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What are the details of huanzhuge?

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What are the details of huanzhuge?
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2021TV software summary : you have all the software you want

Is it probably Hanxiang's happy life after marriage?
When he grew up, he reviewed huanzhu and found that mengdan not only had a strong possessive desire, but also suffered from severe mania.
They are basically roaring. If they are not happy, they will smash and chop, and even their friends won't recognize them when they are angry.

Lift the swallow every minute:

Give a slap to Liu Qing who took him in:

Another slap was given to Liu Hong who took in her:

If you want to cut a face, you can't cut it out:

He is sensitive and irritable. He gets angry at the thought of Hanxiang being with the emperor. When they get married and the love heat is over, will he still tangle with this problem when he looks at Hanxiang every day? If he can't satisfy his suspicion, will he be tempted to fight Han Xiang? Even if this knot has been untied, normal couples will always make a little noise. In the future, when the two people quarrel over the difficulties in life, even if mengdan can resist not playing Hanxiang, he will certainly smash his family. Ordinary people can't bear it. Will Hanxiang feel happy as a princess who hasn't suffered?

What I fear is that the plot of the second part is centered on the love with fragrant longing. Their vigorous love is fixed at a beautiful wedding moment with the end of TV. However, where the audience can't see, I don't know whether Hanxiang will curl up and cry under the haze of domestic violence.
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The following content is purely entertainment. Don't be serious!
It's super long. It's recommended to open itWIFIEat!

This article will take you to uncover the following problems:
1Why does crape myrtle persist in looking for relatives in Beijing? Who gave her the courage to break the boat?
2Why can the beautiful and kind-hearted imperial concubine win the final victory of the palace fight over the cruel queen?
3Erkang is just a rich second generation with a big nostril and a love of kissing. Why do they say he has an idea? What secret is hidden behind the plot?
4How was silly Baitian five elder brother brainwashed by MLM organization and changed from a high spirited prince to a lover who loves to go to the ends of the world?
5As an alien princess, Xiangfei is a symbol of friendship between the two ethnic groups. Why does the old Buddha want to have a hard time with her?

6What is the real identity of court love Dou Qingge and why did she become a firm swallow party?

Let's start with crape myrtle's life experience. Let's take a look at crape myrtle's autobiography. At first glance, these words are a routine of talents and beauties, but when we think carefully, they are full of doubts.
1Crape myrtle concluded that "Dad forgot his mother after returning to Beijing", so why18Years later, he believed that he could cure his father's amnesia and come to recognize his father?
2At that time, the honor of his daughter's family was very important. As an educated intellectual, why did grandpa approve of his daughter's cohabitation before marriage?
3Why did the emperor meet Xia Yuhe in a small seat? Whose girl would be bold enough to see a stranger?

Let's put these three doubts aside for a moment to see how normal people react when they hear the crape myrtle story.

However, our crape myrtle has an obsession and has to ask the classic line: "emperor, do you still remember the summer rain Lotus by the Daming Lake?"
This sentence contradicts crape myrtle's own conclusion and can't help but be puzzling, since you think18Your father forgot your mother years ago. Why18Years later, you have to ask? And look at the little swallow's reaction. Normal people will no longer have illusions about slag dad under this situation, right?

However, crape myrtle is not an ordinary person. From her subsequent narration, it is not difficult for us to draw a conclusion. Although she was told by her mother that she is a folk lattice last year, she received a very orthodox education since childhood. She is not only proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but also learns Manchu. In addition, she has almost no adaptation period after entering the palace, so it is not difficult for us to speculate, She was also very clear about Manchu culture and court etiquette.
All kinds of signs showed that in fact, her family had planned to send her to the palace. At this time, the doubt appeared again.
Let's see what our Huan Huan said when she learned about crape myrtle:

Ziwei's answer was that her mother had no confidence in herself.

Such words can only deceive me in primary school and the emperor in love. It is obviously impossible to persuade Huan Huan.

The doubts of Huan Huan were still unanswered until the end of the return of the Pearl trilogy. Fortunately, the emperor's love brain in dealing with the relationship between men and women, and his favorite is the infatuated person's design. He rounded it through his own brain: "Yuhe loved me all his life and complained about me all his life, so he didn't want to see me until he died."

However, for the ordinary audience, the life experience of crape myrtle is more and more complicated. In addition, crape myrtle is a first-class talented woman in the palace, which is better than many people who have been educated by the royal family since childhood. Is the elite education of the royal family not as good as the master of crape myrtle?

The next scene made me more and more curious about the background of crape myrtle.
As we all know, Erkang has great confidence in himself and disdains women.
As aJack Sue's burning narcissismboy, Erkang's trouble is that there are too many admirers and they are always liked. Erkang is very hard, okay.

Princess Xiang can be called a stunning beauty. Many children had to go to the studio in those yearscosWhat about her? However, in the face of Hanxiang who surprised the whole audience at the first meeting, Erkang was worried. He had to hide to avoid being liked. The troubles of thousands of fans were really extraordinary.

Qing'er has a good reputation in the palace and looks beautiful, but the fifth elder brother jokes about Qing'er. Erkang immediately gets rid of the relationship and proves his innocence.

Such Erkang, when dealing with crape myrtle blocking the sedan, behaved like Yan control.
It was the same trouble. Crape myrtle and Jinsuo were invited to the house to have a good rest, and they were very considerate. Erkang explained that "this matter is suspicious. We should take them back to the government for detailed interrogation".

And our Liu Qingliu Hong was put in prison and beaten. It's strange that they are all the people who stopped the sedan together. How can Erkang see at a glance that these two people don't know anything about Ge Ge? Since it matters, why leave out these two people related to this matter? If all the prison guards know what these two people say in prison, how can they seal the rumors?

After Ziwei woke up, Erkang solemnly introduced himself. It's strange that you are the emperor's red man. Why should you be so respectful to a troubled civilian as a suspect? For Liu Qinghong, he gave a severe warning, gave a sealing fee and advised them to move away. They are both civilians. Why is Erkang so double labeled?

You know, Erkang is the wisdom in returning the Pearl. Except for a few times when he is impulsive due to emotional control, he always has a plan. He must have a reason to do so.

Let's first take a look at the dialogue when Erkang suggested telling the truth after the Fulun family learned that crape myrtle is true. To sum up, be careful, protect the imperial concubine and pull the fifth elder brother into the water!
thus it can be seen,The Fu family is the one who makes the imperial concubine!

So, what kind of person is the imperial concubine?

Let's start with a few conversations:

When the emperor expressed doubts about Ge Ge Ge's identity, it was the imperial concubine who first put forward the conclusion that the little swallow looked like the emperor, and the reason was very far fetched. She said that a girl lying with her eyes closed looked like the emperor. She also saw that she had extraordinary bearing and obviously wanted to sit down and confirm Ge Ge Ge's identity.

However, in the face of the Queen's question, she immediately threw the pot to the emperor, saying that it was what the emperor said, and she had no responsibility. The queen thought she looked different. Mammy Rong said she couldn't identify it with her eyes closed, so that the princess was as quiet as a chicken, cold sweat and modest when the queen lectured.

However, when facing the emperor, he changed his face, pretended to be weak, tried to stop talking for several times, and deliberately exaggerated the Queen's words. Without preconditions, the queen seemed unreasonable. Finally, he blew the wind beside the pillow to the emperor. This time, he said that his eyes were similar. My God, my face was paralyzed, as if I had thousands of eyes, okay? Is eye recognition popular in the Qing Dynasty?
Who dares to say that our imperial concubine is pure and kind?

After being coaxed by her, the emperor announced: "Whoever dares to say that the little swallow is not my daughter, I will cut off his head!" It can be seen that the imperial concubine's pillow side wind ability is really excellent. Such a woman with many faces is considered beautiful and kind by everyone,It clearly shows that she has a deep mind

In this way, we have more doubts.
Since the imperial concubine had an idea, why would she dare to jump to a conclusion on the major issue of royal blood?

We might as well make a hypothesis: the imperial concubine knew about the emergence of Ge Ge in advance, but she didn't know that it was fake Ge who entered the palace.
In this way, everything makes sense.
Why did crape myrtle dare to sell all her family property and bring only one girl to Beijing to look for relatives? Because the imperial concubine inspired her to go to Beijing.
Why did the imperial concubine dare to shoot the little swallow beside the iron station under all uncertain circumstances? Because she knew that the emperor did have daughters left behind among the people.
Why is Erkang so modest and polite to crape myrtle? Because he knows crape myrtle has the possibility of golden branches and jade leaves.

So, how did the imperial concubine know that there would be Ge Ge? The answer is: Xia Yuhe is her person!
The emperor has visited the south many times and brought Fulun. Eighteen years ago, he probably also brought him. As I said earlier, the story of taking shelter from the rain and meeting the girl in the boudoir is full of doubts. However, if Xia Yuhe is arranged by Fulun, there will be an explanation. Fulun benefits Xia Yuhe's parents and tells them the real identity of the emperor. Their support is very normal. Seeing that his daughter is going to fly to the branches and become a Phoenix, and the emperor changes his mind, there is a huge psychological gap, That's why grandpa crape myrtle fell ill!
Why did Forrest arrange women for the emperor? This is because imperial concubine Ling didn't have a firm foothold at that time. She needed to form an alliance with others. It was too blatant to the emperor. It seemed logical to wrap it with the story of talented people and beautiful women. Moreover, Xia Yuhe, a woman born in poverty, is helpless in the harem. It's best to control her. This also explains why the emperor can meet a woman just in line with his taste when taking shelter from the rain, becauseThis woman was originally found according to the emperor's taste, and why did Forrest know the emperor's preference? Of course, the imperial concubine said.

Next, a new problem arises:Since Xia Yuhe was arranged by imperial concubine Ling, why didn't he enter the palace to fight with imperial concubine Ling?
This requires the first taste. What kind of person is Amar, and how deep is his feelings for Xia Yuhe?
First look at the emperor in the Queen's eyes:

Let's take a look at the emperor's account of Xia Yuhe twice before and after the incident. To sum up, I have a hard heart that I didn't take Xia Yuhe into the palace!

However, is that true? The emperor was afraid that he didn't know that there was Xia Yingying by the West Lake later. The emperor left Xia Yuhe because he received the Empress Dowager's order. However, the Empress Dowager herself dissuaded the emperor from granting Xia Yingying the imperial concubine. The emperor was unmoved. The Queen almost killed herself. When she met Xia Yingying on the way back to the palace, the emperor was still willing to take her back to the palace immediately,so,Empress Dowager Yizhi is simply an excuse. It is true to forget Xia Yuhe in a year。 This is as like as two peas. Xia Yu is the same as Xia Ziwei. The emperor never recognizes him. He is not like Xia Yingying, who is not like Xia Yu. The emperor said that Ying Yu was like Yu Yu.
The second paragraph is even more intriguing. I don't pick up Xia Yuhe. Because queen Xiaoxian died, I'm not in the mood to do the affair of the wind and moon. The affair of the wind and moon? Is it necessary to take Xia Yuhe back to the palace to fulfill his promise? Xia Yuhe is so knowledgeable and reasonable. Can't he comfort the emperor about the pain of losing his wife? The implication is that I think of Xia Yuhe when I revisit my hometown, but I don't care about her because I'm not in the mood.
Therefore, Xia Yuhe's status is far less than that of empress Xiaoxian, and Xia Yingying, who met by chance, is also far from it.For such a person who can't win over the sacred heart, why does the imperial concubine bother to take her into the palace

Next question:In that case, why18Years later, the imperial concubine will arrange Ziwei to recognize her husband?
First of all, let's take a look at the situation of Lingfei empress at the moment.
At the beginning, mother Rong reported the emperor's whereabouts to the queen, which was used when the queen sighed“also”The word indicates that the emperor stays at the imperial concubine very frequently, which makes the imperial concubine's holy pet strong.

