criticizing acting. Lu Yi's carrying this pot alone is a little big! The positive protagonist of the TV series of group plays, especially the anti-corruption theme, is just a thread through the needle. The real stories and interesting are the supporting roles, aren't they?! Don't you want to see a large-scale story and real officialdom?! Really let everyone sit down and learn the main melody TV series shouting slogans-For example, hand tearing Devils (there is no lack of actors and blockbusters with acting skills). Are you interested?
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