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Hisense andtclWhich is good for your TV, quality or after-sales?

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Ask for advice. Location: Shandong. I want to buy a brand with more authentic color, less advertising and reliable after-sales quality. I ask for advice on which is better.
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Within my system, Hisense and trumps have done it. Many people asked me which of the two brands were good. I tell you, really not necessarily. take55For example, in the gear of 3500, Hisense's current machine is still thick and dying, and the color of trump card will be a little softer. At 5000,55Inch Hisense hasK5500US, thin and clear. But the trump card in this gear is onlyp2And surfacesP3.They are the kind with poor picture quality. The picture is very dark. climb to6599This gear, Hisensemu7000Really can't beat the trump cardC2 , the picture quality can't be compared, and the sound quality can't be compared. Moreover, there are differences in sound quality. Hisense's voice definition is not high, but the sound effect is good, the bass is strong, the Trump's voice is small, but others' voice definition is high. Then I tell you the operating system, I think Changhong's is better in the industry, and the bravery trump is better than Hisense. When it comes to after-sales service, I think it's almost the same. They call and come to the door.
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oneselftclIn fact, the quality of the two companies (non color TV sets) is similar. As for after-sales, they are also similar. If it is medium and low-end, it is recommended to buy Hisense. After all, Hisense is a brand of Qingdao, which is quite reliable in all aspects of after-sales in the province.tclFor brands in Guangdong, the after-sales service may not be so considerate in Shandong... As for the high-end,tclThis aspect is better. After all, it is the only manufacturer in the domestic TV brand that can supply its own screen. The control of software and hardware and technology for high-end screens are relatively mature. Hisense can also consider that Hisense's TV has a high appearance value, and several high-end models are still good
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Last time my family bought it for more than a yearTCLThe TV broke down. I thought it might have passed the after-sales period and people wouldn't repair it for me, but I wanted to say that in order to save money, I still called to ask if I could repair it. Unexpectedly, people came the next day without saying a word. I thought he promised so readily. It was to delay me. It seems that I really spend a gentleman's belly with a villain's heart, In short, I strongly recommend itTCLof
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The current TV doesn't know the quality, the previous onetclTrump's big ass color TV has been used for more than ten years, and now it can still be turned on, but the picture tube is broken, only black and white
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They are angry with Hisense. My purchase experience is a nightmare. Before the Chinese new year, Jingdong Hisense flagship store placed an order and delivered goods quickly. I installed it myself and used it for a few days. When my family moved, the top left of the screen cracked. As a result, the new year was over2month27The total price of the goods given when the maintenance application is submitted on the daily website without providing any screen crack pictures and no technicians present for identification (i.e. without any problem identification)70%What happened to the maintenance cost? New year11This will give Hisense after-sales service400-611-1111I made a complaint call. The wiring was a man who listlessly recorded my problem. In the afternoon, a local Guoning electric appliance store called me to send pictures to him, and naively sent them again. A few days later, he took the initiative to call Guoning electric, said it was very formal, and said that the identification list had been submitted to the headquarters!!! I'm stunned! In the absence of any technicians, they completed the so-called problem identification with the naked eye only by relying on the pictures provided by the user. The identification content is "man-made damage, and the user shall bear all maintenance costs, that is, the total price of the goods70%”Oh, my God! Hisense, you are so awesome. I was still waiting for technicians at home to pick up pieces for verification and appraisal. When you didn't see it, you actually completed your "efficient" and funny so-called technical appraisal so quickly, and through the naked eye! Your so-called after-sales technical appraisal is amazing! Amazing!

I'd rather smash your junk products with a hammer than give you any chance. Silly lack of Hisense, don't call it "domestic goods", let our simple consumers be hurt by your insulting IQ again and again.

Attachment: Commodity details
Hisense(Hisense)LED65EC500U 65inch 4KUltra HD VIDAA4.0 Smart TV
Shopping route: Jingdong self operated flagship store
Odd Numbers:71763441263
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Hisense, I dare not compliment
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2017year12month12Daily update
Today, the new TV has been sent home and installed. Thank you, especially the consumer association in Huicheng District, Huizhou City.