However, the imperial concubine has a very big weakness, that is, she did not give birth to a son, while the rival queen has twelve and thirteen elder brothers, and the twelve elder brothers' sense of existence is not weak, which makes her feel a serious threat. To establish her status, she needs to defeat the queen.
Look at the Queen's comments on her:

In fact, it is,The imperial concubine asked her nephews to make friends with the fifth elder brotherIn order to obtain the support and recognition of the fifth elder brother. At the beginning of hunting in the paddock, although the emperor said that each should rely on his own ability, Fulun told his son to protect brother five, and repeatedly stressed that his son was far inferior to brother five. Even the emperor was aware of his degree of care. If you don't make friends deliberately, young people's making friends is free and easy. Why be so cautious?

With the power of the imperial concubine, it is not so easy to defeat the queenFirst, the queen has a son. Second, the queen has the support of the Buddha. Third, the queen is usually gentle and obedient, and can't pick any big mistakes. Fourth, it's difficult for the imperial concubine to find a strong alliance object in the palace. There are no concubines to pick out and they are easy to be controlled. She has been much loved by herself, which is difficult to increase.

So, Xia Ziwei came in handy!
It's very unusual for the emperor to recognize a folk grid. The queen must not bear it. Then she can find the attack point. Moreover, if this gege is very favored, it can also make himself more loved by the emperor. If this gege is not favored, he will have no loss.
In addition, just at this time, the old Buddha will not be in the palace for a long time. At this time, she is the most talkative in the back palace.

So,How can the imperial concubine be sure that the emperor can recognize this Ge Ge?
As early as when Xia Yuhe was forgotten by the emperor, she became an abandoned son of the imperial concubine, but how to abandon the abandoned son is a difficult task. If you don't give them hope, they won't jump over the wall. If Xia Yuhe insists on going to Beijing to face sainthood, even if she can't be spoiled, the matter of arranging people for the emperor will also be exposed. You know, the emperor doesn't like the scheming girl most, and he will be labeled with this hat, There are bound to be obstacles to promotion.
Therefore, on the one hand, the imperial concubine told Xia Yuhe that the emperor had forgotten her and gave up her idea of going to Beijing. On the other hand, she gave Xia Yuhe a blank check to ensure that her daughter could become Ge Ge, but the premise was that she didn't mention anything related to the emperor before that. In order to be credible, she arranged an excellent teacher for them.
This also explains why crape myrtle is kept in the folk talent but not lost in the palace, because she has been educated by the elite, and why Xia Yuhe has no confidence in herself, but has confidence in crape myrtle, because she has the background of making the imperial concubine behind her.
Actually,If the Gong Dou had not become white hot, the imperial concubine might not have used this abandoned son in her life。 But he couldn't give birth to a son, so the imperial concubine wanted to fight, so she told Xia Yuhe that she could arrange for her daughter to enter the palace after her death.
Imperial concubine Ling's practice can be said to be very cautious. After all the people related to the matter in the Xia family died, the stain of imperial concubine Ling's past disappeared, and Xia Yu's son is a daughter, which will not affect the inheritance of Datong.
Let the imperial concubine know the emperor, the story of 18 years of hard guarding the cold kiln and dying in infatuation can satisfy his vanity as a man. This is the embodiment of his man's charm. The emperor will be proud to know that he has a more chaste woman than Wang Baochuan. A dead Xia Yuhe doesn't have any potential to compete for favor, but can win some favor and pity from the emperor for her daughter.
The emperor is a man who is willing to conquer women, let's see what Erkang said:

Therefore, it is difficult for ordinary women to arouse the emperor's interest. The strong imperial concubine refused to play Yingying to the emperor at the beginning, which made the emperor ignite his desire for possession. A woman who is not greedy for glory and wealth and can live a lonely life only for his short love greatly proves his man's charm and shows that his conquest is very successful.
Therefore, the emperor is very likely to recognize this story. With his own contribution, it is not impossible for the emperor to recognize Ge Ge.
Even so,Ling Fei is not a hasty person, she won't directly pick up Xia Yuhe's daughter. She doesn't need to expose herself. Moreover, if Xia Yuhe's daughter is good for nothing, she has no use value. Only when she sees the emperor through her own ability can she pass the test, and the imperial concubine dares to use this chess piece.

Once this setting is accepted, many confusing places become reasonable.

Listen to mammy Rong's report on the false Ge Ge entering the palace. I'll draw a key point for you: after returning to the palaceGo straightThe imperial concubine and empress rushed everyone backNo one
Doubt 1: on the important issue of the emperor's heir, why not first discuss with the highest queen in the palace, but go to the imperial concubine? You know, if you recognize this grid, you want to call the queen an e Niang! At this time, the queen thought that the girl brought into the palace wanted to be a mother.

Remember what the queen said to the imperial concubine? According to the queen,Rumors in the palace about "the little swallow looks like the emperor" have been spread all over the world
Doubt 2: since the emperor kicked everyone out, only the people in the imperial concubine's palace, the people in the imperial hospital and the emperor saw the little swallow. Even the queen couldn't know the identity of the woman brought into the palace. Why did the rumor arise? The imperial doctor can't have so much courage to discuss the emperor's heirs. The Emperor himself is still in a state of doubt, and he doesn't see anyone. It has been explained that he doesn't want to publicize this matter. Why does it get so popular?

After understanding that Xia Yuhe is the person who makes the imperial concubine, these problems are solved.
Because Ling Fei knew that there would be folk grids, she learned that the paddock was greeted by the emperor on his way back to the palace. The situation was chaotic at that time. The emperor was in a hurry. She just wanted to settle the swallow as soon as possible, so she listened to Ling Fei. Don't forget that later, the supreme doctor Hu also brought her in. It's hard to say that she didn't prepare in advance.
Because imperial concubine Ling has long classified Xia Yuhe's daughter into her own camp, she took the lead in promoting rumors and wanted to enhance the credibility of Ge Ge. I had analyzed the doubts before. In that case, only imperial concubine Ling can spread rumors. Now, imperial concubine Ling's motivation is very clear.

Next, let's talk aboutErkang
Erkang's nostrils are not the most impressive thing to me when I was young. I swear, when I was a child, I only thought that the swallow's eyes were big and the Xiao sword's head was round. I never thought Erkang's nostrils were eye-catching. What really impressed me about Erkang was his amazing lung capacity. As we all know, when I watched kissing scenes with my parents when I was a child, I would pretend that I didn't see these inappropriate scenes for children, either covering my eyes and peeking through my fingers, or pretending to look around with my spare light. And Erkang's kiss is long and warm, rotating, kissing, he closes his eyes, rotating, rotating. I put down my hand covering my eyes several times and found that he was still rotating. I looked at TV many times and was scared to turn my head by his affectionate kiss.
I said so much, not to make complaints about the circle when I kiss. After all, who hasn't had a hobby? I just have a question. So, how can he be so skillful and bold that he is really an old driver?

Well, it's not important. What's important is that Erkang really doesn't know how to get along with men and women?
Even if he is not an old driver, can he not know that night with qinger mountain is ambiguous?
Boys and girls watched the snow and the moon together. They talked about life philosophy from poetry and songs. They also talked all night. Qing'er is a serious person. Is she an object to talk about?
Even people with average EQ like five elder brothers feel that Erkang and qinger are ambiguous. Can Erkang, as the emotional mentor of five elder brothers, not know?
After this incident, both the old Buddha and the emperor meant to marry, and Erkang didn't take it to heart. Isn't it very abnormal?

Let's make a hypothesis:Before crape myrtle appeared, Erkang and qinger were official partners, and their marriage was tacit.
Let me first talk about the rationality of this hypothesis. If the relationship between Erkang and qinger was not acquiesced by everyone, there would be no night on the snow mountain.
How much the old Buddha attaches to Qing'er is reflected everywhere. Just go to the scene where Qing'er appears. Most of her last words to leave are: "I won't stay much, otherwise the old Buddha won't see me for a while. I should be worried again."
Can't the old Buddha notice that Qing'er hasn't returned all night? Isn't she in a hurry?
Moreover, the old Buddha is a person who pays attention to court etiquette. You can go to the play and see how many times she warned the two gege to do their part. She is also very dissatisfied with the fact that five elder brother and Erkang stay in Shufang Zhai late at night.
Then why is it OK for Qing'er and Erkang to talk at night? Isn't it bad for your daughter's family to spend the night together?

So we can only thinkThe Buddha knows about this and agrees with it。 In this way, the doubts raised by Erkang at the beginning have also been solved,This ambiguity Erkang is willing

The combination of qinger and Erkang is in line with the interests of many parties. First, the old Buddha is more inclined to the queen. The combination of the nephew of imperial concubine Ling and the old Buddha's confidants can pull the distance between imperial concubine Ling and the old Buddha to a certain extent; Second, the Fu family is a loyal minister of three generations. Erkang is the emperor's front guard. The marriage between Qing'er and Erkang can be used as an extension of the old Buddha's power in the previous dynasty; Third, Qing'er is the prince's daughter. She has a good reputation in the palace and is highly valued by the old Buddha. Erkang won't lose in marrying her.

So, here's the problem,Why did the official push after crape myrtle appearedCPIt was torn down
usedCPRupture and newCPThe rise of meansChanges in interest groups
Before, the marriage between Qing'er and Erkang was a cooperation with the old Buddha. The marriage between crape myrtle and Erkang was a goodwill to the emperor. In contrast, the income from marrying crape myrtle is greater.

Of course, I'm not denying Erkang's feelings for crape myrtle, I'm just sayingIn addition to emotional factors, Erkang also weighed interests
Ziwei decided to give up her identity and choose to go back to Jinan, which is the safest situation for everyone, but Erkang wants to keep her and explain to her that her identity has a turn for the better. At that time, everyone was relieved of crape myrtle's decision and thought it was the best decision, but Erkang wanted to take a risk. If only for the sake of feelings, there is no need to have a Ge identity. If you don't care about your future, you can refuse the emperor's marriage, but Erkang didn't. Later, when the situation got worse, he himself sighed that he should have been desperate to take crape myrtle away from the beginning.
Regardless of the later results, we have to admit that Erkang's feelings for crape myrtle were mixed with interests.

Erkang's words about retaining crape myrtle also reflect that Erkang is very powerful in the palace. It's not surprising to walk in front of the emperor and understand the emperor's situation, but he can also understand the news of the palace and the little swallow's every move, which shows that his intelligence network is very complex.
However, these words failed to persuade crape myrtle to stay, so Erkang used the emotion card. At first glance, it's OK to talk about the pros and cons before talking about feelings, but when you compare with Erkang who fell in love later, you will find that Erkang is not distracted at this time, but he is already talking about their future with crape myrtle. Is this still the responsible Fukang?

Erkang contributed to Ziwei's entry into the palace. He told Ziwei many times that a woman like her would be able to please the emperor. At that time, it would not be difficult for the emperor to recognize this Ge Ge.
At first glance, it is also for the sake of crape myrtle. However, it is very difficult and risky. If it is only for feelings, you really don't need to take this risk. After all, you can't have a life to fall in love until you keep your head. If you lose your life, what can you do to fall in love?
Erkang's idea can't hide from his brother ertai's eyes. Let's hear what ertai says:

Erkang didn't deny it. In fact, we were watching huanzhu for a while. Erkang's marriage was very clear, that isYou have to marry a GregMoreover, every time he and his family say that he must be accused of marriage by the emperor in the future, but does the minister have the right to refuse marriage? I think there is. For example, Saiya was pointed out to Erkang, but Erkang asked the emperor to take back his life. Finally, ertai took the place. Qing'er was pointed out to Erkang by the emperor, but later the emperor forgot, and Erkang also rejected the old Buddha's proposal to marry Qing'er.
As the emperor's favorite minister, Erkang is completely worthy of Ge Ge. However, the original intention of the emperor's marriage is to win the hearts of the people and show his grace to his ministers. There is not no room for maneuver. Erkang insists that his marriage is decided by the emperor. In my opinion, it is to win the emperor's love and trust and show his sincerity.

