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Do you want to buy "smart TV" or "large screen display" in your new home+TV box?

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I'm worriedSmart TVWon't the opportunity fail to keep up with the configuration in two years like a mobile computer? Thinking about buying a bigger monitor+Stereo, and then the TV box is changed every two years. It only costs hundreds of dollars. It doesn't hurt!
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Teach you how to buy TV,1yes1Online Q & A!

You can ask this person about TV and box purchase. It's very professional and free of charge
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Separation is better. Large screen TVs can also be replaced with high-definition projection. After all, on the projection120It's too easy.

Smart TV is best not to consider. Are you willing to buy a display screen that forces advertising on and off and can't even turn off the advertising sound? (some ad TVs ignore your volume setting and force the volume to the maximum at the beginning of the ad. don't ask me how I know.)
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If you want to be forced. Big TV, of course+Box.
If the picture is simple, you can buy a smart TV , if you can stand the torture of advertising.
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After a brief look at the answers, many respondents do not know much about smart TV and pretend to understand it.
First explain the misunderstanding:
Myth 1: I'm worried about whether smart TV can't keep up with the configuration in two years like mobile computer?
Yes, whether it's a computer, mobile phone or TV, the performance will one day fail to keep up, but a smart TV can also be connected to a TV box. At that time, you can directly buy a TV box and plug it in. It doesn't have any worse function than a non smart TV.
Myth 2: smart TV has startup advertising.
There's no difference between TV boxes. Don't tell meXXThere are no brand set-top boxes. That's because there are not enough users. There must be more users. When Internet manufacturers have a conscience, they don't have enough users.
Myth 3: image quality comparison between non smart TV and smart TV.
Non smart TV basically has no4KClarity, and now4KTV has become the standard configuration of home TV. If you have a little pursuit, you should choose smart TV. At the same time, smart TV also supports many technologies to improve image quality,HDR10, Dolby horizon, dynamic partition backlight,MEMC, image quality processing chip, quantum dot,OLEDWait a lot. In terms of image quality, you can go to the home appliance mall to feel the gap.
As for the purchase of smart TV and hardware, I have had up to1000+For favorite answers, see the link
Which brand of LCD TV is good? - The answer of the Blue Fairy - Know
Which brand of LCD TV is good? At the same time, my Zhihu column also has some views and knowledge about smart TV. You can pay attention to my column and update it from time to time.
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Some time ago, I encountered similar problems.
The main topic is buying TV in my new house. I'm a smart TV member. It's expired.
Renewal? a year490Block, reluctant.
No? Slag image quality+Advertising is endless.
What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?
I bought the TV a year ago and it sold very well (I can guess without saying the brand),55Inches,3600How like. A few days after buying, the brand released a pile of TVs. I wipe it. It's out of date as soon as I buy it. I'm stuffed.
Later, I found that TV iterations are faster than mobile phones. There are new products in less than half a year. One is better than the other. I want to buy new ones, but my wallet doesn't agree.
2015In, Xiaomi produced too much body TV and blew it cheap every day, but the TV host never sold it alone. Who can reason with this.
By this year, the psychology has long been balanced. Whoever you love, don't follow the trend.
When membership expires, buy a TV box.
I have three criteria for screening boxes:1, no members,2Many dramas,3No advertising.
Just follow the Jingdong box according to the amount of comments. (the picture is today, and the ranking seems to be the same as some time ago)
Ranking:1, Huawei glory box,2, millet box,3Iqiyi TV fruit,4, SkyworthT2。 (it seems that Skyworth didn't notice it at that time. Skip it first)
After carefully reading the product introduction, I found that both glory and Xiaomi have advertisements, and Xiaomi has on-off advertisements. I can't bear it.
Iqiyi TV is the most cost-effective198。 You have your reason. The cheap one must be poor, so it's skipped. Later, I found that there were a lot of iqiyi dramas without advertising on TV.
Buy it and try it, anyway7There is no reason to return or exchange the goods. If you can't, return it.
Jingdong delivered very quickly and arrived the next day. After unpacking, I found that it was much smaller than the ordinary TV box. It was very Mini.

