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Which brand is better compared with domestic TV sets?

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Which brand is better compared with domestic TV sets? Hisense, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong,tclFive brands, especially film and television resources?
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2021Which model of Xiaomi TV has high cost performance-Comparison of Xiaomi TV series and models
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One dragon
I don't think we need to consider film and television resources when choosing TV. Now smart TV+TV box, you can watch a large number of TV, and download various video playback software. It's really not good. You can put the video on your mobile phone on the TV, as long as you connect the same onewifiCan. So, choose from the hardware.
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From the following aspects

    What is the quality of movie and TV resources? How come most people make complaints about quality problems? Now, global and China TV companies are ranked SKYWORTH.4colour4KWhat are the advantages and disadvantages
NO1——Which is a good film and television resource
Each has his own advantages. You can download othersAPPResources, such as pumpkin movies, YoukuTVTV, cat, etc
2009year8In June, the State Administration of radio, film and television issued a notice on strengthening the management of Internet audio-visual program service with television as the receiving terminal. Among them, the devices that access the network and use its online content are strictly limited and can be used only after obtaining relevant licenses. This license is the Internet TV license. At present, SARFT has issued two batches of Internet TV licenses, which will not be issued in the future. The first batch is CCTV international(CNTV), Blackstone, Hangzhou Huashu. The second batch is southern media, Hunan TV and China Radio International(CRI)And the Central People's radio(CNR)。 Manufacturers must cooperate with any of the seven companies with Internet TV licenses before they can launch products such as Internet TV and network set-top box.

Small probability events will happen!
       Regular manufacturers have done several rounds of verification experiments in the early stage of mass production of each machine, and mass production can only be carried out with the consent of the company's rigid and unreasonable quality department.
       After the mass production of the machine, some material suppliers do not supply or the technology is iterated. To verify the import, the incoming materials from different batches of suppliers are also different. As a result, if you want each machine to last for more than 20 years, each machine must pass all the tests. It is estimated that it takes an average of 20 days for a machine to complete a round, and it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to do these experiments. It is impossible for any commodity to pass all experiments. After there is an order, select a few from them to do some risky experiments. After passing the test, all machines are qualified by default.
      Moreover, the state is aware of this situation, so there is a "Three Guarantees" provision, which serves as a buffer to protect enterprises and consumers. We can't ask for anything we spend money ontaNever bad! What is eternal? Just as a large number of things conform to the "normal distribution", some TVs have problems as soon as they are bought back, and some are useless10The year is also good. What enterprises can guarantee is that most machines can meet the national Three Guarantees regulations. If users are unhappy, they will go bankrupt and lose their jobs. No one is a fool!

     Besides, the after-sales problem is actually caused by the lax quality control, and the quality is linked to the cost. The contradiction between the two can be solved through the change of R & D technology. Structural engineers can balance the structure and make it strong/beautiful&Cost; Hardware engineers can balance the stability of the system/No crash/Fast speed&Cost; Software engineer professional shop can balanceUIToggle smoothing/good-looking/Simple interaction/direct&Cost; Professional management can coordinate R & D and after-sales guarantee and try their best to solve known problems; The professional after-sales engineers who come to the door will not have so many dissatisfied customers breaking news online and affecting the brand. So there are many after-sales problems in that company. There must be something wrong with the whole system!
     And this "seven inch" is often used by rival companies!
NO3——Current ranking of global and Chinese TV manufacturers
Global ranking: Samsung,LG,TCL
China ranking: Hisense, Skyworth,TCL
As the world's largest TV manufacturer,2017Annual shipment419010000 sets, relatively2016Significant decrease in13%, the market share also fell below for the first time20%。
LGESecond,2017Stable performance in, globalLCDTV shipment275010000 sets,OLEDTV breakthrough110Million, and the global market share is stable at13%, and2016The same period last year.
TCLWith the advantages of vertical integration,2017Contrarian growth in,TCLBrand (includingMelody、Rowa、ToshibaChina, etc.) annual shipment1489Million units, a year-on-year increase14%, ranking third in the world.
Hisense (including North America)SHARP)Global TV brand shipment134010000 units, year-on-year2016Annual recession5%。 In China, Hisense2017Annual shipment760Million units, ranking first in the Chinese market.
SONY2017Annual shipment1200Million units, the same as the same period last year.
Chinese mainland brands, SKYWORTH, Changhong, Konka and Haier are the main markets in mainland China.2017There are different degrees of negative growth.

[annual inventory]2017GlobalTVBrand shipment summary: moving forward in the downturn
According to the monitoring data of Aowei cloud network, Skyworth's own brand TV shipments worldwide2017Year on year decline21%, Changhong slipped17%, Hisense declined5%。 onlyTCLYear on year growth13%, is one of the few brands with growth.