Let's take a look at the emotional factors, Erkang ✖️ What are the advantages of crape myrtle
1As Erkang said, girls with the character of crape myrtle are easy to please the emperor. Once they get married successfully,May become the most beloved of the emperor
2, Lingfei and the Fu family are in laws, not blood relatives. The Fu family's ability to protect Lingfei's interests lies in her ability to blow the wind beside her pillow. The Fu family is first loyal to the emperor and second to Lingfei. This relationship is unstable. As I said earlier, Xia Yuhe is the person of Ling Fei. Crape myrtle and little swallow can become Ge Ge. In addition to their pleasant personality, it is also inseparable from the operation of Ling Fei,Erkang's marriage to crape myrtle can win the trust of imperial concubine Ling to a certain extent

Marrying Qing'er has neither of the above benefits. Although it can win over the old Buddha, it can only improve the position of Ling Fei in the harem to a certain extent. For the Fu family, the benefits are not as significant as marrying the Ge Ge loved by the emperor. For Ling Fei, it is more important to please the Emperor than the old Buddha.

Online to prove that Erkang is a trickboyIt seems to me that the evidence is very meaningful. Think about it. From the beginning of huanzhu, Erkang's identity as the future husband-in-law was determined. His family confirmed that he would marry Ge Ge in the future. Why didn't he add the title of "future husband-in-law" to every self introduction until huanzhu II?
This is showing my heartfelt!
The first sentence is sincere to the emperor, and the second sentence is sincere to the empress Lingfei, saying that he will never forget the important task of protecting the emperor and will never destroy the new interest bond with Lingfei.

Why do you think Erkang can be a potential official as a royal guard at a young age? Is it narcissism and Jack Sue? No, it just depends on his ability and accurate positioning of himself.

Someone might ask,Since Erkang would cater to the holy will, why did he release the Xiangfei and escape collectively?
Then I have to say,This matter was originally agreed by the emperor.
Xiangfei's departure from the palace is destined to be successful, because it meets everyone's expectations. It is estimated that except Xiangfei doesn't want to leave the palace so much, everyone can't wait for her to leave quickly.

Little swallow and crape myrtle needless to say, if they don't have the consciousness of "love first", they can't become Qiongyao's mistress. From beginning to end, they didn't apologize for letting the princess go. Instead, they were very angry at the punishment of Huang Amar. They said that "Huang Amar is no longer the kind father". For them,Emperor Amar just lost a concubine, and mondan lost all his love! So they are duty bound to wear a green hat for emperor Amar!

The imperial concubine and the queen didn't like imperial concubine Xiang very much. When imperial concubine Xiang left, they were very happy.
When pinyipinhanxiang's father wanted to present her to the emperor, the queen fell into meditation and asked the imperial concubine to see the queen unconsciously. I filled her heartos: Queen, why don't you be a demon? Drive her away!

Hanxiang's favor made the imperial concubine unhappy. When the queen didn't act, she instigated the two to act. She cried loudly in front of the little swallow and crape myrtle. She said that she didn't blame the emperor and looked familiar with the general. However, after listening to the words of imperial concubine Ling, they began to give advice for imperial concubine Ling. The little swallow also made a big fuss in the Baoyue building and disturbed the good deeds of emperor Amar.

Ling Fei is absolutely happy to facilitate Han Xiang's leaving the palace. Let's see the dialogue between Ling Fei and the emperor after Xiang Fei disappeared. Don't open your mouth too much. I'm really worried that she will laugh out of her mouth accidentally.

It's not surprising that the Buddha hates incense. This has nothing to do with interests. No matter how favored Han Xiang is, it is difficult to make waves in the palace. Huan Huan hates her because of a woman's sixth sense, but she doesn't like it.
In fact, when you went to see Han Xiang's debut, the old Buddha saw that she was still smiling and amazed by her dance, but when we met again,wuliHuan Huan became like this.
In fact, there's nothing hard to understand. I was surprised to dance, and I didn't wear dance clothes every day after dancing. It's good for you to wear dance clothes every day. It's also said that it's the emperor's privilege. I don't understand the rules!

I guess that Huan Huan is more dissatisfied with the fact that concubine Xiang led the butterfly. Mom's eggs are all the means left by my mother's play in those years, but they were learned by an alien princess! Later, it was found that she was not learned by others, but she had a strange fragrance. How can Huan Huan not be angry? In those years, she stayed in the snow for a long time in order to regain her pet, but it was also hard to catch butterflies, but this woman could lead butterflies by herself. Can Huan Huan's heart balance?

As for the emperor, he is absolutely“People who love beauty love mountains and rivers more”。
He doesn't lack beauty. Erkang said that as long as the emperor is willing, any kind of people can get it. Besides, Xiangfei is still a beauty who only shows and doesn't let him touch. Finally, Xiangfei is almost conquered by the emperor, and this freshness is gradually becoming less strong.
Think about our emperor Amar, what a cunning person. He asked ertai to seduce Saiya. When it was done, the king of Tibet proposed to exchange ertai for Erkang. He pretended not to be happy and asked the king of Tibet for ten thousand gold to agree. How could such a person suffer?

The emperor acquiesced in letting Princess Xiang go.
Why? becauseThe emperor has the ambition to completely recover XinjiangHowever, it's a little unreasonable for you to take the princess who was sent to you by others and attack them with your back foot. What shall I do? Just let the princess go wrong?
However, you can't lose your face. If the whole world knows that the emperor is a green hat, wouldn't it damage the emperor's prestige?
He must have hinted that Erkang wanted to tell the truth after releasing the princess, but Erkang immediately dissuaded her and made up a story about "the princess turned into a butterfly and flew away". Such a ridiculous story,The emperor half believed it and was very perfunctory when he sent someone to visit, even the portrait is not allowed to be painted. The old Buddha doesn't like Xiangfei anyway. It doesn't matter how she leaves, which makes the imperial concubine even more happy.

Everyone was happy, but the queen made a big move. She wanted to expose the lie and take this opportunity to bring down the Lingfei party.
Her move was very cruel, but very stupidThe reason is that while making the imperial concubine party in the face, she pierced the heart of a top Jack Su, just like two shining green lights splitting straight at the emperor Amar. It's good that Xiangfei becomes a butterfly and flies away. Now she becomes an elopement. Xia Yu and he Ku wait18After years, the emperor has become a happy father. Can the emperor bear to deny the emperor's male charm?
When you go to see the emperor's two furies happened when he was wearing a green hat, Emperor Amar is not a love brain. No matter how moving the story of Princess Xiang and the truth of Xia Yuhe, he is angry to kill people who lose face in public. But in retrospect, he must hate the people who lose face. You can see that when the swallow and his party left, the camera cut that emperor Amar was basically in the imperial concubine's palace.

In fact, many details can confirm the emperor's acquiescence.
Han Xiang has a sense of national responsibility. She knows her own position. At first, the little swallow advised her to escape. She disagreed. She is not a "love only" person. Later, even if Meng Dan entered the palace, she still said she was unwilling to go with Meng Dan and wanted to stay in the palace to accept her fate. However, later, she agreed. Can I guess that the Emperor gave her some hints, Let her have the courage to leave.

In front of the guillotine, there was a petition from the people. Although there was something strange, the emperor Amar said that he could release the people.

As a result, after hearing that Erkang escaped, he turned his face immediately.
Why? Because he gave Erkang a hint in advance that he would not investigate the release of the Xiangfei. As a result, Erkang dared to escape from prison. This is undoubtedly distrust of him. Distrust of the king is equivalent to infidelity. Can the emperor not be angry?

So why did Erkang run away? Does running away mean that he has given up his future
First, why did Erkang escape, because he knew that the emperor would not care about letting the imperial concubine go, but he was not sure whether the emperor would forgive Xia Yuhe's green hat. He had to save his life before the matter was clear. He was not sure whether the emperor would cut crape myrtle's head at this time, so he chose to go out first when the imperial concubine and Qing'er were rescued. Goodbye to the opportunity.
Did he give up his future? No,
Was it very difficult to avoid pursuit at that time? Not at all!
At that time, there was no monitoring, and the ability of officers and soldiers was not as strong as expected. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack to find someone. For example, the little swallow was cheated into the chess club. In the capital, officers and soldiers took turns to search and arrest the whole city, but they couldn't find the trace of the little swallow. Finally, the little swallow escaped to the Huibin building. For another example, this group of people also visited many places later, but they never met mengdan and Hanxiang again.
Now there are more experienced Xiao Jian in the Jianghu among these people, and their whereabouts are uncertain. Why is it so easy to find?
I have to doubt that there is an insider. Who is this? The answer is obvious, Erkang.
The first stop for everyone to escape is sister-in-law Ou's house, and the people are farmers. Even the fifth elder brother put on coarse cloth clothes, but Erkang was still satin. Erkang was so smart that he didn't know to change clothes? When little swallow and Liu Hong were ready to go back to their old business to show off, although he had never been engaged in this profession, he immediately gave advice that he would look poorer by changing clothes. Why didn't he change this time? Because he just wants to "inadvertently" reveal his whereabouts!

When the officers and soldiers came for the second time, he had changed into coarse cloth clothes, but it happened that none of the officers and soldiers recognized them face-to-face this time. You can be forgiven for saying that the little swallow pretended to be crazy and stupid and others could not recognize them, but Er Kang's fifth elder brother just changed his clothes. Changing into coarse cloth clothes can only make people humble at most. How can he not recognize them face-to-face?

Let's see how crape myrtle evaluates these officers and soldiers.

Either the officers and soldiers are stupid, or they don't do a good job, or there's no reason why they can't recognize these people. At this time, Erkang forced his respect, saying that we were too clever.

Then Erkang said that we were too dangerous here and had to go immediately, otherwise the officers and soldiers would certainly find us again. At first glance, it was reasonable, but the next sentence was doubtful. Erkang said that although the bachelor's house is the most dangerous place now, I must go back. I'm uneasy if I don't see my amae Niang.

Sorry, it's not that I speculate about Erkang with malice, but that these things are too coincidental. I'll translate Erkang's words for you: crape myrtle has become suspicious. These officers and soldiers will come again for the third time. Maybe their acting skills can't support them to complete the performance of "turning a blind eye" to all unreasonable things again. We have to go, but I'll report a letter before we go, so that the emperor won't find us.

The next escape is comparable to a trip. Everyone changed into silk and satin, and acted chivalrous and righteous all the way. When they saw injustice, they made a big show. They have no sense of fugitives at all. A group of handsome men and beautiful women dressed up brightly enough are eye-catching. They don't keep a low profile. Touch your conscience and say: is this like a fugitive?

After that, the Queen's people came to hunt them down. Even the queen can find them. It makes no sense that the emperor's people can't find them!
The emperor's people also found them. The emperor has repeatedly stressed the need to "catch them alive" and can't hurt them. After the last time the emperor's anger subsided, he completely forgives them, and how did the emperor's anger subside? First of all, of course, there is the credit for the imperial concubine's persuasion. Secondly, we can't ignore the existence of the Erkang family. Erkang's whereabouts are actually completely transparent. Otherwise, the emperor's desire for control is so strong that it is really terrible to be out of his control!
Except that Erkang escaped and robbed the Dharma field, which was beyond the emperor's expectation, all the other things were reported to the emperor. Otherwise, it's unreasonable to expose so many horse feet for people to catch! If the Emperor didn't think that they should not be allowed to wander because of their injuries, they could travel more long.
thereforeWhere is Erkang going to the ends of the world for love? It's just falling in love with salary

So new questions arise,What is the significance of Erkang's move

Before answering this question, let's uncover the hidden side of Erkang -Marketing Master (legal MLM leader)
Erkang's energy is everywhere. Maybe when you watch huanzhu II, you will often be given to Su by the round headed male god Xiao Jian that "Jianghu is full of friends", so you ignore itThe soul of the fugitive regiment- Erkang.
In this group, it seems that the two figures are the core. In fact, every major decision is led by Erkang.
Erkang was the first person to make friends with Xiaojian. It was Erkang who first saw the real identity of Xiaojian. It was Erkang who persuaded Xiaojian to "forgive". As long as Erkang's love brain is not online, it is within the groupAbsolute wisdom

It's not that I say our fifth elder brother is bad, but that his attribute as a fan of Erkang is too obvious. If you pay attention, you will find that Yongqi stands beside Erkang most of the time. "I'm deeply impressed by Erkang's words", "Erkang once said" and "Erkang was right". Yongqi uses such words very frequently. Yongqi is a soft person, At first, he and ertai both liked the little swallow. He first proposed to quit the competition, and then ertai said he was teasing him. He said that the little swallow would blush only when talking to brother five. He was willing to quit, and Yongqi started the road of chasing his wife.
People like Yongqi are not mature enough and are easy to be controlled by othersTake this escape as an example. At first, Emperor Amar didn't want to lock him up. He had to "live or die together", so he went into the cell. When he got to the prison, Erkang told him that no one could save everyone if they were all locked in. He advised him to pretend to be ill and go out. So he accepted Erkang's suggestion. After he got out of prison, his first idea was to plead with emperor Amar and ask the imperial concubine to persuade him to leave the Palace first, He accepted the imperial concubine's proposal.
Yongqi's lack of plans makes it difficult to become the leader of the team, but this does not prevent the emperor from liking him. As a person in power, the most taboo is to form a party, be greedy for power and ambitious, while Yongqi is not greedy for power and power, but also worship him wholeheartedly, which can give the emperor a sense of achievement.