(pictures stolen from the Internet)
After using it, I found that the TV fruit is actually a TV box dressed in a projection coat.
If the TV doesn't have a remote control, you need to download your mobile phoneAPP, mobile phone operation. It's tantamount to saying that TV has something to do with itNA remote control is very convenient for me. It's troublesome for my mother. I've just played around these days. I don't shout about remote control anymore.
The actual free advertisement is the advertisement of iqiyi video. When playing the advertisement, there is a screen projection button in the upper right corner, and you can skip the advertisement by clicking directly. Now I basically use iqiyi when I pursue drama.. I really didn't have the resources to go to Youku.
Later, it was found that if the hand speed is fast, the advertising of Tencent video can also jump over. Before the advertisement of Tencent video jumps out, the key interface of the jump shot screen is not displayed1Seconds, the hand speed can be reached quickly, and the advertisement can jump over.
Youku, LETV, mangoTVThere's no way. I haven't found a way to jump advertising yet. CCTV and local satellite TV are live broadcasts, and there is no way for people to insert TV dramas in advertisements.
By the way, TV can broadcast Baidu online disk, which is very useful for me. Some high score films that have not been introduced in China, such as Busan trip and Southern Han mountain city, as well as some minority literary and artistic films soul on leather rope, which I broadcast on Baidu online.
If someone comes to my family, I will dress up a little, hit the king's glory with TV fruit, and run after loading. It's really cool.
Sometimes, it's fun to put some photos on TV.
By the way, the mobile phone controls the TV fruit, which does not affect normal phone calls, sending wechat and playing games. This is very practical.
This is a real picture at the bottom. It's not good.

To sum up: beauty, customs clearance. Function, customs clearance. Go to advertising and customs clearance. The disadvantage is that the video is notAPPIntegrate together, watch Youku or download YoukuAPP, a little uncomfortable.
Let's go back to the subject.
I still want a TV, now70Inch started. The large screen monitor doesn't seem to be so big. Controlled by the platform, the TV content is not rich. You can buy a TV fruit as the second screen. After all, there are more content sources.
You can buy other boxes, but you can't watch live TV. After all, people of the previous generation used to watch TV. Now my mother is chasing the national treasure with the TV fruit.
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Mainly to see what the demand is, watching movies or playing games? Watch TV or apply?
I recently started an intelligent projector (not to mention the brand, so as not to be considered Amway). In fact, watching movies and TV with large screen projection is still very cool, but playing games will lose frames and jam, and will be dizzy after playing for a long time, which completely deviates from the original intention of buying. Is a very failed case.
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Barefoot Xiaotao
If young people pursue a fashionable lifestyle, they tend to have large screen displays+TV box. And if the smart TV box is updated, you can also replace it. You can buy an eight core in one step and make some configurations to use. Like Taijie'sWE30PRO, and Xiaomi's high-end models. And the background of the TV box is more open. AwesomeAPPNothing!
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always keep oneself busya
A TV should be used for at least three years.
A TV box can be used for up to three years. Smart TV is the same. Can we ensure that the configuration will not lag behind after three years.
Therefore, the wise choice is to add a TV box with good picture quality and rich content.
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The key is that there is no high-end TV without intelligent module... So buy a simple TV+The box has become a false proposition... But as long as you don't buy Internet brands such as Xiaomi, it's harmless to bring an intelligent module. After all, even if there is an intelligent module, you can connect the box externally... In addition, the subject seems to be talking about a large screen display? How big is the largest monitor you can afford?40Inch?40Inch is small in TV... For so many years, TV manufacturers and display manufacturers can live in peace and have no competition with each other for no reason
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Smart TV is developing really fast. TV resolution, output8KThe number of TV manufacturers is increasing. On screen:OLED、OLCD、MINI LED、Micro LEDGood news came from time to time on the screen. The basic configuration of smart TV is constantly changing. If you are worried that the configuration of smart TV can not keep up, the large screen display+TV box is a good choice.
Many people say that smart TV will have a lot of advertisements, and some TV boxes will also have a lot of advertisements. However, there is no need to worry about these problems. There are indeed ways to eliminate advertising. The firmware center in the smart TV network provides firmware downloads for many models. After downloading these firmware, you can download the smart TV/The TV box is cracked by brushing the machine, and the advertisement disappears.
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