2017year12month7Daily update
This morningTCLAfter sales in Wuhan, Hubei Province called to inquire about the situation
In the afternoon, two personnel from Huizhou headquarters called and told me that no matter what the reason for the screen crack (that is, the quality problem of blurring the screen crack), they would respect my meaning and either change or return. I asked my mother what she meant, and my mother said she still liked itTCLSo they negotiated a new TV.
Already andTCLThe official flagship store reached an agreement.
I hereby appeal to all consumers,Keep evidence in time when there is a problem with the productGood at using legal weapons and rights, this time, it's all because of mefindTCLThe registration point of the official flagship store is the telephone number of the consumer association in Huicheng District, Huizhou City. After telephone communication, mail materials to the Huizhou Consumer AssociationJust got a quick reply and processing. before this,TCLThe official flagship store has been prevaricating, ignoring and other extremely negative attitudes.

Never on tmallTCLThe official flagship store buys TV.
Here's me2017On November 11, 2011, tmallTCLLessons from buying TV in official flagship stores.
1The TV screen is black after liquid leakage occurs in the upper right corner during viewing
2. the local after-sales department did not conduct door-to-door appraisal and directly issued an appraisal sheet, which said "there is an obvious stress point in the upper left corner, which is caused by external force impact"
3, tmallTCLThe official flagship store rejected my first refund application. The voucher was a logistics receipt, which filled in "powered on machine inspection", but the signature was not signed by my designated recipient (my mother).
4I applied for a refund again. With the help of tmall Xiaomi, I uploaded the call recording of the local after-sales forged identification form, the black screen picture of the TV, and the picture of no impact point on the TV appearance,TCLThe official flagship store refused again on the grounds that "the certificate cannot prove that the product has quality problems"
As a consumer, limited by tmall's evidential environment, I provide:
1Photos of TV black screen

2Photos without any damage (even scratch) on the outside of the TV

3. the local after-sales department still does not conduct door-to-door identification under my strong requirements for many times, and directly forges the recording of the identification form.
4The identification sheet directly issued by the local after-sales service without on-site inspection is full of mistakes and omissions. In the telephone recording, both parties default that the screen crack point is "upper right corner", and the identification sheet is "upper left corner". There is no such statement in the "approval point screen crack" on the appraisal sheet, and the professional ability of after-sales service is seriously lacking.
5、TCLThe customer's signature of the "logistics receipt receipt" provided by the official flagship store as a voucher in the first refusal of refund is forged, not signed by my designated recipient.

TCLThe customer service of the official flagship store still asked to provide the identification form when I explained several times that the identification form was forged. Later, I emphasized to keep the recording again. The customer service said that the identification form photos were no longer needed, and asked me to wait for them to find the logistics lifting arch to sign the bottom sheet. However, the logistics signing bottom sheet they provided was not signed by my mother, but also a forged certificate.

TCLEvery time the customer service of the official flagship store asked me to change the evidence. After they refused to refund for the first time, I gave up communicating with them and directly applied for a refund for the second time. For the second time, I uploaded a telephone recording with the help of tmall Xiaomi. At present, I am waiting for the result.
Update later.
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Laxative, I am not professional, I can only answer your question from my own point of view.
Not recommendedTCL, why? becauseT(TAI)C(CHA)L(LE)
make fun of
I really don't know much about the hardware and software of Hisense TV, but the brand looks very pleasant.
At home last year11I bought Hisense in June55es??? I forgot the details. It's very useful, but there are also the advertising problems mentioned by the subject, which have been studiedrootNow it's perfect to advertise. howeverrootThere's a big risk, IrootThere was a problem in the process. Later, I figured it out. There was no firmware for my model on the Internet.
If notroot, the most troublesome thing is to turn it on20It's just a second advertisement. In fact, it takes a certain time to start the machine after removing the advertisement, so it's just a difference between removing it and not removing it5Seconds or so.
Now smart machines will have advertising implantation, so the subject doesn't have to worry about advertising. Just choose which brand you like.
as forTCL, I bought a big butt at home more than ten years ago. The quality is not very good, and the brand name is really bad. It looks very goodlow, I haven't even studied its things, so I won't recommend it to you.
Therefore, I recommend Hisense, or the subject will enter if he has moneysony, after allsonyDafa is good
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Don't buy it in HubeiTCLYes, the after-sales service is very poor
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