Erkang is not. He is a very firm man. It can be seen from his efforts to overcome all opinions and send crape myrtle into the palace that he is not easy to change his mind, but is very good at persuading others.

Let me draw a conclusion first:Huibin building is Erkang's MLM dens, which was originally used to collect information for the emperor
In the first part, Liu Qinghong was poor and had to go to the streets to perform. In the second part, she turned over and became a boss. How did she do it?
Some people may say that because the swallow is righteous, he will bring them gold, silver and jewelry from the palace. The amount is enough for them to open a shop.
But you forget that the Liu brothers and sisters have neither much education nor business experience. In the past, they lived in poverty and did not have a mature view of financial management. Even if they had a large sum of money, they did not necessarily invest, because doing business is risky, let alone set foot in a field that is very strange to them, They may not be willing to take the risk. Let me give an example. A man struggling on the food and clothing line won 10 million in the lottery one day. Will he invest directly in stocks? No, he will buy food and clothing first, and then buy a house and car. If there is still money left, he will do some small business. Finally, he may consider going to the stock market. Liu Qingliu Hong is the same. They have never lived a rich life in their previous life experience. Their saving consciousness must be stronger than their investment consciousness. Even if they are bold investors, they will start with their familiar businesses, such as buying and selling agricultural products, but they have opened restaurants and operated well. Isn't it very suspicious?There must be an expert behind them
We have to recognize a fact,Liu's brother and sister can't support them to open a big restaurant。 On the way to escape, Liu Qing still said with Liu Hong that it was a pity that the Huibin building was sealed. This year's operation was in vain. It can be seen that he was not a person with long-term vision. He didn't realize that his greatest wealth was to know a group of dignitaries. On the way to escape, it was an opportunity to brush his feelings, but he was still sighing for the Huibin building. Then there is the sale of persimmons. Xiao Jian saw at a glance that he had encountered fraud, but Liu Hong didn't notice it. Moreover, when selling persimmons, Liu Hong was basically fooling around and didn't care about profits and losses at all. Liu Hong also smiled, which is not in line with the thinking of a businessman.
So there's only one truth,Erkang helped them drive!
Take a look at the location of the Huibin building. It's not said to be in the prime area of the capital. There's not much difference in the flow of people. Therefore, the people who support them to open a shop not only have money but also have power. They should be able to help them win the land. Opening a shop requires a lot of people, and they still have professional ability, which requires network resources. Agoge spends most of his time in the palace, and only Erkang is able to do it.

We can all think it's Erkang. Can the emperor not think of it? Does the emperor think Erkang is abusing power for personal gain?
Don't worry, it's not a big deal, and a thoughtful person like Erkang will report to the emperor first. Our emperor Amar loves private visits in micro clothes and cares about people's livelihood very much. The people in the restaurant are diverse, including the poor, the rich, local people and foreign tourists. It is almost equivalent to a small society. Therefore, the emperor had a whim and asked Erkang to take the Huibin building as the foothold to collect information and listen to public opinion for him.
Originally, the restaurant, which has three religions and nine schools and is prone to contradictions, is not suitable for gege people, but emperor Amar does not object to his children going to the restaurant, and explains this to the old Buddha. He also asked about the situation of the restaurant, because he has long classified the restaurant as his own sphere of influence.

As we all know, it's very embarrassing to live in a hotel with poor sound insulation effect outside. Listening to the applause of love and falling asleep will affect the sleep quality. However, the sound insulation effect of liuqingliuhong's hotel is very poor. You can hear it clearly when you say a word and play a flute next door. At that time, there were no appointments, and the conference building did not provide special services, so most of the people who went to the conference building were talking or living, The most taboo is that walls have ears. Why can the guest building still have a prosperous business? And Liu brothers and sisters have been running for so long, but they don't seem to be aware of the sound insulation problem. What's going on?
Most likelyErkang deliberately reduced the sound insulation effect, but the rooms are separated, so the sound insulation problem is not exposed. The middle one is used for eavesdropping.
Some people may say that there are so many idle people living in the store to eavesdrop? Because they are also employees in the store, the demand for personnel in the store is not small. Of course, these people are sought by Erkang. The Liu brothers and sisters do not have so wide contacts. There is not much labor force in the compound, which can only be arranged by Erkang.
Let's take a look at their plan to send off the Xiangfei. After being overheard by Xiaojian, Erkang's reaction was to sigh that the sound of Xiaojian was beautiful. At this time, Jinsuo and Yongqi, whose IQ was not as good as his, realized that there was a problem with the sound insulation of the room, but Erkang was so calm. Why? As I said earlier, the emperor acquiesced in the Xiangfei incident, so Erkang didn't think there was any danger of being overheard. Instead, he could further make friends with Xiaojian. Moreover, he knew the problem of sound insulation early in the morning, so he was not surprised at all.

Now we knowHuibin building was originally used as the emperor's intelligence base and was in charge of the emperor's confidant Erkang.
thatHow did Erkang go to MLM

First, we need toConfirm the brainwashing ability of Erkang gang, people with weak minds can easily be persuaded. Even if they are mature, they may be deceived for a short time. Therefore, our emperor Amar always wanders between "road turns pink, pink turns black and black turns pink". Huan Huan once said "I am moved by you".
What shocked me most was that they could change their deep-rooted beliefs. We all know that Princess Xiangfei is a loyal believer in Islam. She recites the Koran every day. Even if she is suppressed by the dual forces of the queen and the old Buddha and beaten by mother Rong, she will never change into full clothes, but in the end, Han Xiang put on eunuch clothes, And promised to stop speaking their own national language for life and completely become Han people! It can be seen how powerful their brainwashing power is. No wonder mother Rong suspected that the two gege were cults at the beginning.
Smart as a flute and sword, he can't help sighing:

Secondly, we want to talk about ErkangWhy engage in MLM。 In fact, it's not difficult to think. It's forImprove one's political status
Obviously boasting about yourself is not enough, which will cause the emperor's fear. Then boast about the emperor and his team, which can not only show their sincerity, but also win a good reputation for the two less righteous gege. The emperor cares about public opinion. If gege is popular with the public, it will increase the impression of gege, Marrying a beloved Ge Ge has more say in front of the emperor. Marry a disgraced Ge Ge. The emperor and his daughter have no love for father and daughter. Can you have the love of Weng son-in-law?
We have to admit that Erkang's move is very good. First, the emperor eats public opinion; Second, the two figures are from the people. For the common people, they just fly to the branches and become Phoenix. They are very legendary. They will envy and narrow the sense of distance. They are easy to be brainwashed; Third, just because they are folk grid and have relatively more opportunities to contact the people, it is not strange to have a good impression of the people, which will only increase the charm value. If they want to change to palace grid, some people will suspect there is a conspiracy; Fourth, Erkang used to brainwash the emperor's work, and his office sidelines were correct.

Let's see the effect of brainwashing:
The beheading scene has become a fan meeting! The two gege waved to the fans and sang a song. Each fan's face was filled with a happy smile when they saw the idol, hoping to let Aidou see his waving hand.

Then the people knelt down and petitioned for Ge Ge, asking not to kill them! A large MLM site.

wuliHuan Huan is really as heroic as she was in those years. She hits the key points directly every time. In one word, she points out that there is something strange. But with all due respect, Huan Huan really knows nothing about the power of MLM.

Er Kang, a close official, knew the emperor better. He did eat this set and almost immediately ordered Ge Ge to be released. If Er Kang hadn't come and escaped from prison, it would be appropriate to get rid of the crime. Therefore, Erkang's MLM can still play a certain role at the critical moment.

Erkang, a quick-witted man, was in a hurry to escape from prison. When he went out, he would certainly think of a remedy. What can I do? He wanted to strike first. Erkang contacted the emperor first to show his loyalty,His escape and prison carjacking are not to disobey the emperor, but to work for the emperor. If the emperor ignores public opinion and insists on killing his son, the impact will be bad. This is all for the sake of the emperor. His escape is not to escape, but to give everyone a buffer opportunity. He will not let the failure of the emperor's golden words brush his face, but also spread the emperor's holy name along the way
So, on the way to escape, they were not low-key at all. They were not low-key at all. They were still engaged in MLM. They knelt to the onlookers there and shouted collectively, "ah, they are huanzhu grid and Mingzhu grid! Grid is so smart! Grid is so talented!" I'm surprised that so many people know each other since they all ran to Nanyang? Since the melon eaters in Nanyang can recognize the two figures, it doesn't make sense that the officers and soldiers in the capital can't recognize them, which also confirms what I started to say about the performance of officers and soldiers.

But there are still questions,Since Erkang informed the emperor of the escape in advance, why would it cause "crape myrtle blind, Golden Lock falling off the cliff and Erkang Yongqi injured"
The reason is only two words:accident

There were two groups of people who "pursued" Erkang gang. The first group was led by Lord Li, who had the same name as Taizu, and the second group was led by Lord Qin, who did not know his name. Both groups were ordered“Only catch alive, not hurt”。
The first group of people caught the swallow, but she was stunned and let her run away. This adult Li is an honest man. He obeyed the emperor's order and even began to think about whether the binding caused Le marks is "unharmed".
No one caught the second group of people. Lord Qin was grumpy, but he was lucky. Anyway, the fault he caused in the end somehow acquiesced to the queen. Crape myrtle's blindness and Jinsuo's falling off the cliff all happened under his hands, but she was only carried by the queen. Crape myrtle's blindness comes from falling from a horse, because the carriage is out of control, and Jinsuo's falling from the cliff comes from a slip in the fight, because they have taken Lord Qin as a hostage. In a rage, Lord Qin ordered to kill Jinsuo. He also dared to do so because he knew that the golden lock was not Ge Ge. If it was Ge Ge, he would have to admit it.
Is it an accident that the carriage is out of control and Lord Qin's personal decision? In my opinion, what cannot be predicted is an accident. The Emperor didn't expect this. After that, the emperor changed his "pursuit" strategy,He not only accurately told the whereabouts of Erkang and his party - "Luoyang", but also ordered to take the imperial doctor for diagnosis and treatment, as if afraid of catching this group of people, it was hard enough to "catch them alive without injury", but now it has been changed to“Unannounced visit”, what do you mean? That means you can follow. Don't catch anyone.
This way of catching Qin criminals is really unheard of. They are all civil servants and people who take national wages. At least let's pretend. Is it too perfunctory to make secret visits? They are so publicized that we don't need to visit to know our whereabouts. How dark! Fortunately, he is the emperor and has the right to be willful! Or I'll be the first to swing the gas tank!

Erkang Yongqi's injury was an accident for the emperor and Erkang.
After coming to the killer, Erkang was forced directly, so he was hurt the most. He cut his hand and inserted a knife in his chest. It is reasonable that Erkang's martial arts are far better than little swallow and Yongqi. It is not true. This is probably the "price of drama". Because Erkang had made an agreement with the emperor, he was sure that his life would be all right. He was still immersed in the drama with the previous groups of pursuers. As a result, a group of real killers came up. They were so shocked that they wouldn't use their nostrils to hurt people!