Zhongyikang2017Annual weekly statistical data
NO4——SKYWORTH4colour4KWhat are the advantages and disadvantages
Advantages: due to the addition of a white sub-pixel, if the peak brightness is the same, the energy consumption is low; With the same energy consumption, the contrast is high.
sameColor FilterIn this case, the concentration gradient of color is more than that of three colors.
Disadvantages: same size4KBecause there is one more white sub-pixel on the screen, its physical resolution is not3840*2160。 Either two sub pixels make up one pixel, or five sub pixels make up two pixels. Look at the non light in a bright state4KFilm source, because software format conversion and true4KThe difference is not big. Broadcast in dark4KThe source is not true4KClear.
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Rain cloud
It's almost over. Half of it is advertising
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Considering resources is better than consideringromSize, because now there areappGive you extended resources.

this5Home is never considered. I don't know now. At least a few years ago5At home, no TV supports point-to-point connection to the computer. There's no need to take this risk now. I'll never consider it5Home.
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Read you quietly
In terms of display technology, it should be:TCL(QLED/Quantum dots) > Hisense(ULED)> Skyworth(GLED)> Changhong > > Konka.

In terms of film and television resources, one box can be solved, and hundreds of dollars can be upgraded. Don't be superstitious about the number of cores and resources of domestic TVniubility, there will be more ads when the TV is turned on (I don't want to target individual Internet TV manufacturers, I want to say that all the manufacturers here are spicy chicken).

You only need to remember one thing: the focus of TV is the screen, the focus is the screen, the focus is the screen! This is also Sony, Samsung,LGSecond kill domestic TVNThe reason for the street. It is gratifying that some domestic TV manufacturers have begun to return to the essence of the screen, as at the beginning of this answer.

By share, the top five TV brands in the world are SamsungLG, HisenseTCL, Sony.

Hisense andTCLRanking exchange, but from2015Since, Hisense has ranked third in the world and will catch up and surpass in the near futureLGBecome the second in the world. There are two reasons:

First:2015In, sharp decided to withdraw from the television business in the North American market and combine sharp with“Aquos”And other trademarks in North America5The annual use right is authorized to Hisense.

But Foxconn2016After buying sharp in the summer of, he changed his strategy and hoped to buy back the brand, but Hisense refused. In order to recapture the North American market, Foxconn did not hesitate to file a lawsuit. Sharp asked Hisense to stop using the brand and compensate at least for the damage to sharp's reputation caused by Hisense's sales of low-quality products1Billion dollars to forcibly recycle the brand. Hisense smiled and I just didn't give it.

Second:2017year11month14On the th, Hisense Electric Co., Ltd., a listed company of Hisense Group, and Toshiba Co., Ltd. jointly announced in Tokyo that the equity of Toshiba image solutions Co., Ltd95%Hisense will be officially transferred. After the transfer, Hisense Electric will enjoy a package of business such as Toshiba TV products, brands and operation services, and will own Toshiba TV worldwide40Brand authorization. The equity transfer amount is temporarily calculated as129Billion yen, expected to be18year2The delivery shall be completed at the end of the month. (cooperation with Toshiba for many years)TCL:MMP!)
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Konka invincible After sales is worse than your father
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Full moon little Xia
If I say movie resources, I can tell you responsibly that iqiyi and TencentpptWhich is better? In fact, many resources are blocked by the State Grid. If we say that Hisense has not come out of the intelligent system, Skyworth is already very mature. Like the Samsung system, their TV systems are compatible with apple and Android systems. This is a software resource, not a movie. Hisense said that with Samsung's screen, you can touch and tap Samsung's screen and then look at Hisense's screen. Please, Hisense, don't black Samsung. Skyworth's screen, like Sony, is an imported hard screen,2013SKYWORTH created the world's firstoledSony cooperated with Skyworth in the same yearoldeTV, HisenseuledThat is, the backlight zoning technology, which they have said for eight years, does not have a brand that is useless. This technology has no advantage at all. As for them55inch5000-8000My TV looks yellow on the side. Ten thousand won't change color. Take Skyworth5000Many55An inch can be compared with Hisense's 10000, what motion stability system is more than 5000 Skyworth,G7 G3 Q7 Q8Everyone has a motion stability processor. Besides configuration, HisenseA52All my friends know,A52<A53<A72<A73,Hisense sales insistsA52thanA72OK, I'm laughing. SKYWORTH 5000A5355G7It's super smooth, and its color is4colourHDRYes, Hisense 6000 are ordinaryHDRTens of thousands are just quantum dot technology. Hisense also often says that Skyworth is good at marketing. Why do I think Hisense calls itself the second in marketing and no one is the first. Do you think so?
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“TCLIn depth cooperation with Tencent video, it has a large number of films, TV dramas and variety shows, and more exclusiveNBAThe special area can watch live broadcastNBACompetition, health preservation, parent-child education and so on, even includingHDRAnd DolbyDTSSpecial area. It also has three artifact: Penguin cinema, Ding class theater and global broadcasting. " Yes, this is a pure advertising post. Our family just bought itC5, the effect is great and happy~
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Why do I spray so much Konka? Am I lucky? Konka was used at home. It was cheap at that time, but it has been used fast now7Years, no problem at all
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