Listen to what our Erkang said: "I don't know weidentity"Is that right?"
Mr. falcon, did you lose your vest?
What are you? The emperor's front guard, the future prince-in-law?
Would you please use your lovely caution machine? Promise me, cover your vest,OK?
In the eyes of the public, you are a high-level and well paid Qin prisoner. All right! Are you running away, or some ghost bodyguard? Your daughter-in-law has followed you from north to south. Can she be a princess? She's not a princess anymore. Whose son-in-law are you?
Didn't you agree to be civilians together? Can't help being in danger? Yo, where's your proud self-control?

But I still love Erkang. After all, he never forgets his loyalty to you! It's no wonder that the emperor valued him. He still maintained his trust in the emperor at the critical moment of life and death. He still didn't do his best when he inserted a knife in his chest. Fortunately, the Xiao sword woke him up, otherwise our Erkang might really bring the dog. As long as his skull is clear, Erkang who was seriously injured is also very awesome. Well, when Erkang shot, the opposite side will be surprisedK·O·!

After this, Erkang has basically given up self-cultivation as an actor. The next thing we all know is that the Fulun couple and the emperor are here. Mr. and Mrs. Fulun first performed a farewell play with everyone, and then the emperor came to greet them!
Don't be jealous of ErkangSmart and beautiful manMy people set it up! Slander other people's tricks every dayboy, look at people's consciousness!
The first person to kneel down is Erkang. How sincere the word "emperor" is! Then the little swallow and the fifth elder brother knelt down. This recruitment failed. Crape myrtle, little swallow and Yongqi all sent good cards to Emperor Amar, indicating that you are very good and you are particularly good, but we won't go back with you. When we arrive in Erkang, the wording has changed slightly to the effect that, emperor, I understand the pain of losing your arms, but crape myrtle and little swallow don't adapt to the palace,What if you go back to the palace and make trouble again? So we can't go back with you. A word said, smelling tears, see sad.

After going back, everyone fell into guilt and thought it was cruel for us to refuse emperor Amar because he was so good. The second time the emperor saw them again, it was obviousgetAt Erkang's hint, he brought two gold medals for avoiding death, retreated and successfully persuaded the two girls to go back to the palace, so everyone was happy, and Erkang group finally ended its escape.

What are the benefits of both sides in this escape?
First of all, the emperor succeeded in saving face. The big action of these people completely shifted the affair of Xiangfei's elopement. The green light on the emperor's head faded, and the glory of his loving father shone on the earth. Secondly, since Xiangfei has "died", there is no need to hinder her feelings when attacking back to Xinjiang. In addition, Erkang and his party are loyal fans of the emperor except for the little swallow. They don't have a word of the black emperor along the way. Erkang also brainwashed the Xiao sword, which makes him feel that the emperor is a good emperor. The word prison is only the limitation of the times, not the problem of the emperor. We can imagine that Erkang has not done less promotion of the emperor along the way, and the Emperor may be more respected by all the people.
For the Erkang regiment, first of all, it saved the danger, successfully reversed the adverse situation and deepened its feelings with the emperor. Xia Yuhe's suspected of cheating; The second is that Erkang has expanded his MLM business, making the two gege circles numerous. Gege has a good reputation, which is naturally good for him.

Speaking of this, everyone should have no confusion about Erkang, and some doubts in huanzhu have been solved. For example, why did Qingge say that she heard the story of two gege on the way back to the palace? Erkang spread it through Huibin building! Why are they not keeping a low profile when they are running away? Originally, they just carried out MLM in the name of escape! Why did Mrs. he say that their stories had spread all over the Jianghu, but she still didn't catch them? Because I didn't intend to catch it! Why did everyone show mental retardation at the beginning and believe that Xiangfei turned into a butterfly? Everyone is happy when Xiangfei leaves!

Next, let's talk aboutThe specific process of the Queen's palace battle failure
The loss of power of the queen means the gain of power of the imperial concubine, which is divided into two stages: returning the Pearl one and returning the Pearl two.
The return of the Pearl began to make the imperial concubine and the queenbe well-matched in strengthThe so-called equal strength does not refer to the emperor's favor, but toThe balance in the emperor's heart is not tilted。 What do you mean? Although the emperor prefers to make the imperial concubine, he respects the queen and will not be particularly helpful in doing things.

Therefore, if there is no accident, this balance will not be destroyed for a long time. However, with the passage of time, the imperial concubine will gradually grow old and fade, and new beauties will begin to show their heads, which will make it difficult for the imperial concubine to maintain her state of prosperity and favor. The queen has a respected position and has children, and her position in the emperor's heart will not decline much. Therefore, the balance will be broken. Once the balance is broken, the only loser may be the imperial concubine. Mammy Rong said that most of the other empresses in the palace are clever and only care to please the emperor. Even if the imperial concubine has better means, she still depends on the emperor's favor. The imperial concubine will not be unaware of the fact that people are concerned with color and love Chi because of color decline.

At this time, the imperial concubine remembered her abandoned son, so she had the story of huanzhuyi. The imperial concubine at this stage has a very clear goal. On the one hand, she will kill the emperor's favor for the queen, and on the other hand, she will win over the fifth elder brother. She doesn't want to wait to die, so she must take the lead in breaking the balance. Let's see what she has done.
We all know that Xia Yuhe is the person of imperial concubine Ling, but crape myrtle doesn't know about it. Therefore, the first thing imperial concubine Ling does is to win the trust of Xinge. At this time, she didn't know that Xia Yuhe's not the daughter who entered the palace, but she had basically confirmed her identity during the little swallow's coma. The little swallow had been tied to the imperial concubine without knowing anything.
When the little swallow said he was not Ge Ge, listen to imperial concubine Ling's words. These words can be described as the combination of grace and power. I didn't cut it all, but I can summarize it for youFirst, the threat, warn the little swallow that if her identity deviates, she will be dead, and will also affect others. The little swallow is frightened. She doesn't want to lose her head, let alone other people's lives because of her, so that the imperial concubine doesn't hurry or slow downThe solution is givenIt's better to listen to herGive me a sweet jujube, use honor and wealth to lure new people. Little swallow's mind can't be compared with that of imperial concubine Ling. After listening to these words, imperial concubine Ling was for her own good. In addition, she was alone in the palace and quickly joined imperial concubine Ling's camp.

Class exercise: why should the imperial concubine warn the swallow "not to mention the doubts about parents"? Obviously, the little swallow was promoted to Ge Ge by virtue of the emperor's recognition of Xia Yu and he Ku's life. Why not mention it instead?   Reference answer: because she is cautious, although mentioning Xia Yuhe can increase the emperor's guilt, what if the emperor thinks carefully and contacts her? The probability was very low, but the imperial concubine noticed, which showed how careful she was.

When the swallow was taken, what did the imperial concubine do with her?Instigate her to provoke the queen every day!
Two generations of ulanara empresses are very sad and sadEasily controlled by emotions, completely unable to calm down, it's not easy to make a big move. It's lifting a stone and hitting yourself in the foot again. Fortunately, if one was born in the biography of Zhen Huan and the other lived in the Pearl returning grid, if he had the wrong fetus and went to the Golden branch for evil, not to mention the stage of douniu cobalt Lu's Queen and ER Chun's little Lord, he might not survive three episodes, and even the weakest Yuying could not win. Yongzheng, who had entered the house before her white moonlight sister, was seduced by her sister dancing in irregular clothes during pregnancy. Later, her husband asked all the imperial doctors to see her pregnant sister, and her son was dragged to death. The queen Qianlong grew up in the ulanara family. These stories must have been heard, so it's very interestingPay attention to rules and orthodoxy
As a result, a folk Ge came. It was enough for her to respond if her name was not correct. However, it seems that the emperor likes it and can tolerate it. As a result, she won't obey any rules. It doesn't matter. Just teach it slowly, but this cow is forced to fail. Ge Ge has a poor learning attitude and a smelly face of "I just don't learn, what can you do with me" all day. You have to be cruel, She can jump up and hit people. What can the queen do? The queen is also very desperate!
If she was just tossing around in shufangzhai, she would be a demon every day. She would climb the wall today and leave the Palace tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, she would play a little eunuch and fight with foreign men. The queen couldn't even see her eyes and mind. Her heart had begun to collapse. What should I do? Endure the windpipe, but it turns out,Bear children are the most difficult creatures in the world。 You can't scold her for causing trouble, because "she's still a child! How can you see things like children"! You can't punish her for making trouble, because "she's just a child! How can you be so unsympathetic"!
I really feel that the Queen's quality is not low. At the beginning, her state of mind is relatively peaceful, quite a bit of a mother's attitude.

But later, in the process of being angered again and again, she blackened! The blackening of qualified people is still not fierce enough. The queen has not done anything too much except picking the fault of the little swallow in the first pearl return. Even if she believes that crape myrtle seduces the emperor, she has not done anything to return the Pearl.

In contrast, the little swallow, after joining the imperial concubine party, deliberately provoked the queen by relying on his being a bear child.
Let's look at their first encounter:
The little swallow said that the queen would kill her.

The queen did say that if Ge Ge's identity was false, it would be a great crime of bullying the king, and she must lose her head. The imperial concubine also said this, but the little swallow turned into the queen to cut off her head. I really don't know how the imperial concubine blacked the queen behind her back. The queen was shocked and angry. She asked who she was listening to. The swallow said she wouldn't tell you!

The angry queen blew her hair and hit people. Elder brother ertai was next to her and watched her do it. When things got big, she went to the emperor.
Let's take a look at the narration of both sides:
Swallow sect: the queen wants to kill people (the little swallow lies on the tree and cries "emperor Amar, there are a large group of people here who want to kill me!")

Queen: she owes discipline

Finally, although the queen was not punished, the emperor only exposed it with a sentence that the queen was in a bad mood, but the essence was that the swallow sect won. The emperor's intention of protecting was obvious, and the five elder brothers of ertai were very happy.

Probably inspired by this incident, the little swallow has more confidence. As long as she gets along with the queen, she will be arrogant and unconvinced. This does not mean that the little swallow has two faces, but that she really has no intention. People without intention are easy to be incited. In addition, she is straightforward and knows that the emperor Amar will support her and never hide her dislike of the queen.
The wonderful thing is that she is very clever and natural. She is all kinds of pleasing in front of the emperor. She has become the first member of the court. She smiles with the emperor and caters to him with honey. She is more and more liked by the emperor.

The imperial concubine has been very happy. The "bear child" is too suitable for the little swallow. Every time she makes trouble, she can be explained by "children are not sensible". Every conflict with the queen can be explained as "true temperament". The queen is an adult who "cares about children and has no tolerance". She can't say when she dies. The imperial concubine is happy when the queen is unhappy.
Erkang's e Niang also admired the means of making the imperial concubine. Instead, my expression was: my old sister handled the matter of returning Zhuge Ge to be favored very well! We may need her in the future!

The biggest crisis in huanzhu is the exposure of true and false cases, but seriously,Even if the emperor really wants to punish him, he won't make a big fuss about it, which has little impact on the imperial concubine。 First, it was exposed in front of the foreign guests. It was very humiliating. The emperor's first idea must be to cover it tightly; Second, he is the one who favors him most. He won't beat himself in the face; Third, the son-in-law of the Tibetan king is either Erkang or ertai. There is no need to move the Fu family, and there is no need not to make the imperial concubine face; Fourth, even if you really do what you want to do, you can't find the real hammer. Every time the princess says that the man is the man who is the one who decides what the sound is, or the person who decides the sound is still yourself. The more you blame others, the less you seem to have your own opinion. Just like some official account will say what they think is not a good subject.VUnscrupulous, the audience's first reaction was that you were too cute.

As soon as the bead was returned, the imperial concubine was hidden from beginning to endboss, even if you really kill the little monsters such as swallow and crape myrtle, you won't move to the bigbossBasically, the human design of the impetuous ulanara's "virtuous and virtuous" has collapsed. In the emperor's heart, she has no demeanor of the mother instrument world, which can be described as a disastrous defeat.

At huanzhu II,Great changes have taken place in the situation. The first is to make the imperial concubine have children, and the second is for the old Buddha to return to the palace
The change brought about by these two things is that the imperial concubine has stronger palace fighting capital, and the queen has the background of resurgence.
In huanzhu No. 1, the imperial concubine's goal is the queen. As long as she can become the real power controller of the harem, she is not afraid of falling out of favor. Even if you can't be a queen, even if you can't give birth to a son, the treatment will not be bad.
It is also reasonable for the imperial concubine to choose the fifth elder brother. First of all, Yongqi is a strong competitor for the throne. If her own faction supports him to the top, she has the power to support him; Second, Yongqi's biological mother has passed away, which makes it easier for the imperial concubine to get close to him and can become the power of his mother family; Third, the Queen's hope is that twelve elder brothers and five elder brothers are suspicious of each other. There are irreconcilable contradictions and can't trust each other.
It is also understandable that the fifth elder brother chose the imperial concubine. In addition to the queen, the imperial concubine has the highest position in the palace. It's good for her to choose a lady with a high position. If she is at odds with the queen, the imperial concubine is the best choice. Moreover, the imperial concubine has no own son and can trust her sincerity. Moreover, I have a good relationship with the Fu family brothers. The Fu family is not weak. Erkang is a close official of the emperor. He can get help from the Fu family and benefit a lot.

Therefore, the cooperation between the two sides is very happy. Every time the little swallow gas queen and yongqifu brothers are present, it can be said that the first fight against the queen is inseparable from everyone's joint cooperation.

In the second part, the imperial concubine gave birth to children. Although she set up a human design of "people as light as chrysanthemum", she showed no ambition and didn't care about anything, but at the same time, she sold pity, which made the crape myrtle swallow sympathize with her and worry about how to improve her favor.

The imperial concubine has always been very harmless, but she has made preparations in private. One of them isLet Erkang brainwash Yongqi
Our fifth elder brother was shy at the beginning. He had to take many turns to show his white face. He circled in a big circle, indicating that it was not crape myrtle, golden lock or bright moon Caixia, but the person in front of him. Later, I stayed with Erkang for a long time, and the more I talked about love, the more comfortable I was. The concept of "love first" had entered my mind.
When the emperor married Erkang, she didn't say a word. Yongqi hurriedly said that Erkang and crape myrtle were true love. Emperor Amar, you can't force him.

Recite Erkang's affectionate quotations every day, and crape myrtle only loves speech. Every time I was moved by Erkang crape myrtle's love.

Our Yongqi is addicted to love and has no intention of power. She just wants to be a mentally disabled daughter-in-law!

Finally, our Yongqi became like this

Then came the third part. Erkang crape myrtle encouraged Yongqi to sleep and know the painting. The general process was like this. Erkang and his wife directly said that brother five was inhumane and cruel. I'm sorry to know the painting. It was not a gentleman's demeanor. Yongqi asked, do you want me to sleep with her? Erkang nodded, indicating that you should have done that long ago, and accused the little swallow that she bullied Zhihua, didn't know the painting, and Xiao Jian didn't have freedom. How can you monopolize Yongqi now?
After they returned, they were full of guilt for Zhihua. The little swallow pushed Yongqi out of the door. Yongqi went to Zhihua's room, and then something indescribable happened, resulting in an irreparable situation.

Finally, the fifth elder brother and the little swallow went out of the palace. Erkang played a role that can not be underestimated. It was he who instilled Yongqi's view of love, and it was he who persuaded Yongqi to "cheat". He was the first to know the identity of Xiaojian, and it was he who chose to watch the change. Finally, the situation developed out of control and had to run away. It was he who benefited.

At the beginning, imperial concubine Ling asked Erkang to brainwash Yongqi, and she probably didn't expect the effect to be so significant. At first, she just wanted Yongqi to indulge in love, so she had weaknesses and weaknesses. Later, she hoped that he would be trapped by children and women, so as to lower the Emperor's impression of him and reduce his winning face in competing for the throne. Finally, she directly forced him back, so that imperial concubine should attach great importance to her nephew, The old Emperor Qianlong was still accompanied by Erkang. It can be seen that Erkang mixed very well. In addition to his struggle in the previous dynasty, there were also good words from the harem.

The second thing Ling Fei did at this stage wasWoo Qing'er
The old Buddha supports the queen (don't ask me why Huan Huan supports her, probably because he thinks the defeated ulanara is stupid and easy to control). This is also on the surface.

The old Buddha is not a fool. He has a very clear door. It is not easy to get her support, but there is someone who can speak in front of the old Buddha, that is Qing'er. The old Buddha dotes on Qing'er in the open. That kind of love is very real. For example, Qing'er eloped. She was very angry, but she still accepted her again; Another example: she punished Qing'er to face the wall and think about it. Qing'er was only half gone. She couldn't bear to call her back.

So, why can she win over Qing'er? With the shadow of the old Buddha, Qing'er can live a very good life. Why invest in the imperial concubine party?
This should start with Qing'er's life experience. The most popular saying on the Internet is that Qing'er is actually the granddaughter of the old Buddha, that is to say, she is Hongzhan's daughter.
This is actually untenable. First, Hongzhan has never been a prince. Second, the play says that qinger was admitted to the palace after her parents died. She was raised by the old Buddha when she was young. Hongzhan died in the 30th year of Qianlong. At that time, the five elder brothers were 24 years old, and the time was completely wrong.

It is said in the play that Qing'er's father is Prince Yu who died in the war (there is no need to study who Prince Yu is. There is no such person after returning the Pearl). Qing'er's parents died ten years ago. After her parents died, she was not received by any relatives. In the play, she always said that she was lonely and helpless. Only the old Buddha can rely on, which can show that her family is poor, sparsely populated and has declined.
She gets along with the old Buddha for a long time and has deep feelings, but just because she only has the background of the old Buddha, she seems very involuntarily, which also exercises her EQ very high. Every time she speaks, she always makes the people present very comfortable. She is exquisite and has no enemy in the palace. The three generations of the elderly, middle-aged and young have highly praised her, including the emperor, the queen Make the imperial concubine not offend any of the three forces. Such a woman can't escape the attack of a girl's heart.
Just because she is not the Buddha's granddaughter, she will be pushed out as a political chip when necessary. Her marriage is not free. In the end, the marriage between crape myrtle and Erkang is a foregone conclusion. She still wants to point out qinger to Erkang and let them work together. The old Buddha really hurts qinger, but her desire to control power is also true. Otherwise, she doesn't need to threaten Yongqi with Xiaojian's life experience and insists on marrying Zhihua. She leaves a potential safety hazard for the emperor, inserts her own people in it, and promises Zhihua to make her queen. You can't think she is an ordinary old man who doesn't care about the world just because she fasts and chants Buddha!

In order to win the freedom of marriage, Qingge accepted the kindness of the imperial concubine.
Therefore, in the face of sunny children, Erkang kindly said that he would ask others for help in the future. It is reasonable to say that you have had an affair with others, and now you have made a new girlfriend. If you don't say it's embarrassing, at least you don't have the face to ask others for help again! However, Erkang said it in a big way, because his aunt had already said hello to Qing'er, and everyone is now a partner.

Qing'er is the person of Ling Fei. It's no secret in Ling Fei's party. The old Buddha thought she fell to them because of Erkang, and the queen thought she was neutral. Qing'er usually behaved as if she said everything from a fair standpoint. Everything sounded reasonable and didn't form a party at all. But on the release of Erkang, Qing'er and Ling Fei obviously joined hands.

Four years after the little swallow and their marriage, there has been no news about Qing'er's marriage. The crape myrtle children are old, and Qing'er has not been accused of marriage. Don't the old Buddha worry? Qing'er was very old at that time. Now at the marriageable age, her parents are eager to find someone for her, not to mention in the past, not to mention that Qing'er is still Ge Ge. If she doesn't get married all the time, the old Buddha doesn't look good on her face. Someone must think that the old Buddha forced her to stay and treated her badly! Now there are many unfriendly remarks about older single women on the Internet, not to mention the public opinion at that time!
If the old Buddha must give her an indication of marriage, she can't resist, so someone must help her deal with it. At this time, the only one who speaks with weight and special persuasion is Ling Fei!

The queen was defeated. In addition to her impatience and rashness, it also has a great relationship with her not forming a party!
She didn't have anyone available. The think tank only had one mother Rong. The biggest action was to send someone to hunt down the gege party, but there was no dead man. She cut two knives casually and found that she couldn't beat and ran away... Ran away... Later she was caught and didn't need to be severely tortured by others. She quickly shouted: "empress, save me. You ordered me to do it!" Also turned over the old account and recognized all the pots: "last time you asked the little girl to put the puppet in Ziwei gege!" The pit master stepped back: "you said you didn't know me. I was really blind and followed the wrong master."

Does the queen still want to fight the high playing imperial concubine? Sitting and waiting for death may be better than dying struggle. The stronger the desire for survival, the faster the death, so that the imperial concubine doesn't have to fight. She sends the court gang of four as the main force and sends Qing'er to help, and the queen is in chaos.

Finally finished ~ the narrative ability is too poor, so I write very wordy. My writing doesn't match my imagination. Sometimes I think very well, but I can't express it, so I have to change my thinking. At the beginning of my answer, I just wrote about playing, and there was no overall idea, so it was a little messy. Thank you for your tolerance. I hope the little partners don't be serious. Anyway, they all know I'm talking nonsense ~

Several friends said that I didn't watch the play seriously. I really cried in the storm. It's no exaggeration to say that I had a family plot with my sister several times in my childhood! If you make complaints about the play, then there's no way to open the brain hole. Promise me, when the Tucao is ready?
Of course, my statement is certainly not rigorous, but Qiongyao's own timeline is a little disordered, and her main line is love, leaving a lot of blank. If you question me, I can still find many reasons to refute, because we can make up the places she didn't explain, as long as it doesn't contradict the main line.
In fact, we should say the old Buddha is bigbossI can do it completely. She's so transparent, but I'm too lazy to try. Originally, I wanted to give Xiao Jian an identity, because his kinship with the little swallow was too suspicious. Ziwei Erkang felt suspicious when he admitted his marriage. Finally, he said that there was a small red mole, which everyone understood. It seemed that there was a small red mole on the little swallow's ass. it was well known, and his timing was too late, so it lost its significance as evidence. Now I'm just glad I didn't ask this question at the beginning of the answer.

Everyone praises me in the comment area. I'm sorry to reply. Thank you very much for reading! Still that sentence, pure entertainment!

Have the patience to see friends here. I'll share a small discovery with you and post it in the comments666Will it be known that automatic folding is made by you?
I found one yesterday666It was folded. I thought it was my wrong hand. Today, I found that many pieces were folded666Only then did I know it was for my own sake.
Good at searching, I went to Baidu immediately. I guess I know666Is it because of the Internet drug-related case in Jiangsu,666Implied drug use ~
I've played so much now666Know you can't fold me ~ raise your hands over your head, little housekeeper, I'm innocent! I'm not gathering people to take drugs!

Old fellow iron, do not pity me for being a charming flower, let your praise and attention be more violent.
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The emperor has been very kind to Hanxiang. Apart from others, cutting the emperor is a great crime of losing his head. Qianlong not only expressed understanding, but even sheltered Xiangfei in front of the Empress Dowager. Hanxiang himself gradually began to accept Qianlong and felt that it was good not to elope.

But, but,

The little swallow and his party insisted on making Xiangfei elope with mengdan, who was suspected to be suffering from mania, and did not feel that "stealing his father's wife" or "wearing a green hat for his father" was wrong. Qianlong found himself "my dearest minister"/After the "son" and "my left and right hands" turned green, they were furious, and the leading group immediately fled. They not only didn't realize how big a mistake they had made, but even felt that the emperor was cruel and couldn't listen to advice. They were a "sleepy dragon".

I??????? Not to mention how shameless and painful it is to be green by her favorite child. Han Xiang took her away in order to go back to Xinjiang to make peace in Beijing. He was not afraid that Qianlong would set up troops to destroy her hometown's father???

And the gentle, golden and patient Qianlong is really much better than the manic mengdan who always uses violence to lose his temper.
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Those who insist that Ge Ge was the title of the emperor's daughter in the Qing Dynasty, would you please check it before attacking me? Nothing else, Baidu will? People who can't even verify are still here. Is it disgusting? Since you can't Baidu, will you always look at the picture?

Please focus,ok?
Since Huang Taiji, the emperor's daughter imitated the Ming Dynasty and was called a princess. Ge Ge refers specifically to the daughter of princes and nobles. In other words, from the beginning of Huangtai Chi, gege no longer called the emperor's daughter. For several generations after Huang Taiji, how could Qianlong still call the emperor's daughter Ge. Therefore, leaving aside the return of the Pearl, Qiongyao will make the princess's daughter write seven and nine squares, just because she thinks gege is better than the princess, which Qiongyao said herself.
It's not necessarily written in detail, but it's really a detail. Let's have a good time.
1.What shocked me most was mother Rong's real name:

Rong wanjiao!!!

What a charming name. In the novel, Qianlong was angry many times and called mammy Rong's name directly. It's not easy for the emperor to remember her name.

By the way, in Ruyi's biography, ulanala's Ruyi, the queen in huanzhuge, also has a personal maid, aunt Rong Pei.

2.About the name of huanzhuge.
Everyone has a lot of questions about Ge Ge. Let me explain.
Some people always say that gege is not a formal title for the emperor's daughter, so it shows the identity of the little swallow crape myrtle. But you still can't explain why you use gege instead of the princess, because in the TV play, the two daughters of Ling Fei are called gege, seven gege and nine gege. It can be seen that in the Pearl returning grid, the title of princess, no matter who it is, is replaced by the title of grid, so it has nothing to do with whose head the title of grid is buckled. Not to mention the daughter of the imperial concubine, little balabalabala. The emperor's daughter has been called a princess since she was born. At most, she takes her name and gives it a title when she is old. After the death of Li Erkang, the third part of huanzhu gege, it was clearly stated that crape myrtle was awarded as Gu Lun gege, which proved that the identity of crape myrtle was not low at all, so Qiongyao replaced the title of princess with gege, not because the identity of crape myrtle and little swallow was special.
Also, there is a comment that the princess is the emperor's sister. Please at least comment on Baidu first. From the Han Dynasty, the emperor's aunt was called the eldest princess. The emperor's sister or sister, yes, including her sister, is called the long princess.
In fact, according to the rules of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor's daughter was called a princess. The Queen's legitimate daughter is princess GuLun, and the concubine's daughter is Princess Heshuo. When the emperor first planned to recognize the little swallow, he wanted to be princess Heshuo, but later Ji Xiaolan said that the name didn't live up to the reality, so he became a princess who returned the Pearl.

Then why not call it Princess huanzhu? In fact, it's very simple, because Princess huanzhu doesn't sound good.

3.The Xiaojian showed its martial arts for the first time.
Did Xiao Jian show his martial arts when he robbed the Dharma field for the first time? No, yes Episode 26 when Liu Qinghong sends off the concubine Xiang, he returns to the Huibin building and meets an ambush. Xiao Jian reveals his martial arts.

At the very beginning, Xiao Jian had to maintain a person who didn't know martial arts. Seeing that Liu's brother and sister were in trouble, they made chaos in time.

When Liu Qing was beaten downstairs by balang, he couldn't hold it.

The light was suddenly knocked off. How did the light fall off?
what is it?
A flute.

That is, the Xiao sword threw out the Xiao and knocked out the lamp. Only then did Liu Qinghong successfully escape.

4.That's what I want to say most, about Erkang kicking Yongqi.
This incident was first revealed by Chen Zhipeng, the actor of fortay, and was used to prove the contradiction between them and Zhou Jie.
When I saw the news, I felt very strange. I deliberately found which bridge section to read several times, and found that it was like this.
The party took care of Qianlong's illness after being caught in the rain. After being dismissed, they went downstairs, but crape myrtle and the swallow stayed upstairs, so Erkang looked upstairs all the time.

Walking in front of Erkang is Yongqi. While Erkang's head turned, almost at the same time, Erkang's legs seemed to have some uncoordinated movements, and Yongqi staggered forward.

Then Yongqi looked back.

This series of actions was used to prove that Erkang "bullied" Yongqi and deliberately kicked her.
This matter is really open to discussion.
Does Erkang really deliberately kick Yongqi? Of course it's possible.
But what if it's unintentional? In the whole bridge section, Erkang remembered crape myrtle, and looked upstairs uneasily as he went downstairs. He didn't know that Yongqi was so close to him. When he went downstairs, he met Yongqi, which can definitely make sense.
I don't think there's anything to say about Erkang's seizing the play. It can be seen in many bridge sections, but did he really bully Yongqi in this scene?
If he really used such a scene to deliberately kick Yongqi, I really think Erkang's EQ is like a primary school student. It still stays at the level of primary school students fighting. You punch me and I kick you. And still on the set, where all the staff and the audience may see, he took such a small advantage and left a handle in the hands of others. Is there something wrong with him?
And I'm really surprised. In a crew with a large number of Taiwanese, how did a not very popular mainland actor bully a Taiwanese actor in an era when a number of well-known mainland actors were bullied by Hong Kong and Taiwan actors?
It is certain that there is discord between them, and if you take this matter to throw dirty water on others on the tone of such an disharmonious relationship, it is easier for people to believe that it is irrefutable.
But this matter, Zhou Jie may be wronged, and in their mouth, it has become an iron mountain of criminal evidence of deception.
This is really terrible.
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I don't know if you remember such a plot. For some reason, I forgot that Huang NIMA was going to cut off the head of the swallow and crape myrtle and take them to the execution ground. All the people were pleading for mercy.
When I first saw it, I was still young. My reaction was that these people were ill. Did these two real and false Gregs do anything to benefit the country and the people? No, except living a luxurious life every day and making trouble.
Later, I knew a word and was relieved: the aura of the protagonist.
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Video from today's headlines, about Erkang.
In fact, Erkang is a trickboy。
1、 When introducing others, they all pass by. When it's their turn, they introduce their origin and title in detail. The Argonauts have become his background, and he is the only protagonist!

2、 Speak sonorous and forceful, and raise your own woman by stepping on someone else's woman.

Five elder brother seems to have found something!

Yongqi: shit!It's shameless
3、 Success puts the blame on brother

Five elder brother: falcan, your sister!
4、 After the black hand, pretend to be a good man

The blind crape myrtle groped forward

When crape myrtle was approaching, she removed the table, causing the other party to fall

Jump up and comfort your heart

Crape myrtle thinks she's useless
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Huanzhuge makes me think and fear most,It seems to be a careless little swallow without trouble, a lucky little swallow loved by everyone, a little swallow who doesn't seem to love Yongqi very much and always let Yongqi accommodate,In fact, it is a neglected role.No one pays attention to her heart, her pain, her sacrifice, her pessimism, her melancholy, which no one sees - even her favorite Yongqi, even our audience from the perspective of God.

When we mentioned the little swallow, our first reaction was that we were lucky. We had good sisters, rich and handsome lovers, brothers and the best people in the world as fathers.
But what?
Everyone thinks she is lucky, childish and has no intention to do anything, so no matter what she does, she is the one who carries the pot first!
For example, the most wonderful true and false grid events, is it really the past?
So Jinzou rushed forward and shouted to the little swallow,   
"Little swallow, you are like this every time. When you get angry all your life, you take a gun with a stick and beat everyone up! Be honest, miss. Don't make her sad without you!In the past, you occupied her position, and she didn't care about you. How could she care about the identity of 'Ge Ge'? You wronged her like this. You've changed!”  
The little swallow was more angry. Every time she was angry, she would have a stomachache. She was so angry that she pressed her stomach and said:  
"OK, OK! Your master and servant have one heart, I can't fight you..."  
Crape myrtle stamped her foot and cried sadly:  
"Do you really want to 'fight' with us? Is your enemy us? You're so angry with me! Sisters, so there's no tacit understanding..."
After the matter was settled, the little swallow took the initiative to restore the relationship with crape myrtle, but neither Jinsuo nor crape myrtle felt that his words had hurt her.
"I don't mind at all?"
On the contrary, it has become the "sin" of the little swallow. Once there is a conflict, there will always be someone running out to poke her.
The swallow's mistake has been repeatedly mentioned by various characters. When reading books and plays, this makes me cold inside——The little swallow accidentally robbed crape myrtle's position, but the little swallow almost died to help her.Why does the world only see the swallow's mistakes, but not her injuries? If Ziwei Jinsuo really cares about the feelings of the little swallow, how can she turn over the old accounts anytime and anywhere? The little swallow has never been.

The little swallow really paid a lot and made a lot of sacrifices: for Yongqi and his partner, the little swallow desperately suppressed himself, transformed himself, pretended to be a lady, read Tang poetry, recited idioms, left the relatives in the compound, and even recognized thieves as fathers, but could not be truly recognized by anyone. Whenever there is a problem, everyone will say that Yongqi is an elder brother. You see how much he has paid for you. You should consider his idea - but what about the little swallow? The queen, the empress dowager, and many people who hated her, she was not happy at all in this court.
Everyone had no scruples about the little swallow's words and did not consider her feelings at all.The most terrible thing is that when the little swallow shows a trace of his true thoughts - no one understands, and everyone has the attitude of coaxing children. No one treats her as an independent adult at all.For example, in the second part, if you love me in many places, you go with me. Everyone only sees Yongqi's helplessness and accuses the little swallow of being capricious, but who found the pain and frustration of the little swallow? In the third part, he made up his mind to break up with Yongqi, but it was still regarded as mischief.
She hoped that Yongqi would go with her, and Yongqi hoped that she would compromise with the requirements of the old Buddha,From the perspective of their own interests,What's the difference? Why was she the last to be criticized?

Even if outsiders don't care about the swallow's heart, even the swallow himself doesn't cherish his heart and won't understand it. I couldn't stand the pressure to leave the palace and apologize after I came back, but I never really said my grievances and sadness to my friends.Most of the time, after an accident, I always take it with a smile——Say the time you left.
But is the swallow really carefree?On the contrary, there was a crying child in her heart.
I dare not say how hard her childhood was, but I can only get a glimpse from a word or two.
For example, at the place where Xiao Jian was married, the little swallow was happy and couldn't sleep all night. For a few days, she would only say that I had a brother. When others couldn't understand, the little swallow smiled and said:
"I know very well that nothing too good will happen to me... Don't shout. What if the immortal wakes up and takes his brother back."
Can this really be said by a careless and happy girl?
At that moment, I loved her dearly.
She is very lonely and painful - so she is reluctant to let go in the face of the little pigeon, because she is very much like herself in the past.
Of course, I'm not criticizing other characters, justTheir attitude of treating the swallow as a child, whether out of protection or malice, makes me afraid - a truly healthy relationship is based on mutual understanding and respect.Under such circumstances, will the little swallow really be happy if she marries Yongqi? Yongqi herself is a child!
And such a little swallow really makes me feel distressed and worried.

I even doubt whether it is really happiness for the little swallow to meet them. If you don't meet crape myrtle and everything after that, the little swallow is at least still the carefree little swallow.
Instead of being humble and unsophisticated since then, I feel that I have no talent and cultivation, and try my best to change myself without anyone's understanding.Such a confident and lovely girl, look what she has become since she met them!
The swallow in the third part is especially lonely. When his brother is away, he recognizes thieves as his father for his love, but his only dependence is more and more concerned about knowing painting.
Like a close friend@sy2010lySaid: "in fact, the most careful thought and fear is that in the third part, I really sympathize with the little swallow. When the little swallow went to the cold palace in the rain, it was the mother Rong who ridiculed her and the empress who held her to comfort her. The little swallow also said to the empress at that time. I don't know who to look for in the palace now. I just think of you."
——How helpless was she that she would turn to the enemies of the past? No one dares to think.
However, what is Yongqi qinger's attitude - don't be capricious. How can I not care about you.
They never found the seriousness of the problem.

This is why I have the highest evaluation of the third film: because Qiongyao finally found the inner vulnerability of the little swallow and took the initiative to tell you: I'm not so strong.
The silly boy finally learned to be serious and angry.
"For you, I try to recite Tang poetry. For you, I try to learn idioms. For you, I regard the murderer and enemy as Amar. For you, I try my best to change myself. But all this is meaningless at the moment you fall in love with Zhihua!"
Where's Yongqi? Still, I just said stop it. Where's crape myrtle? In the face of the little swallow being ridiculed by the painting, he reluctantly said that I was dying of anxiety, and you were angry with her - it was really forced by the situation,But in the end, the little swallow's problem was not really solved, and no one thought it should be solved. QiongyaoIt's just that the Erkang incident made them share a common hatred. Finally, they stayed away from knowing the painting, forgot their troubles and recovered.
A living person, an adult woman, is regarded as a child by close friends, even as a mascot

Of course, I am not questioning the authenticity of their feelings. I think this feeling, love, friendship and family affection, is very sincere and valuable.
But what worries me is that there is actually a time bomb in their feelings - little swallow and Yongqi, little swallow and friends. In a corner of their hearts, they do not really communicate, or the part of little swallow is ignored. This bomb is like a mine. It's worrying whether it will explode, when it will explode and what will happen if it explodes.
It's a pity that their feelings are so precious.

What also scares me is that the third Qiongyao gives me a so-called perfect ending: stay away from the secular world and live alone in my two person world. It may seem unfortunate to outsiders, but according to Qiongyao, it is the happiest ending for Qiyan.
But that doesn't change the fact that they are avoiding the problem when they leave!
Of course, we also have the right to avoid the facts, which is also a way to solve the problem. But the problem of little swallow and Yongqi is essentially their inner inequality. There is no way to sit together and solve the problem.
Of course, Yongqi cares about the little swallow, but he doesn't understand the heart of the little swallow at all, nor does he consider the past to understand - their love really depends on love under the condition that no conditions are suitable.If you can't stand it in the palace, you can escape, but what happens after you escape? Fuel, rice, oil and salt, raising children are all problems. How do you escape at this time?
Thinking carefully, I can't help being afraid.

Another answer about Qi Yan: in the ending of huanzhu, why did Yongqi flee to Yunnan and Erkang have to return to Beijing? - Know the user's answer - Know
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Original text transferred from: huanzhu3》Only adults understand the cruel truth in
Official account: Ling thirteen ID:mew013
written words © / It's Ling(líng)Not cold(lěng)Ling shisan, never knowing good or bad, always tears in her eyes.

In the second part of huanzhuge, when everyone experienced hardships, they finally ushered in a happy ending.

Just like the end of the fairy tale, the prince and the princess got married and lived a happy life from then on.

But fairy tales are only fairy tales, and reality is reality after all.

Andersen did not write the cruel truth of the married life of the prince and princess3》The was ripped away bloody.

There is no one in the deep palace
To spit out the truth to the enemy

We can't forget the villains in the first two films - Empress and mammy Rong.

They are so vicious that they have to kill the swallow crape myrtle. The means are so vicious and direct that even the seemingly good people don't bother to pretend.

Their bad is naked and undisguised.

We have also seen such hard-working and unbroken women in many palace fighting dramas. They either compete for favor, or for their children, or to survive in this deep palace, so they do everything they can to remove the people in front of them.

Some people say that no one who can hold power in such a big palace is a real white lotus. In fact, everyone who entered the besieged city, whether good-natured or cruel,Which fate is not a tragedy.

In the third part, the blood letter written by the empress in order to persuade the emperor not to seal Xia Yingying, a brothel woman, as a concubine, was torn up by the emperor in a rage.

Facing the emperor's accusation that she was jealous, the queen said, "I don't envy her. I pity her! She still doesn't understand how great it is to be a high-ranking imperial concubine? In fact, she can understand it by looking at me and Lingfei. Even if she is a high-ranking imperial concubine, it's just so!The women in the palace are the most painful tragedy in the world!

In the third part, when the little swallow was upset and there was no one to speak to, he ran to the empress and mammy Rong in the heavy rain to talk to them. Many people were very shocked. These two people were the people who wanted to kill you!

The little swallow said bluntly, "there is no one around me who can talk."

Let mammy hold her, she actually had a feeling of being held by her mother, reassured, no longer afraid.

One is the little swallow who was originally free but flew into the palace by mistake. Not only did he lose his freedom, but now he even lost his love; One is the high empress, who used to be cruel and cruel, but now she is disillusioned with the world of mortals and accompanies the ancient Buddha.

In the past, the enemy's road was narrow, but now the open heart is just that these two poor people, who are firmly locked and abandoned by the deep palace courtyard, keep warm with each other.

You and I used to be sisters
Now he is a close friend of others

In the first film, the little swallow and crape myrtle met not long ago. They married Jinlan and became sisters. They vowed to support in adversity and share joy with each other.

Since then, the two people have really shared the blessings and difficulties.

They all became gege and were loved by the emperor.

They also became prisoners together. They did not want to live on the same day in the same year, but to die on the same day in the same year, month and day.

Several of them committed great crimes and fled all over the world.

What princes and princesses, what money and rights, they don't want them all.

They are willful and hot-blooded. They are naive but affectionate and righteous. They live with the world of mortals. They roll on the tip of the knife. They are all brothers and sisters who have passed their lives.

In the third film, they finally didn't have to run away, and finally they could live a life in fairy tales. It can be seen that the painting appeared again.

She knows everything about piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, knows books and reason, and comes from an aristocratic family.

At this time, Xiao Jian's revenge for killing her father has been exposed. The little swallow can only agree to the conditions put forward by the old Buddha and let Yongqi marry Zhihua to save her brother's life.

After learning that Yongqi didn't have a round house with Zhihua, Erkang and crape myrtle were surprised. They held grievances for Zhihua one after another, complaining that Yongqi was not a gentleman and bullied a little girl.

Crape myrtle felt sad for Zhihua and accused Yongqi of being too cruel.Crape myrtle can feel the pain of knowing painting, but does she completely ignore the pain of little swallow?

Whether Erkang and crape myrtle are too fraternal, affectionate and righteous, regardless of intimacy or estrangement. But what would they do if they put it on themselves?

Until the end of the story, the little swallow Yongqi and Xiao Jianqing left Dali. Many years later, Erkang and the emperor quietly came to visit. Crape myrtle didn't come, and Erkang revealed,Crape myrtle and Zhihua have become close friends in the boudoir.

Zhihua is undoubtedly a tragedy, but the biggest reason for this tragedy is herself.

They still pity her after seeing the means of Zhihua. Yongqi may live with guilt all her life. In the second film, they risk losing their heads and have to rescue Han Xiang from the palace. They forgive the queen and mother Rong who are bent on killing themselves. It is not difficult to understand why they all feel pity for knowing painting.

The characters in the play are too compassionate and sympathetic. But in real life, if your best friend turns around and becomes a good friend with your rival, can you still have such a best friend?

The most beautiful deer
The most confused Hunter

That paddock hunting, that“The most confused Hunter”An arrow hit the bird“The most beautiful deer”。

Since then, her eyes have not been removed from her.

Protect her everywhere.

She's making trouble and he's laughing.

I never forget to bring her food at dinner.

She was beaten twenty times, and his distressed faces twisted together.

Seeing her so sad, I couldn't help crying.

For she is willing to give up everything, only willing to be with her.

A man who loved little swallow so much was forced to marry Zhihua in the third film. Although he was reluctant, he still had a flood of sympathy. He felt that Zhihua was too poor, and finally had a child with her.

A man who loved the little swallow so much rushed into the delivery room recklessly when Zhihua had difficulty giving birth, held Zhihua's hand tightly and said to her“I'm busy protecting others all day, and the people in front of me are black and blue.

He is firm and powerful, affectionate and persistent. He wants to end the "tragedy" in Zhihua's life and start over with her.

Although Yongqi and little swallow fled the palace and started a new life in Dali, he still misses Zhihua and their children in Beijing.

Yongqi still loves the swallow, but she doesn't love as much as before.


At the end of the story, Erkang and the emperor come to Dali. At this time, the little swallow and Yongqi have four children. They and Xiao Jianqing are living a life of peace with the world.

They talked all night and talked about the past. The emperor was now in his twilight years. He said that recently "memories" occupied most of the time.

Think of the time when the swallow first entered the palace. At that time, she was everyone's pistachio. The idioms she explained were messy, but she always made everyone laugh.
Later, she changed from daughter to daughter-in-law, from gege to princess, and may become queen in the future. Her former loveliness has become capricious. People begin to hope that she grows up and that she is dignified and decent, rather than crazy all day.
She doesn't like to laugh anymore. She is always crying.

The empress and mammy Rong were no longer so fierce. They began to eat fast and chant Buddhism. The empress finally died in the cold palace. Mammy Rong also committed suicide and went with her.

Erkang completely gave up his drug addiction, his kung fu was as good as before, and he had three lovely children with crape myrtle.
Ertai brought saya back from Tibet and their three children.
Crape myrtle and Zhihua became close friends in the boudoir. Zhihua often took her children mianyi to the bachelor's house.

By the way, little swallow has learned a lot of idioms and poems. She has also made up ballads to teach her children.
Qing'er and Xiao Jian also have four children. Nan'er, the eldest daughter of the little swallow, takes these brothers and sisters crazy every day, just like her mother when she was young.
Five elder brother Yongqi completely disappeared from the world, but there was a famous doctor named AI Qi in distant Yunnan.

The emperor can't stay here for a long time. He and Erkang set out early in the morning. The little swallow and Qing'er together with the children got on the car with the emperor. Yongqi Erkang and Xiao Jian rode in front. They want to send the emperor and Erkang a ride again.

They sang and smiled in the carriage, "it's a sunny day and beautiful scenery everywhere.".
With the poem that the emperor couldn't bear to read, "tomorrow is separated by mountains, and the world is vast", it has been echoing in his ears.
There were children's happy laughter everywhere, and adults' cries could not be heard.

Of course, there is no change.
It's just that everything is different.

What do you think of the Japanese players of travel frog who tend to think that frogs are more like husbands than sons? Are there any reasons for the cultural differences between China and Japan? How to evaluate the report of surging news on "Tang Lanlan incident"? What do you think of the number one in the college entrance examination12If you don't go home for the new year, send a long text to break off the relationship?
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Before the little swallow's emotional line was unclear, it was ertai who first keenly noticed that the fifth elder brother liked the little swallow.

The fifth elder brother only knows that he likes little swallows, but he doesn't know that ertai likes little swallows.

How is the little swallow's emotional line determined?

Without her own knowledge, er kangertai's fifth elder brother negotiated, and the final result was that Er Tai withdrew and the fifth elder brother ascended.

Why did Artest quit and five elder brother ascend?

Because ertai said that the swallow would blush when talking to brother five.

Is this really the case?

A person likes you, can't you really feel it?

But the fifth elder brother just didn't feel it and kept confirming to ertai, "really? Will the little swallow really blush when talking to me?"

If you like someone, will you be so confused that you don't even realize it?

But the little swallow didn't realize it, so she kept putting Miss Du's Hydrangea to brother five to help him pull the red line.

The real answer is only one. The little swallow was in love at that time and didn't like the fifth elder brother.

"Such a good and excellent person likes me."

She chose the fifth elder brother because she was flattered and completely overwhelmed by the confession of the fifth elder brother.

If ertai had confessed first, the little swallow might have been with ertai.

But ertai added a fire and pushed his favorite girl to his best brother.

Because the fifth elder brother is the elder brother and the son of the emperor.

Whether the fifth elder brother can get the swallow or not, he can't rob him.

If you can't grab it, you have to fight,

"Unless you order me not to join the war as an elder brother, we have to rely on our abilities."

"If the swallow will blush when talking to me, I won't give the swallow to you!"

Let the fifth elder brother think he has won the beauty's heart with his personal charm.

Just like in the paddock at first, the emperor wanted to reward the people with the best hunting results. Erkang said to compete with five agortai to see who shot the prey first.

It was clear that Erkang was about to shoot the deer, but ertai shouted that he saw a bear, diverted Erkang's attention and left the chance to dominate to brother five. Erkang also tacitly cooperated with ertai.

Not only let him, but also let him be watertight.

On the other hand, brother Wu is so stupid. The deer have been sent to you, but you can't shoot!

The little girl who shot like a flower almost died.

Probably, the capital beyond ability is really zero.
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